Things have changed dramatically since May when front-runner Mike Huckabee announced that he would not be running for president.

Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry have all had their opportunities to make themselves a consistent front-runner.  Bachmann, perhaps the best alternative to Huckabee for many social conservatives, has failed to catch fire in the polls after she won the Ames Iowa Straw Poll.  It may be unfair that her supposed gaffes have been misconstrued.  It may also be unfair that a woman is held to a higher standard and is more likely to be called flaky or ditzy.   But it is what it is.

Former Senator Rick Santorum certainly carries all the conservative credentials needed to satisfy the Christian right.  But his poll numbers just don’t seem to budge, in spite of great debate performances.

On the other hand, Rick Perry has disappointed some with his debate performances and could possibly end up being the “FredThompson” of 2011. He comes up short for most pro-lifers, and for others his views of immigration are non-starters.  In the summer of 2007, Thompson was the darling of some hopefuls, but shortly after his lackluster entrance in September his own poll numbers dropped, and he never fully recovered from the perception that his heart was not in the race.[1]

Herman Cain, a tea party favorite is obviously still a factor, having won a major Florida straw poll.  His lack of experience in governing may be seen as a plus to some, and a negative to others.  He is very likely solid enough for social conservatives.

Mitt Romney, despite good debate performances hasn’t caught on either.  Perhaps his early decision to ignore the Iowa caucuses was a mistake, or his failure to be asked serious questions about Romneycare is leaving some voters with questions.  He also downplays social issues, which many in the center think is his only hope, because he failed to convince his nay-sayers in the 2008 cycle.

Ron Paul may be reaching his ceiling as well, especially until he can reconcile his 10th Amendment views with his right-to-life claims, and convince us that Iran ought to have nuclear weapons if it wants to.  Paul is generally very principled, but that comes at a great cost, politically speaking, if his principles are counter to his party’s.

Governor Huckabee was leading in most of the polls in Iowa, the Midwest and South back in the spring.  True, he may not play well in New York and California, and perhaps even in a few Rocky Mountain states, but these states will have little impact during the Republican primary season.

Unlike Bachmann, Governor Huckabee has weathered a few gaffes and troubled spots in his record, coming out rather unscathed.  Just like bringing out supposed Romney flip-flops was a dud for Rick Perry, bringing up old arguments against Huckabee won’t likely play well, either.

Unlike Sarah Palin, Huckabee is well-liked in virtually all segments of the GOP and the general public, even among those who have differences with him on religion or policy.  He has the most-watched weekend television news show on all of cable, and his willingness to interact with the public and the press would be of great benefit in the general election.  Also, when Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race after the Iowa Straw Poll, Sarah Sanders (Huckabee’s daughter) was freed up to possibly work again with Huckabee, as well.

Overall, the Republican electorate appears unable to make up its collective mind.

Of course, a change of Huckabee’s own mind would be required before this speculation could be changed into reality.  No one knows that better than the Governor himself.  If Huckabee is counting on a social conservative to win, he must put most of his eggs right now in the Herman Cain basket.  Even if Huckabee would be willing to endorse Cain, he might be asking himself whether the Cain Train can continue on up to the nomination.  Filing deadlines for candidates to viably enter the race might be in the next couple of weeks.

Although the people begging New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to get in the race will ignore the fact that he earlier said he was not running and give him room to change his mind, the same folks might not give Huckabee the same leeway.  He should ignore that worry.  He ultimately only answers to God[2].


[1]  Only shortly before the South Carolina primary did Thompson show any fire in his belly.  He turned that fire against Huckabee and perhaps cost Huckabee a win the Southern state that seems to pick the GOP nominee.

[2]  Huckabee never said, “God told me” not to run, nor do I think God will tell him to run.   He has shown the wisdom God gives His servants in his Word and he has the freedom to do what his conscience allows (his heart, as it were) in order to make that decision.  Only godless sorts will fault him for praying about this decision.  He should ignore those folks as well.


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  1. You have to be kidding…. “Ron Paul may be reaching his ceiling as well, especially until he can reconcile his 10th Amendment views with his right-to-life claims, and convince us that Iran ought to have nuclear weapons if it wants to.”  Surely you jest!

    He clearly reconciles his 10th Amendment views with his right-to-life statement if you can break out of your liberal box.  He has said the abortion debate belongs to the states, as it should be.

    The right of Iran to have a single nuke in the midst of surrounding countries loaded with nukes is common sense. Just as we have a right to self defense, so does Iran. Anyone who thinks Iran would attack with it’s nuke is silly. Israel would dump dozens on Iran if Iran dared. Get real!

