Congressman Ron Paul has shown himself more liberal or pacifist than President Obama.   After the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, Paul suggested that this American citizen turned terrorist should have been either left alone or perhaps served an arrest warrant and then read his Miranda rights.  Which police officer should we have sent to Yemen to pick up Awlaki and take him downtown?   (This actually leads me to think Paul would probably just want us to ignore him, just like he does the rest of our enemies.)    How far into “You have a right to remain silent” would the man of the law get before he would be shot in the head, if the terrorists didn’t behead him first.

Does anybody deny that Awlaki was hanging out with those bent on destroying America?  When a man makes videos declaring himself an enemy of the USA and then joins a terrorist group, that is sufficient cause to track him down.  I forgot.  It was the Patriot Act and our going into Iraq that caused us to be attacked on 9/11.   Or maybe I got that backwards.   Oh, well.

Kudos to Rick Santorum for calling Paul out on Iraq, but  I sure wish Paul would exercise his right to remain silent on these things.    Paul also came out this week in favor of the UN granting the Palestinians statehood recognition.  Has he ever said that Israel should have been given recognition as a state (please provide a link)?

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