imageBy Ken Crow

Every Iowan should be concerned about the new depths to which liberals will sink in their campaign to vilify the millions of Americans in the Tea Party movement.  Iowa Democrat Party Chairman Sue Dvorsky actually justified high profile Democrat and labor leaders’ description of Tea Party members as barbarians, terrorists, the real enemy  and other, more canine, names on the September 13 edition of WHO Radio’s The Simon Conway Show.  Even the timing was cliché as Dvorsky endorsed gutter politics on the very day the US Census Bureau reported that the number of Americans living below the poverty line has reached new records.

Ms. Dvorsky’s clearly feels that differences in policy justify personal attack in the most vile terms; she would not retreat one inch from the most hateful of liberal diatribes.

Liberal policies have failed to revive the economy and imposed countless new layers of expensive and dangerous government on the American people.  The public should carefully note what the liberal and labor leadership says and then ask themselves if it makes any sense. To suggest that the desire for a balanced budget is draconian is not only an insult to all hard working Americans but further proof of how out of touch the Democratic party truly is with the middle class that they claim to so staunchly advocate for.

There is a reason that Sue Dvorsky and liberal leadership substitute personal slur for civil discourse. With less than 8% of American workers in organized labor and national bankruptcy proving that more government is almost always the problem not the solution, the liberal movement is clinging to life support.  Unfortunately, our national taxpayers provide that life support.

It is and alway has been the focus of Tea Parties across the nation to hold our local, state and nationally elected officials to the core values this country was founded on.  It is unfortunate that Ms. Dvorsky and other members of her party have shrugged off the great vision for this nation and instead have replaced it with visions of self-serving entitlements.

Tea Party members will continue to work towards the restoration of the America our Founding Fathers intended, and we will do it without name calling or violence but instead we will show our commitment at the voting booth in 2012.

Ken Crow is founder of the Tea Party of America

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