palin-Iowa-GOP-5Having read Craig Robinson’s piece on Sarah Palin’s supposed inability to run a national campaign based off the what transpired on Wednesday regarding her upcoming speech on Saturday has left me wondering. If it rains tomorrow, like forecasters predict it will, I suppose Robinson think that’s her fault as well? She’s just not ready for primetime because, heaven forbid, she didn’t have the foresight to have it indoors.  Perhaps she didn’t pray enough to have God shut up the heavens so it would not rain on this blessed event.  She should have had some staff out there ahead of time to coordinate having rain slickers passed out to the huddled masses.

Obviously I’m being just a *little* snarky, and Robinson wouldn’t do such a thing, but I find it amazing how her potential candidacy is being judged by one event which she did not have control of.

I had my own thoughts on Wednesday’s fiasco with Ken Crowe and the Tea Party of America.  I know Robinson will probably dismiss me as a Palin lackey, but you could substitute Palin’s name with Mitt Romney and I would feel the same way.

The simple fact is this.  This wasn’t her event, she was an invited guest.  Could she do her own event?  Sure, I suppose, but why?  If this was a campaign announcement then that would make sense, but who drove that narrative?  I suspected that she was running, and as an Iowan blogger it would have been great to witness an announcement speech, but nobody in her camp said it was going to be an announcement speech.  Sure the organizers of the event eluded to that, but they are not her staff, they aren’t working for her and perhaps they thought it would draw more people.  No, who I saw drive the narrative that she’s announcing on September 3rd were beltway politicos – Karl Rove and Dick Morris.  It was nothing, but speculation.

Robinson wrote:

In many respects, the drama surrounding the event doesn’t have anything to do with Palin herself. Palin’s people were not the ones inviting, disinviting, reinviting, and redisinviting speakers. That was the organizers of the event. However, it didn’t help when Palin’s participation at the event was put on hold for five hours on Wednesday.

Robinson continued, “Palin may have an inner circle that advises her, but what she needs are loyal professionals who will look out for her best interests in everything she is involved with.”

I agree that she needs paid staff if she’s going to run, but not to manage somebody else’s event but not before she’s a candidate.  I also agree that if she canceled then it would have made her look bad which is why I didn’t think she would.  Robinson’s straining gnats and thinking like an establishment politico.  Looking at what she is going to be speaking about on Saturday it has me thinking that she’s preparing for a run and establishing a narrative/messaging – you know something you need to do before you announce.

  1. I would disagree with the premise that this isn’t a production that in large part was put together to promote Palin and her agenda. This being coy about whether she’s going to run or not is disingenous and a tactic to drive media coverage and at the same time to minimize the exposure of her weaknesses as a candidate. But what it doesn’t do is inspire trust and stability and integrity. It reminds me of when she was governor and quit halfway through her term to self promote and make more money. That way of thinking and conduct is a slap in the face to those who actually do serve altruistically with no motive other than to improve and make the world a better place.

  2. “her potential candidacy”??

    .. not to mention the potential candidacy of Guiliani, Pataki, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and I am sure I have left someone out.

    I am not saying that you are a “Palin lackey” but why so much coverage on a non-candidate Shane?  I think that you protesteth too much.

    Shouldn’t we focus more on what the actual candidates are doing and saying. At this point Palin is simply a hyped up distraction. Are we still going to care about what she is doing this time next year. Time to let her move on and focus in on the folks that actually running. And on the outside chance that she does run she will have all the glory/hype she needs from the gotcha lame stream media.

    1. I’m writing about this because she’s coming to Iowa, I know Craig, and it’s in my own backyard.  Guiliani, Pataki (I did write a post on him), and Jeb Bush would not go anywhere.  Paul Ryan decided not to.  If Ryan comes to Iowa, I’ll write about him.

    2. He was writing in this thread about a Palin featured event.  I fail to see how  Guiliani, Pataki, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, or others are relevant when writing about this event, since they won’t be there.

      You may see her as a noncandidate, but it is clear to those who’ve been following her that she is in the process of running a campaign.  She said she will be announcing a decision before the end of this month but, in light of all her activities, this appears to be little more than a formality.  It’s the best campaign going.

      I think you “protesteth too much”, a lot of hopeful thinking on your part.  I will hate to see your disappointment when she announces. 

      Well…maybe I won’t feel that bad for you, come to think of it.

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