Here’s this week’s edition’s edition of miscellany.

1.  The FAMiLY Leader’s Presidential Thanksgiving Family Forum.  Did you miss it?  I did as well due to a family obligation.  Never fear!  You can watch the whole thing online here.  I also enjoyed reading Kevin Hall’s live blog of the event while I was at Jordan Creek Mall waiting while my wife tried on shoes for a friend’s wedding.  CT contributor Brian Myers was there last night and shared his thoughts here.  The FAMiLY Leader also had a successful pre-forum workshop with Del Tackett.

2. Occuparody: Erasing Car Loan Debt.  The video below cracked me up.

HT: Breitbart TV

3. Water doesn’t really hydrate you.  Who knew?  Apparently the European Union has banned the claim that water prevents dehydration.  Fascinating.  Yes one bottle of water alone won’t hydrate you, but come on can we exercise some common sense?  Never mind that’s a tall order for people with a nanny state mentality.

4. The Dutch don’t like their windmills anymore.  Well, they do, just not the kind you’re thinking of.  Apparently the Netherlands have come to realization that wind energy is too expensive to maintain with their limited output.  Now if our President would just figure out what many Europeans are beginning to realize.

5.  Mitt Romney’s opening an Iowa officeEven though he’s occupying a former Blockbuster Video store on Ingersoll Ave. in Des Moines.  He still doesn’t deserve Iowan’s vote.  Five times he’s been in Iowa since the start of his campaign – five.  Pathetic.

  1. “He still doesn’t deserve Iowan’s vote.  Five times he’s been in Iowa since the start of his campaign – five.  Pathetic.”

    So you are really looking for someone who panders to a certain state? 

    I imagine the folks in New Hampshire think the same.

    The rest of us are more interested in other things.

    1. All of the folks who campaign here in Iowa have been to New Hampshire far more than Romney has been here.  I’ve been pretty clear, I have zero respect for candidates who forego the vetting process and want to run a media campaign.

      1. Not enough debates to vet the candidates this year? Really? What questions about Romney have not been answered for Iowans?

        Romney (and Huntsman too) realized that there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that neoconservatives in Iowa would even give him a chance. He was labelled way before the campaign got started. So lets not pretend that a major investment in Iowa would have move the Iowa GOP needle one point. You know that better than anyone Shane.  I think that it was wise of Romney not to waste campaign money in a state where he did not have a chance to win. 

      2. You mean we found out the truth about him last time around… hence the vetting.  Debates are fine, but vetting is done when real people get to ask their questions.  What the media is doing with Romney can hardly be called vetting.  You may not like my opinion Bob, but I as an Iowan I expect candidates to campaign here.

      3. Romney’s vetting is simple: He’ll say anything to get votes and nobody can be certain of his positions.The media has reported that pretty clearly. There’s really not much else to know. He polls at a pretty consistent ~20%, about what you’d expect for a photogenic grapefruit with name recognition.

      4. I do understand that about proud and scrappy little Iowa. 🙂
        I did opine about it at my place three weeks ago in a post titled “The Self Importance of Little States in the Primaries”. I ended it saying:
        “These states declare themselves important simply because they are first. Some of us don’t think they should not have any influence and will not be swayed by their biases.”
        I would supply a link to the post but you usually do not allow comment with links here.

  2. I was thinking about the hydration thing and contrasting it with the “pizza is a vegetable” thing we’ve just done (which is doubly odd because the pizza ingredient being used to justify the classification is actually a fruit). Go figure.

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