imageMinnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann In an email sent out yesterday to supporters she said:

With the breaking news that Governor Palin and Governor Christie will not seek the Republican nomination for president of the United States — there is only one true conservative in this race.

Only one person who has experience fighting to repeal Obamacare. Only one person who has introduced legislation to repeal Dodd-Frank — the credit-killing law that is delaying economic recovery. Only one person who has time and time again stood up for the rights of the unborn.

The other candidates can talk the talk, but I am the only one who is actually “walking the walk.” As a member of Congress, I have fought every single day against the Washington establishment for our conservative values and beliefs. I am not in politics for my personal benefit — I am a public servant because I know and believe Americans deserve better.

I know candidates are going to pull out the, “I’m more conservative than you card,” but Iowans need to look past that rhetoric like this and look at records, and not just things the other candidates are pointing out.

For instance looking at Texas Governor Rick Perry’s record (while yes he has a couple clunkers – big ones) has a good record on life for instance among other issues.  People seem to think the only two things he has done as Governor of Texas was to mandate Gardisil and allow in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants.  Not true, we need to dig deeper.

I think former Senator Rick Santorum can make the case that he has been a champion for life, he helped to bring about welfare reform, and he’s strong on defense.  Texas Congressman Ron Paul would also disagree with that statement though I would say that Paul is the true libertarian in the race, and that he holds positions that can’t accurately be labeled “conservative.”  In his defense however he has also been against Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and a whole host of other poor fiscal decisions.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has a record we can look at as well.  I’m sure that we can completely pick a vote here and there.  He has certainly done some things outside of Congress that give conservatives pause, but we need to look at his record and plans.  He just gave us an extensive outline of what he wants to accomplish as President.

Herman Cain has also laid out his plan for reforming the tax code and to help promote job growth in his 9-9-9 plan.  Cain’s problem for those who seek to vet him is that he doesn’t have a record of votes or government executive experience.  So we can only go by what he has done as a CEO and what he has said.  For people who tire of politicians that just may be enough.

Iowans need to do the hard work of vetting these candidates, learning their records, and most importantly hear what their plans are.  Congresswoman Bachmann points out her record as she should, and I agree that it is very good.  What I want to know is what is your plan and how will you govern?  I’d like to see a concrete action plan.  I haven’t seen that yet.

I’m certainly going to ask.  I’ll be weighing different candidates (there are four on my short list) and hope to make my decision early next month.  I am looking at their character, their records, and their vision and strategic plans.  I want to know about their positions and convictions.  I want to know what principles drive them.  I also would like to choose the most conservative candidate that I can feel can also has the ability to do well beyond Iowa.  Electability is important, but is certainly isn’t at the top of my list and that can be pretty subjective at this point.  So it will a backseat to character, convictions, record, vision and plans.

I’m digging past rhetoric, and so should you.


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  1. Absolutely! I was originally a fan of Cain because I really liked his rhetoric. He has good qualities for a leader and has the right attitude. But after examining all of the candidates on the sheer meat of their plans for the country, I can’t go with anyone but Newt Gingrich. Gingrich in my opinion has by far demonstrated the most vision and the most knowledge – and the 21st Century Contract with America is just starting to be unveiled, but it is already 100x deeper than any of the other candidates’ proposals. This is something that the entire GOP can campaign on and cause a huge wave election. I hope you will seriously consider Newt Gingrich for president!

    1. I agree with you that he is not light on substance and is certainly the policy wonk in the field.  One of the measures for me is character.  I have a hard time with his personal history.

  2. Not one of them are truly prolife.  They are only for a statistical body count less than others when compared side by side.  Some candidates see the murder of innocent life as to be allowed always for no reason other than choice.  All of the Republicans believe that as long as we only murder LESS than ALL and put SOME limits on the killing, then they are to be considered pro-life.

    They are PRO ABORTION to the last.

    Only Ron Paul has actually supported Personhood, but his position on even his own position seems to change depending on which crowd is present for the hearing of it.

    Judge them on any other factor but do not think for an instant that Sanctity of Life is one of their values.

  3. I think he’s a libertarian.  There’s a difference.  I’ve looked at his record, and I’m more concerned with his position on Iran and 9/11 than I am with his positions on social issues.

  4. I like Ron Paul, overall, even if I have a hard time with his base of supporters.

    My main concern with Paul is that, whether you label him an isolationist or not, he is naive about who are enemies are and what really motivates them.  If he really thinks that avoiding any unnecessary meddling in the Middle East is somehow going to placate religiously motivated hate-mongers like Hamas, Iran, etc.; than I think he’s naive and, dare I say, dangerous as President.  His insistence that jihadists are rational and that our level of withdrawal from their business is directly proportional to their level of respect for us is silly.

    We have made BIG mistakes in the Middle East and elsewhere.  But Ron Paul wants the pendulum to swing too far in my humble opinion.

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