As far as Cain is concerned, why didn’t this come out earlier if it truly happened?  Gee, I wonder what campaign likely produced this bit of opp research?  Cain’s people have their own ideas.

Passing blame isn’t going to cut it.  While I’m not going to assume Cain did it, as a voter, I believe people have a right to know about allegations that were made during his stint as head of the National Restuarant Association.  Come clean with what happened, refusing to talk about it and progressively changing your story doesn’t help.  Make those records, if there are any, public.  Especially if now that a third woman has come forward.

Steve Deace on Facebook wrote:

I have no idea if these Politico allegations against Herman Cain are true, but here’s what I do know: he’s said things to both of my female staffers that at best are professionally awkward if not inappropriate over the last several months, and he’s already been caught lying repeatedly about having a homosexual activist as one of his top campaign advisers. He also has failed to be morally consistent on the moral issues (life and marriage).

Then he went further on his website.  The Des Moines Register reported on those comments today (as well as other news outlets), Deace has refused to elaborate on the comments.  I’m not saying it’s not true, but frankly if he was going to go public on Facebook he might as well give up the whole enchilada.   To not do so makes him look like a publicity hound at best, slanderous at worst.  Deace of all people should know to be above reproach when dealing with accusations such as these.

Deace should elaborate on what happened to his staff, and Cain needs to come clean as well.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but only if he quits stonewalling.

Update: Craig Robinson has a great post up at The Iowa Republican. If you haven’t read it, go do it… now. The only person that Herman Cain has to blame is himself.  I totally agree and the more we learn about Herman Cain the more I believe he is totally unqualified to be President.  I had mentioned over on Caffeinated Clips that those who still support Cain either 1. lack principles, 2. enjoy being lied to, or 3. lack discernment.  If you backed away and look at all of his interviews his inconsistencies about this and on the issues should be enough to convince one that he isn’t who he says he is.  The ultimate problem is we don’t know who he is.  One thing is certain, he has a problem telling the truth.

By the way, I don’t know if Robinson was referring to me with the Clarence Thomas example.  I brought it up only because it reminded me of it, not that it was parallel.

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  1. That’s fair enough.  At this point, we don’t know exactly what happened.  However, I suspect there is merit to the accusations because:

    1) Cain keeps equivocating.  If the allegations were completely false, then there’s no need to equivocate.  Explain point-blank what happened and be done with it.  When folks are evasive, they’re usually hiding something. 

    2) If settlements were made, then usually the allegations have some merit.  Someone else on the Internet says it better than I could (I can’t include a link because they’re not allowed here):

    If your client is completely innocent and you have good evidence that he is being lied about . . . it would not cost much to go to court at all . . . a few days in front of a Judge . . . Judge sees the truth . . . throws the case out . . . no one has to be ‘ paid off ‘ or legally forced to not talk about it . . .These days when people are found to have brought false charges the Judge will often make the person who filed a bogus lawsuit pay for the defendant’s lawyers . .It doesn’t pass the smell test to say it would be cheaper to pay people off who have no case in the first place. . . he is covering things up and his wiggle wonky statements speak volumes . . .

    It seems to me that, by and large, both liberals *and* conservatives are guilty of black-and-white thinking.  If one of their own is accused of something, then it’s automatically the other party who trumped up the charges.  Don’t get me wrong–the Democrats are as dirty as they come.  But that doesn’t mean that whenever a conservative is accused of something, then it’s simply the “evil left” concocting stories, and that the charges are always absolutely bogus.  In fact, I think Clarence Thomas was lying through his teeth during his confirmation proceedings.

    Anyway, my inner Judge Judy 🙂 is telling me that Cain is hiding a lot, especially in light of Deace’s comments and the fact that there now seems to be a third woman in the mix.  Thanks for making us aware of what Deace had to say.

    1. The original picture had him hugging Bachmann, and a wise person (David Shedlock) thought that picture with the word “womanizing” in the headline could cause some people to make assumptions.

      I hope this didn’t come across as defending Cain.  I want him to come clean and the fact his story is changing doesn’t help.  I think he’s toast at this point.

      1. So he was hugging Bachmann in the original photo, huh?  Funny.  Yes, I agree it was better to choose another one instead.  

        You came across as giving Cain the benefit of the doubt, which is fine.  I think he’s toast too, but you never know.  At this point, I’d say it’s anybody’s guess who’s going to win the nomination.  

  2. My thoughts exactly, Shane. Especially about Steve’s involvement in all this. It’d be far better if he’d said nothing about the whole thing.

  3. “Gee, I wonder what campaign likely produced this bit of opp research?”Perry’s past campaigns involved a few ‘dirty tricks’ as well, so please, don’t go ‘church lady’ on Romney. This is the stuff that happens. The only campaign that wouldn’t have released this information at some point is Cain’s. Would you have approved of someone in the GOP who sat on this information instead? Better now than post-primary.

    1. No going church lady, just pointing out that it fit his MO.  Ultimately it’s Cain’s fault, and I agree it is better to have it come out now.  Frankly with this in his past I don’t even know why he’s running.

      1. Frankly with this in his past I don’t even know why he’s running.

        Because he probably never thought any of it would catch up with him.  I think the saying “sin makes us stupid” sums it up pretty well.  

  4. How quick we are to throw people under the bus. The liberal Politico starts some unfounded rumor and the dumb conservatives take it in hook, line and sinker. Now we are supposed to hate Herman Cain. Politico didn’t even do the investigative research, some disgruntled liberal must have fed it to them. Who cares what Steve Deace says? He is lost in his self righteous ego! I for one LIKE all the republican canidates, all would be better than the America hating, Marxist we have as President now!

    1. Unfounded? Really? It’s been confirmed by multiple sources and other news agencies. The details are unclear but the settlements were clearly real.

  5. “I totally agree and the more we learn about Herman Cain the more I believe he is totally unqualified to be President.”

    Ditto that for me Shane. Also ditto your clip comment too. Read today on FB from a Christian friend about how he likes Cain because he is “not political”. Hard to reason with people who are so zealous for a candidate.

    1. Hard to reason with people who are so zealous for a candidate.

      Exactly.  We should respect the candidates, but not get so hopelessly devoted to any one of them.  Kinda hard to see the truth when you’re already a fanboy or a fangurl.  😉    

  6. I wanted to add one more thing.  If Sharon Bialek’s account is true (and I believe it is), then Cain isn’t guilty of just sexual harassment–he’s guilty of sexual assault!  We don’t need another sexual predator like Bill Clinton as a nominee.   

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