Here is this week’s five things that I wanted to bring to your attention, but was too lazy to do separate posts about.  I actually wanted to bring you this post on Saturday, but was sick over the weekend so writing it was delayed.  Being sick did give me the opportunity to watch the first season of 24 on Netflix so I guess it wasn’t all bad, missing church though was a bummer… anyway the first item.

1. The Mitt Romney ShowSmart Politics has empirically proven what was fairly evident if you have been watching the debates, Mitt Romney has been getting way more time than any of his opponents we just never figured out much.  Mitt Romney scores 5 minutes more speaking time in the CNBC debate in Michigan than any of his opponents.

This is beyond ridiculous, its shameful.  As Eric Ostermeier points out:

In these five debates (two in Florida, and one each in New Hampshire, Nevada, and Michigan) Romney has tallied:

  • Almost 20 minutes more speaking time than Perry (53 minutes, 51 seconds
  • More than 32 minutes more time than Michele Bachmann (40 minutes, 57 seconds)
  • More than 34 minutes more time than Herman Cain (38 minutes, 43 seconds) and Newt Gingrich (38 minutes, 23 seconds)
  • More than 36 minutes more than Ron Paul (37 minutes, 1 second)
  • And more than 38 minutes more than Rick Santorum (35 minutes, 5 seconds)

(Jon Huntsman comes in at 29 minutes and 45 seconds, but skipped the Nevada debate).

In other words, across the last five debates, Romney has spoken for 1 minute and 16 seconds more than Ron Paul and Rick Santorum combined.

2. I’m going to be on WHO Radio (1040 AM if you live in Iowa or you can listen live online) this morning from 10:00a-11:30a.  Jamie Johnson is guest hosting for Jan Mickelson, and he is having Chuck Laudner and myself on to discuss our endorsements of Rick Santorum.  By the way if you’re not a Facebook friend (yet) you didn’t get a chance to see Senator Santorum’s video greeting which is below:

3.  Gloria Cain, Herman Cain’s wife, is set to interview today with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News.  This is her first televised interview.  She’s been out of the limelight and unseen from the campaign trail.  So does this matter?  Can this interview help mitigate any blowback on Cain from the allegations made against him?  It sure won’t hurt.

4. Michele Bachmann produces an email from John Dickerson that proves CBS News planned on limiting the questions she was going to receive during Saturday night’s CBS News/National Journal debate on foreign policy.  Refer to item #1, no surprise here.  It’s all based on polls, but unfortunately that doesn’t help the electorate.

5.  The Iowa Hawkeyes had to have played the worst, most brutal, half of football that I’ve ever seen them play on Saturday.  They lost to Michigan State 37-21, but were behind 31-7 at halftime.  Awful, plain awful.  They play Nebraska this Saturday in Lincoln Purdue this Saturday in West Lafayette, IN, hopefully their defense will actually make the trip with them.  I don’t think its any coincidence that I started feeling lousy during the game.  Yes the Hawkeyes’ play truly did *make* me physically ill.


  1. Shane, it’s not simply ‘based’ on polls that Bachmann is receiving less time, it is to MOVE them. And like Charlie Brown, we let them get us every time and believe what they have maneuvered is what should be. Shame on us if we forget what a staunch and loyal champion she has been for so many of our purported causes. 

    1. I don’t disagree with you on that to a point.  I also don’t put that much weight in polls, but if I were in the Bachmann campaign I don’t think I’d be terribly excited about the decline.

  2. That is shameful about the disparity in airtime.  CBS should just be upfront about it, but of course you know they won’t be.  😛

    As for the interview with Gloria Cain, what a joke.  What does anyone expect her to say?  “That lowdown dirty-dog just can’t keep his hands to himself!  In fact, I’ve considered getting him handcuffs and also installing a lock on his pants!!!”    😉

    Hillary Clinton was well aware of Bill’s womanizing (and even sexually assaulting) ways.  Yet she played coy when confronted with the Monica Lewinsky allegations, blaming them all on a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”  Concerning anyone who puts any stock into the Gloria Cain interview, I have some dehydrated water I want to sell them.  LOL.  

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