5:30p – There’s no wifi here at the Fairgrounds so I think I’m going to abandon the idea of liveblogging. I can’t do it very effectively from my phone. I will tweet occassionally at @shanevanderhart. I’ll post on this later tonight. Please consider this an open thread and let me know what you think of the race so far and if you are watching on C-SPAN what you think of the evening.

5:15p – Here early, there is a small group outside from Occupy Iowa protesting. Probably about 30 at most. There is a good crowd here tonight.

Tonight at 6:00p the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition will hold their Presidential forum.  The event is co-sponsored by the Iowa Energy Forum.  IFFC held a forum in the spring with had over 900 in attendance at Point of Grace Church in Waukee.  Tonight at the Knapp Center on the Iowa State Fairgrounds they are expecting up to 1500.  All candidates that met the following criteria prior to October 1st were invited:

  1. Registered with the Federal Elections Commission a presidential exploratory committee orr presidential campaign;
  2. Met all U.S. constitutional requirements; and
  3. Garnered at least an average of one (1) percent in all of the most recent polls from: Rasmussen Reports, Mason-Dixon, and the Des Moines Register.

Those who will attend are: Texas Governor Rick Perry, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Businessman Herman Cain, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, and former Speaker Newt Gingrich.  Both former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman declined.  The agenda for the evening is below:

4:30 – 6:00 Registration, Meet/Greet and Buffet Dinner

6:00 – 6:03 Welcome by Gopal Krishna

6:03 – 6:05 Invocation by Jeff Mullen

6:05 – 6:06 Pledge of Allegiance by Therese Davis

6:06 – 6:10 National Anthem by Carolyn Haugland and Emily Gerdts

6:10 – 6:20 Recognition of Special Guests by Gopal Krishna

6:20 – 6:25 Introduction of and Remarks by Steve Scheffler

6:25 – 6:33 Introduction of and Remarks (and Appeal for Monies) by Ralph Reed, Jr.

6:33 – 6:45 Introduction of and Remarks by Reince Priebus

6:45 – 6:55 Introduction of and Remarks by Herman Cain

6:55 – 7:07 Questions* and Answers by Herman Cain

7:07 – 7:17 Introduction of and Remarks by Michelle Bachmann

7:17 – 7:29 Questions* and Answers by Michelle Bachmann

7:29 – 7:39 Introduction of and Remarks by Newt Gingrich

7:39 – 7:51 Questions* and Answers by Newt Gingrich

7:51 – 8:01 Introduction of and Remarks by Ron Paul

8:01 – 8:13 Questions* and Answers by Ron Paul

8:13 – 8:23 Introduction of and Remarks by Rick Perry

8:23 – 8:35 Questions* and Answers by Rick Perry

8:35 – 8:45 Introduction of and Remarks by Rick Santorum

8:45 – 8:57 Questions* and Answers by Rick Santorum

8:57 – 9:00 Introduction of and Closing Prayer by Mike Demastus

C-SPAN will be covering the event live as well so you can watch if you are not able to make it in person.  I’ll start the liveblog at 6:00pm (CST).  Feel free to consider this an open thread in the meantime. 

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1 comment
  1. Hopefully you’ve read it by now; and hopefully you’ve sworn off the Koch

    Industries products that are financing your family’s enslavement

    So far this year the Koch Brothers have poured millions of
    dollars into
    right-wing coffers and GOP front organizations. So far this
    year alone just
    their Koch Industries PAC has given $312,500 to dozens of
    House Republicans and
    another $52,500 to Senate Republicans [plus cash to
    the worst of the
    aisle-crossing Blue Dogs– Mike Ross (AR), John Barrow (GA)
    and Collin Peterson
    (MN)– and to the single most reactionary Senate
    Democrat, Joe Manchin (WV)].
    This is a pitence compared to the millions
    Charles and David Koch spread around
    directly and indirectly to fund their
    relentless attacks on democracy itself,
    like the ALEC laws that will
    eliminate as many as 5 million Democratic voters
    this year. No doubt the
    Koch’s business ally Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is laughing

    Earlier today the National Jewish Democratic Council was urging
    recipients of big Koch contributions to return the Iran-tainted
    funds and speak
    out about the dangers of trading with Iran.

    shocking, dangerous and hypocritical in the extreme for the Republican
    and national GOP figures to be courting the Koch Brothers and their money

    while those funds were obtained in part by ‘thwarting a U.S. trade ban’ on
    to use Bloomberg’s words,” said NJDC President and CEO David A.
    Harris. “U.S.
    companies have been forbidden from selling to Iran since 1995,
    and for good
    reason; President Bill Clinton at the time declared Iran a
    threat to America’s
    national security, and it has remained so since. It’s
    astonishing to learn that
    Koch has been going to such great lengths to
    sidestep this ban until as recently
    as 2007; even as Iran’s leader denied
    the Holocaust and pledged to erase Israel
    from the Middle East, Republicans
    competed to get closer and closer to the Koch
    Brothers, to obtain their
    ill-gotten donations wherever possible. Now that we
    know the truth,
    Republicans must set the record straight.
    >”Assuming they don’t
    approve of sidestepping U.S. laws barring trade with Iran,
    >the GOP
    presidential candidates who have received Koch Brothers donations,

    >candidates who are seeking their support, and the RNC and the Republican
    >Committees must do two things immediately. First, they must return
    any KochPAC
    >funds previously received. Second, they must state clearly
    where they stand on
    >circumventing U.S. laws banning trade with Iran, as
    Koch Industries clearly
    >has– and they must speak out vociferously
    condemning Koch’s profoundly damaging
    >activities. To do any less is to
    admit that seeking campaign support is more
    >important to these
    Republicans than isolating Iran’s dangerous regime.”
    Fellow plutocrat Fred
    Upton is one of the Koch Brothers’ favorite congressmen
    and they have
    shoveled money into his political career for years, giving him a
    hefty cut
    of their Iranian profits. This year alone their PAC (so just the APC,
    even all the other devices they use to stuff cash into right-wing pockets)

    Upton has taken another $5,000 so far; last year it was $10,000. It adds up.
    Blue America-backed candidate against him, John Waltz,is running a
    campaign and will accept no corporate contributions. (Please
    consider giving him
    some love.) We asked him what he thought when he learned
    of the newest Koch
    scandal and Upton’s refusal to return the Iranian

    News is surfacing that the Koch brothers did a lot of business with
    Iran, but
    anyone that knows their history should not be surprised. The
    Koch’s are nothing
    short of economic hookers and the family started their
    business in the early
    20th century by building oil fields for the USSR and
    they have an extensive
    family history dealing with Nazi
    >On the flip side of the Kochs doing business in Iran is
    the millions they spend
    >in American elections. Connect the dots and we
    now see there is a nefarious
    >nexus where illegal Iranian money is
    funding Republicans who will in turn do
    >their bidding. Our democracy is
    under siege thanks to the Citizens United
    >decision and now we are seeing
    the side effects.
    >Upton is no stranger to Koch money and has
    received thousands over the years to
    >do their bidding. This dirty
    foreign money should be returned not only by Upton,
    >but by every
    politician who has received money from the Koch brothers.
    like to make a lot of promises, but I can guarantee there will never
    one red cent in my campaign coffers from corporations. It is a shame that

    >Upton cannot say the same

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