It is time for Herman Cain to exit the race.  When Ginger White publicly announced that she had a 13-year affair with Mr. Cain it was additional confirmation for me that I made the right decision not having him in my short list.  If the sexual harassment allegations and other gaffes were not enough to convince voters that he should not be the nominee – this should.

Now Herman Cain is reassessing his campaign, as well he should.  Whether or not this new allegation is true he is damaged goods.  He has admitted to having a “friendship relationship” with this woman for 13-years.  He also admitted to helping her financially.  It has been proven that he has had a lot of contact with Ms. White, even recently.  He is denying a sexual relationship, but in light of the sexual harassment allegations it casts further doubt on his character.

She has certainly provided enough details so it should be pretty easy to either debunk or prove her allegation.  Whether you believe this allegation or not (and I do) the simple fact is that his ability to win the nomination and even have a voice of influence when debating issues (not that he really drove the debate anyway) is gone.

Mr. Cain, it’s time to leave the race – give your supporters a chance to decide among the remaining field.

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