    Ron Paul polls consistently in a dead heat with President Obama (Rasmussen, Gallup, CNN, Rasmussen).  He consistently places in the top three in major Republican Primary polls. He is number two in fundraising and number one for individual donations.  He has more military donations than all other GOP candidates combined, as well as President Obama.  He is a twelve-term Congressman and has spent his entire career defending the Constitution.  He is the only candidate to accurately predict the housing bubble, economic crises and the devaluation of the dollar.We the people are sick of the globalists ignoring our constitution.  If they refuse to follow the constitution they should be tried for treason and hung from the tallest tree.

    1. The surrounding countries that have Nukes (all but Israel) have one goal in mind, and that is also the goal of Iran…to wipe Israel off the map. Yes, Israel has them too,. but only for her own defense. No one has said they want to wipe Iran off the map. You can be sure if Iran does get Nukes she will try to carry out that threat and against the U.S. as well .In my opinion NO NUCLEAR capabilities for Iran. They only have one purpose in mind, and that is the death of Israel. Ron Paul is dead wrong on this issue.

      1. When in your life can you say Iran attacked another nation that wasn’t in self defense?  If Iran wanted to commit suicide they could launch several of their already huge missiles into the heart of Jerusalem.  

        Dr. Paul’s opinion is that if you don’t go around pissing people off, they won’t be your enemy.  Iran might be angry with the USA, but if we elect Dr. Paul that would change.  Iran knows what a statement America would be making by stopping the anti-Arab wars.  They agree with Dr. Paul concerning sovereignty. They are following these discussions and see the American people are against this interventionism/globalism.  They are less likely to attack the people who are fighting to allow them to be free. Do you think we need one more war front?  One more place to kill innocence?  One more place to spend our children’s future?  One more place to send our youth to be killed?I think Israel would benefit as well, as the peace brought by Dr. Paul would spread.  We could actual realize peace in that region after a generation of killing.  The Israelis will finally be able to relax.  And the Arab states would be happy to be free of the militarism.  Imagine how many people could be helped with the money we now spend on war and death.  We need to get our noses out of other peoples business.

      2. “Dr. Paul’s opinion is that if you don’t go around pissing people off, they won’t be your enemy.”
        He is wrong.   There are evil people and leaders in this world.  Exactly what did France, Holland, and other Europeans nations do to tick Hitler off?    What did East Eurpose do to upset Soviets?

        “Iran might be angry with the USA, but if we elect Dr. Paul that would change”.

        Ah Yes, “Peace in our time”..  Paul’s current opposition to the assassination of anti-American traitor Al-Awlaki, who was “hanging with” other Al Quaida terrorists is all we need to know.  Apparently, we were supposed to serve him a warrant for his arrest.   It is hard to imagine, but Paul would be worse for America than Obama, as far as foreign policy goes.

    2. First, the right to life is a fundamental right (can you say unalienable?) which even states cannot abridge.   Paul supports the right of federal courts to strike down state laws that restrict gun rights.  Why does he not do the same with the murder of unborn children?

      Second, only a fool allows an neighbor who directly threatens his neighbor to own a weapon, unless Paul does not care if Israel is wiped out.   Ahhhhkmenajob and other Jihadists don’t care if they are destroyed as long as Israel goes down with them (can you say 70 virgins?).
      “.We the people are sick of the globalists ignoring our constitution.”

      Who are the people you refer to?

  2. I find this statement very ignorant: ” “Ron Paul may be reaching his ceiling as well, especially until he can reconcile his 10th Amendment views with his right-to-life claims, and convince us that Iran ought to have nuclear weapons if it wants to.”

    Ought to have a nuclear weapon if it wants to? He said he *understands* why they want one – not that they should.

    Consider this idea if you are capable of logic thought … 2nd amendment rights. Are you claiming that you don’t believe your neighbor should have a gun just because you don’t believe his ideas? However, you should be able to have as many guns you want. If your neighbor even hints at thinking about getting a gun or saying something dumb about your best friend or girl friend, it is YOUR responsibility to “take care of him” because he is morally wrong in simply wanting to defend himself or that he even has an opinion regardless how silly an opinion it may be. 

    That’s stupidity, arrogance, immoral and not very Christian like. Think with your head and not your fist, it works better that way.

  3.  To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 Now is the season for Mike! Honorable Unwavering CommunicatorKnowledgeable Authentic Bold Effective Efficient

  4. ” If Huckabee is counting on a social conservative to win, he must put most of his eggs right now in the Herman Cain basket…”  Yes!  If Huckabee doesn’t run, he should get aboard the Cain Train!

  5. What can I do to make this a reality?  There is nothing I would like better than to see Governor Huckabee running for president….

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