Rick Perry is the latest politician and presidential candidate to be compared with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.   I know Mike Huckabee…pro-abortion Governor Rick Perry is no Mike Huckabee.

A recent article in the Las Vegas Sun suggested:

“Rick Perry is trying to ride that Huckabee wave and he’s probably got the resources to sustain it.   Huckabee was unprepared for the national spotlight. But you look at Rick Perry and he’s governor of one of the largest states in the country. He has a lot more ties to the party. And he generally seems to really fire up the base.”

Previously, I documented this phenomenon, noting that no one suggests anybody is the next John McCain.  While erstwhile three-legs-on-the-stool conservatives have lambasted Huckabee for his supposed softness on economic issues, many of those same conservatives give Perry a pass, especially on social issues.

Few have challenged Perry on his willingness to kill unborn children who are conceived because of the crimes of the father.   Just yesterday, Perry came clean on this, when a staffer said:

 “His position has been consistent on this. Gov. Perry is pro-life, with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother.”

This confirmed an earlier story by LifeSiteNews which said that Perry claimed the exception in a debate in 2002.  The story also included the denial by Texas Right to Life spokeman who said the opposite.  She said Perry did not support exceptions for rape and incest.:

“Governor Perry has been consistent in his position in that he opposes all abortion and he recognizes that there are very rare instances in which an abortion may be necessary to prevent the death of the mother,” said Graham.

Graham even told Wallbuilders that “we really have no complaints about Governor Perry.”

Finally, today Graham admitted the exceptions, but then added that it only 2% of Texas abortions (1600 babies killed each year).

Apparently, these pro-lifer leaders have funny definitions of consistent.

Huckabee who had begun campaigning in Iowa in 2007, and was widely available to the press and for questions from the townsfolk was widely vetted, especially on social issues.  That vetting has only started with Perry.

Governor Perry has serious issues that should raise red flags for Christians, that have not been yet addressed, besides the vaccination controversy, and his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani for President in 2007.

First, while many tout the inclusion of creationist viewpoints in textbooks sold in Texas public school during Perry’s tenure as governor, those same websites ignore that Perry promoted a curriculum that promoted Islam among students, whitewashing many truths about the religion and “prophet” Mohammed.

Perry also signed Hate Crimes legislation that included special protections for “sexual orientation“, two years after George Bush rightly refused to sign such legislation, telling us that all crimes are hate crimes.

Southerner, check.   Patriotic, check.   Religious, Check.  Pro-life, not so much.




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