11:22p (and final update) – Just uploaded a couple of videos from last night and the video of Krista Branch that I promised. The video of Palin’s speech is still uploading (almost 2.5 GB since it’s hi-def) and won’t be reading until tomorrow morning, so I’ll include that in a separate post.

The first video is of Peter Singleton speaking at the Conservatives 4 Palin meet-up last night.

The 2nd video is just a short one I took of former Governor Sarah Palin as she stopped in to say hi at the gathering at the Iowa Machine Shed.

The third and final video, for this post, is of Krista Branch singing at the rally today, “Can You Hear Us Now.”

1:49p – No announcement, but I believe she laid out a foundation for her potential platform/policy positions.

1:40p – Palin – “Real hope comes from you, not that hopey, changey stuff.”

1:33p – Palin is sharing her plan, I don’t know if she’ll announce today, but she is spelling out a platform.

1:11p – Sarah Palin is up.

1:04p – I won’t be happy if they think they can camp out here during Palin’s speech.

12:55p – Ryan Rhodes, “Iowa’s Joe the Plumber” spoke.

12:45p – Krista Branch debuted “Can You Hear Me Now?”. I’ll have it up on video later.

12:12p – Charlie Gruschow is up going after Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), and it is still raining.

12:00p – Carl Cameron of Fox News with a lady who incredibly patriotic.

11:45a – Tony Katz of PJTV and All Patriots Media is up and it is raining harder. He organizes the Tea Party in LA, hmmmm…..

11:35am – By the way, don’t forget to refresh the page to see updates. Sam Clovis, a radio host and college professor in Sioux City, IA. He’s talking about “cut, cap and balance.”

11:29am – Simon Conway of WHO Radio is up and I’m still cowering in the press tent, because that is how I roll.

11:18am – Big thank you to Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa who loaned me one of her ponchos. You are awesome! The picture below was the lunch I managed to grab in between downpours.

10:57am – The rain has slowed to a sprinkle, YAY!

10:42a – Still raining, based on the radar I’m guessing about 20 more minutes, but then again I’ve proven my lack of forecasting ability.

10:19a – Rain, boo! A forcaster I am not.

9:57a – local Christian band, Saved on Sunday, just finished playing. Ken Crowe, the founder of Tea Party of America, got up to encourage the crowd to be respectful and set a good example. I’m guessing about 500 are here so far.

I’m at the Indianola Ballon Grounds, got here way, way too early.  Consider this an open thread – so feel free to comment.  Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker today.  Looking at the radar, and it looks like the bad stuff will be to the north of us.  The program officially kicks off at 11:00a, and I will be attempting to liveblog – from my phone, so we’ll see how that goes.  I will have a more substantial post, and hopefully a video of her speech later.

People have asked me how many I think will come, I’m guessing about 1000 will come.  With potential for bad weather and with it being Labor Day weekend, who knows?


  1. We (my wife & myself) were there. Was it wet? Yes. But we had a great time! So fun to be with like minded
    patriots. We brought in a cooler and my wife had a large bag with her and guess what, no security checks, it was so nice!!!

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