In 2007, Ron Paul accused a political opponent of being a fascist:

Well, I haven’t thought about it completely, but you know, it reminds me of what Sinclair, uh, Lewis once said, he said ‘when Fascism comes to this country, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross.’ I don’t know whether that’s a fair assessment or not, but you wonder about using a cross like he is the only Christian, or implying that subtly.

What was Huckabee’s crime?  Back in 2007, Mike Huckabee ran two ads that were controversial among some, even in the GOP.  In one ad he said he was a Christian leader (Gasp!). In the other he wished everyone a Merry Christmas and included a subliminal message by arranging the book shelves, camera and lighting in an exact way so as to sneak a floating cross into the commercial (trying to breathe, breathe…)

Paul finished his rant with this claim.

So, uh, I don’t think I would ever use anything like that.

Oh yeah?

First, let’s observe your website, Dr. Paul.  I believe you are the only Republican candidate who includes a whole page devoted to your statement of faith. There is nothing wrong with that at all (other than a little hypocrisy).  Of course, wrapping yourself in a flag is out of the question, but wrapping your supporters up in one, is a different matter, apparently.  Well, Paul does actually and literally wrap himself in the flag as the image below shows.

Bumper Sticker Collage with Ron Paul seen in the middle of a flag
Ron Paul Literally Wraps Himself in the US Flag


Paul’s complaint was about Huckabee’s commercial, not his website or online promotional store, so we can assume that Paul would never mention faith in a commercial. We would be assuming, wrongly.

The latest pro-life commercial by Paul includes these words:   “A man of faith committed to protecting life”. Again, nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.   Paul’s commercial was, in fact, a wonderful challenge for the country to see its own hypocrisy in working to save pre-mature babies while killing those of the same age.

Ron Paul is not a fascist, not in his view of politics nor in his view of governance.  Is he an opportunist?  That is a horse of a different color.  He should apologize to Governor Huckabee, though, just to be fair.








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  1. Take a Civics 101 course, Shedlock.

    Fascists want bigger government, more wars, and less freedom for individuals.  

    Paul wants smaller government, less war, and more freedom for individuals.  

      1. True, but the headline is still part of the article.  Using “Ron Paul” and “Fascist” in the same sentence is still an outrage, and deserves nothing but contempt.

  2. In response to the actual article, regardless of the deeply offensive headline, Ron Paul owes no one an apology.  He is the real conservative in the race and, if anything, the statist propaganda tool media is the one that owe him an apology for trying to create the news instead of report it, as well as for deliberately blacking him out.

    Ron Paul does not wear his religion on his sleeve, unlike others who seem to want to be Pastor-in-Chief.   Ron Paul, however, is perfectly entitled to state his faith.  He also does not want the government to impose his faith on others.

    Having a single sign with the flag is wrapping himself in the flag?   Not that there’s anything wrong with that but, as the true patriot that he is, he wraps himself in the U.S. CONSTITUTION, which is the real idea that this country was founded upon.

  3. This post is a stretch, even for you David. Keep in mind, Huckabee is a nationalist warmonger who uses his religion to justify everyone wrapping themselves in a flag, so they will submit to whatever country he wants to invade next in Jesus’ name. When Ron Paul brings out his religion, he’s talking about limiting the power of the state: limiting wars, taking control away from Washington, and believing in the individual over the collective. 

  4. True, fascism may come wrapped in an American flag and carrying a cross, but that does not mean that Liberty cannot do the same. It is like wrapping on a present. What is important is in the inside, not the wrapping itself. The wrapping just makes it more enticing to open it. Therefore, you have to check the inside of the present/candidate, which can be either more facism (more goverment control) or more liberty (less government and more personal choice).  With Ron Paul, you know the answer. He is just trying to make inside more enticing for the general public.

  5. If this is the most they can get Ron Paul on, while other candidates flip flop on major issues, tell blatant lies and break promises, are funded by big corporations and big banks, and openly participate in the pillaging and bankrupting of the country, then its a major win for Paul. 

  6. good job writing stupid articles that draw hits for this generic website.

    go do some actual reporting, rather than waking up one morning and saying, o yea i think im gonna spam ron paul hate.

  7. Shedlock – you give Christian’s like me a bad name.  You’re spewing stuff without researching.  He is not an opportunist – and never has been.  He is consistent and honorable.  YOU OWE Ron Paul an apology.

  8. I didn’t read the article.   I just wanted to let you know the title was false dichotomy.

    1. Ah, finally THERE is someone else who thinks and comments with true common sense, objectively.

  9. What some commentors seem to have missed is this:”Paul finished his rant with this claim.
    So, uh, I don’t think I would ever use anything like that.”And then his recent commercial does more or less the same thing.That may not be enough to scuttle Paul’s candidacy; but it is relevant to be included in the discussion, especially since Paul was willing to discuss the same issue in the context of another candidate.

  10. First off, I have seen the pieces where Ron Paul is asked about these “fluff” ads by Huckabee and others around Christmastime, and he simply said they are not his style. He never attacked anyone. Secondly, and most importantly, “wrapped in the flag” is a simply a metaphor for the behavior of politicians who use the guise of patriotism to promote their own political causes.
    Ron Paul has never misrepresented himself or his beliefs, nor has he ever used his religious beliefs for political pandering.
    The foundations of your ridiculous blog bashing Dr. Paul are a campaign sign and a couple of questions he was asked about the political ads of others???
    Give me a break. You are an idiot. Fascist? Opportunist? These are two words that one cannot even remotely connect to Ron Paul or his character. Please, defend yourself. I would love to hear it.

  11. Simple inarguable logical deduction displays this article’s intentional logical fallacy being the central premise behind the invalid argument; very classic approach. However, aiming towards a collectivist mindset is very simple minded and relies on subjective viewpoint as  evidence.

    1. I’ll rephrase for the average reader to understand: 
      Paul’s argument displays an appeal to logic; which cohererntly is consistent. Huckabee makes an appeal to religion, a logical fallacy. Will the reader be able to deduce the difference?

      I mean, if people cannot understand the article’s title is what’s a logical fallacy of choice; then you should not be doing anything but re-evaluating your own life.

  12. He never said Huckabee was a fascist, he was asked about an ad he clearly hadn’t even seen and tried to respond.  Suggesting HE might be a fascist is nonsense since that is governmental control, and he is as against that as any in his party.

    YOu are just trying to suggest to Huckabee supporters that Ron Paul insulted Huckabee which he never did.

  13. David, I asked you to defend your headline, but you haven’t done so yet. Please do it here on this message board so we can all hear your words. Also, watch: and watch Dr. Paul talk more about this. I will be patiently awaiting a defense of your headline. 

    1. Pensar,

      I don’t need to defend the headline. If you had read the article you would have seen the tongue-in-cheek nature of calling Paul a fascist (just giving him a bit of his own medicine, when he called Huckabee a fascist for no reason at all). As to being an opportunist, I have simply pointed out that after saying he wouldn’t use religion to promote his candidacy and criticizing Huckabee and others for doing so, his latest ad TWICE points out he is “man of faith”. It is the hypocrisy that is the issue, not whether or not it is proper to mention one’s faith.

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