imageJeff Mullen, the Lead Pastor of Point of Grace Church in Waukee, IA announced Sunday that he is throwing his hat in the ring and will run for the Iowa Senate in the newly redrawn Iowa Senate District 22 which will have an open seat.  State Senator Pat Ward (R-West Des Moines) is likely to run in that district. Her current residence in West Des Moines will be located in the newly redrawn Senate District 21 which includes most of Democratic State Senator Matt McCoy’s district.  The heavier Republican precincts in western part of her current district will be included in the newly redrawn SD 22.  Needless to say she will find herself in a district with a distinct Democrat voter registration advantage.

So expect State Senator Ward to go west or perhaps north and instead face a primary with Mullen.  This will pit a pastor vs. a politician; establishment vs. political newbie, solidly right vs. center-right.

Des Moines Dem at Bleeding Heartland points out that Ward backed adding sexual orientation to the Iowa Civil Rights Act, and she also voted in favor of the anti-bully bill which protected only certain classes of students.  She has voted in favor of a marriage amendment however.  Des Moines Dem points out (and I concur) that she hasn’t been a leader in calling for the removal of the three Iowa Supreme Court justices (all seven in 2009 ruled against Iowa’s DOMA law) who were up for retention in 2010.

In contrast Mullen has been a leader through his Iowa Pastors Network and personal advocacy.  He was instrumental in the retention election campaign through mobilizing pastors to communicate to their congregations the importance of being politically engaged.

It will be a primary to watch for sure.  I’m also making my first endorsement of the primary season.  Looking at the two candidates in Iowa Senate District 22 I believe the choice is clear.  While I can’t personally cast a vote in the district I’d encourage primary voters in that district vote for the candidate who is a fiscal and social conservative leader.  Vote for the candidate who supports individual rights and responsibility, the respect for the Constitutional rule of law, free enterprise, restraints on taxing and government spending, limited government, inalienable human rights for the born and unborn, the integrity of the traditional family as the basic unit of society, and the freedom of religion.  Simply put, Jeff shares my worldview, State Senator Ward I’m not so sure about.  Jeff is man of convictions, and State Senator Ward seems to take positions that are politically expedient and comfortable, but does not lead.  Jeff does.

If you are an eligible GOP primary voter in Iowa Senate District 22, please vote for Jeff Mullen.

Here’s his campaign announcement below:


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  1. Like Pat Ward, I too am moving from District 21 to District 22.   My rationale for moving is so that I can place my vote for Jeff Mullen for SD 22!

  2. Shane wrote:  “Vote for the candidate who supports … the integrity of the traditional family as the basic unit of society…”

    Silly me, I thought the individual citizen was the basic unit of society–you know, rugged individualists.  That’s why women don’t need men to own property anymore, though maybe Shane’s political choices could help change that.

    Some people are loathe to learn that our values determine our traditions, not the other way around.

      1. So why doesn’t the Constitution bestow rights to families instead of to individuals?
        It’s not clear to me whether you’re making a legal argument or a moral argument.  If you’re making a moral argument, of course you can use whatever basis of moral justification you like.  However, if you’re making a legal argument, then you’re constrained by the legal framework already in place.  I’ve asked about your Constitutional justification, because I assume you’re making a legal argument (though maybe I’m wrong).

      2. Claiming that the “traditional family” is “the basic unit of society” indicates that if you are not a member of a traditional family, you are not a member of society.

        That seems like a very tenuous position.  What would that mean?  Can single parents not vote?  Do orphans not have the right of habeas corpus?  Do single people not have free speech?

        Also, you seem to have conflated the terms “basic unit” and “bedrock”.

      3. Shane wrote:  “No the bedrock of our society is the family… unless you were raised by wolves.”

        That is circular logic.  You are asserting that, by definition, “the bedrock of society” is whatever raises you.  You’re begging the question.

        For example, I could argue that “the bedrock of society” is the rule of law.
        I could also argue that “the basic unit of society” (the phrase from your original post) is the individual, such that civil rights and laws apply to individuals.

      4. Shane–

        You appear to be talking in code.  From what I know, such language usually used by people opposed to same-sex marriage.  Why not just come out and say it?

        Of course, the integrity of families headed by same-sex couples apparently doesn’t matter to you.  How do marginalizing and harming those families improve things for heterosexual couples and their children?

  3. From what I’ve read of Shane’s prolific “articles”, I think he has little time for fact-checking.

    Perhaps that’s what his gut is for.

  4. Kedron, good point, and I should have.  I understand that youth who are confused by their sexual identity have been bullied, I also know that overweight kids get bullied (I’d say more frequently) too.  I had two major problems with the bill (I didn’t intend to make this post about that).  1. Most school districts already have policies addressing this and I think a state law was totally unnecessary.  2. There is no need to address specific groups if we are truly against bullying.  It shouldn’t matter.  This is also why I have a problem with hate crime legislation, is murder worse because it is done to a member of a specific group?  That person is just as dead.  Similarly bullying is equally bad no matter who the victim is.

    1. Shane wrote:  “… youth who are confused by their sexual identity [sic] …”

      I’m not so sure it’s accurate to say that those youths are the ones confused by their sexual identities.

      Also, on your point 2:  As I understand the text Kedron posted, the term “physical attributes” would cover your concern about obesity (and the non-exhaustive nature would cover all other attributes).  Likewise, although your aversion to victim-class crime legislation is understandable (in fact, I think I agree with you on that point), you’re arguing against a straw man.  The text of this particular legislation is specifically non-exhaustive, in the same way that the Bill of Rights is set up as non-exhaustive (according to the 9th and 10th Amendments).  So, your justification here seems invalid because it does not appear to apply to this law, which is not restricted in application according to victim traits (unless I’ve misread or misunderstood).

  5. I can’t wait for the truth to come out about Pastor Mullen’s secret and repressed homosexual activities. He will be exposed for his hypocrisy and unsavory mixing of church and state. Ugh. What a mess of a human.

    1. I would like to share this information with you:
      I lived in the new Senate District 22 for the last 10 years, and I only moved to go to college; my primary residence is still there and I will be voting in that district when next November rolls around, and when I’m in town, I attend Point of Grace Church, where Jeff is the head pastor (when not in town, I watch his sermons online from their website). I attend his church, and I have met this man in person, as well as his family. Jeff is not a “secret and repressed homosexual.” He’s not a “mess of a human.” He’s a great guy working hard to promote Biblical values and I will be voting for him November 2012. Before you make such unfounded and ridiculous statements from your soapbox, try getting to know who you’re talking about.

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