A new video surfaced today showing Herman Cain exploding at an audience member when asked to clarify a statement.  I have reached out to contact the owner of the youtube account for more details regarding the video, but have not yet heard back.  It is unclear where this took place, but Herman was in Iowa yesterday and Florida this morning. (See update below)

In the video, someone asked him about the flip-flop on the subject of Muslims in the cabinet.  Cain’s response was that he would require ‘extra precautions’ for any Muslim cabinet member.   Another audience member asks for clarification, asking what ‘special precautions’ Cain would use.  Cain then says “If you’re trying to make me lose my cool, you’re almost succeeding”.  He then explodes at the audience member, screaming, “I never said I would use any special precautions!” He goes on to claim that those are words that were used by someone on the internet.  The video has been edited in a way that highlights the Flip Flop.  Cain could technically say he was right, since Cain said ‘extra’ and the audience member said ‘special’, but the meaning is essentially the same.

Forget the contradictory statements said within minutes of each other, that is nothing new for Herman Cain.  But exploding at an audience member is unacceptable.  His candidacy has been under a lot of pressure lately, maybe we have just witnessed him completely crack.


The video was newly posted to an account and it was the first time I had seen this exchange, I did some searching for the subject and did not find anything, so I wrongly thought this was a new video shot at a recent event and newly posted, I was corrected by some of our readers who were able to provide links to the video from an earlier story.  Thanks to our great and well informed readers for the correction, I was wrong.  That being said, I think this is further demonstration that Cain is unfit for the nomination, and if you, like me have not seen the video it is worth the 2minutes to watch.

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    1. I guess the word “explosion” might mean different things to different folks.  But he did yell/scream at the audience member.  It didn’t last long, but it was extremely rude and disrespectful, and that coupled with the “lose my cool” statement implies a serious temper problem.  So much for Mr. Friendly.  Personally, I think it would be in Cain’s best interest to bow out before he completely sinks his campaign.   

  1. This actually an old video and happened some months ago. This was an exchange with an reporter. Cain himself commented on this on an Hannity show when it came out. This article is very misleading. This didn’t happen in Iowa or Florida. Do your homework before you post!

    1. You may be right.  This is the first that I have seen of the video and tried unsuccessfully to find more information about it.  Do you happen to have any sources indicating it is older, it would be appreciated   

      1. It seems Lexpktl is correct.  This apparently happened in June.  Please go to Google and do a search on:

        Cain Muslim “special precautions”

        Click on the first link that appears  (Huffington Post), and there is a full story.   

        Even if this did happen months ago, it only adds more weight to the case against Cain.

      2. Thanks for the correction Lexpktl, and for hunting down the link SJ.  We truly have some great readers here at CT.  I did not intend to mislead our readers, I honestly thought it was a new video (as explained in the update) and did some, but clearly not enough background homework.  I was wrong about the timing of the video and have updated the post to indicate that.  

      3. No, problem, Dustin.  And just remember–the good part is that background homework counts for less than 20% of your grade!  😉  

  2. Biased much?

    This happened in Minneapolis during RightOnline, which I attended. The person Herman Cain jumped at was a member of Netroots Nation who had mistakenly been given press credentials and went there to purposely disrupt Herman Cain’s meeting with bloggers. Just before this incident happened, Michelle Bachmann was attacked with the glitter attack from the gay rights activists.

    Unlike you, sir, I was there and witnessed the incident. This was no ‘reporter’ at all, it was a Leftist blogger.

    1. Thanks for the info.  In the end, though, what matters most is what the blogger actually said.  He didn’t really say anything offensive or inappropriate IMO.  And as the potential leader of our country, it’s important than any candidate for President be able to demonstrate the ability to keep his or her cool in stressful, uncomfortable situations.  In this particular instance at least, Cain did not pass.

  3. Wow, I am glad I am voting for Ron Paul. Somehow I think Cain needs to go back to making Pizzas and forget the politics. God told me to tell him this.

    Vote for Ron Paul Please!

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