It is time for Herman Cain to exit the race.  When Ginger White publicly announced that she had a 13-year affair with Mr. Cain it was additional confirmation for me that I made the right decision not having him in my short list.  If the sexual harassment allegations and other gaffes were not enough to convince voters that he should not be the nominee – this should.

Now Herman Cain is reassessing his campaign, as well he should.  Whether or not this new allegation is true he is damaged goods.  He has admitted to having a “friendship relationship” with this woman for 13-years.  He also admitted to helping her financially.  It has been proven that he has had a lot of contact with Ms. White, even recently.  He is denying a sexual relationship, but in light of the sexual harassment allegations it casts further doubt on his character.

She has certainly provided enough details so it should be pretty easy to either debunk or prove her allegation.  Whether you believe this allegation or not (and I do) the simple fact is that his ability to win the nomination and even have a voice of influence when debating issues (not that he really drove the debate anyway) is gone.

Mr. Cain, it’s time to leave the race – give your supporters a chance to decide among the remaining field.

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  1. If the sexual harassment allegations and other gaffes were not enough to convince voters that he should not be the nominee – this should.

    It should convince rational people, but not people in denial, who unfortunately seem to form a sizable part of Cain’s fan base.  For the latter, even if thousands of women came forward and actual sex videotapes surfaced, it seems they would have little–if any effect–on their viewpoints.  Cain would still be completely innocent, of course, and simply a hapless victim of a very evil smear campaign orchestrated by the liberal media.  😉

    I’m glad that you believe the new allegations.  Even Huckabee, who laughed at the initial allegations earlier this month, is starting to see the light:

    Huckabee – who gave Cain the benefit of the doubt as he battled the first set of harassment reports – called Wood’s vague statement a red blinking signal to conservatives that this particular charge of misconduct carries real weight.

    “The allegation is one that could upend his presidential campaign,” Huckabee said in a Fox News interview. “Unlike the harassment charges, which he denied, he said this was a private answer. In essence, he may have given an answer that will be very difficult for him to work himself out of.”

    For those who are still unsure about the latest news, here are the biggest smoking guns:

    1) Some say that, because of her shady past, White is not a credible witness.  So why then did Cain’s lawyer all but admit that Cain had the affair?  We’re supposed to believe that, for an ordained minister, it doesn’t matter if he sleeps around?    

    2) Why did White and Cain exchange at least 61 phone calls (on his private cell phone, no less), made even at such times as 4 a.m.?  And if it was all one-sided, why didn’t Cain and/or his wife (if she knew, which is doubtful) discourage the calls? And why did Cain immediately call back after the WAGA reporter dialed Cain’s number from White’s phone?

    3) Why did Cain all of a sudden stop their relationship in September if it was totally platonic?

    4) Why would Cain be supporting a single, unemployed mom in the first place?  What (if anything) was he getting in return?  The most obvious explanation starts with an “s.”  😉  

    5) Why would Cain sign the following in a book for White:  “Friends are forever, everything else is a bonus”?   

    6) If Cain were just helping White out financially and nothing else, then why would White turn on him and just make up lies about them having sex?  Exactly what would she gain by sabotaging their friendship when he’s already giving her money?

    Anyway, smart folks can do the math.  It doesn’t take a background in advanced calculus to perform all those computations either.  😉

    I agree with this article–I think it’s time for Herman to say, “So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night!”

    And when he’s leaving, maybe he’ll bring his latest date along with him too.  LOL.  

  2. The annoying thing (to me) is that he’s going down for the wrong problem. He has always been a political know-nothing. His 9-9-9 plan was ridiculous and his depth on knowledge about foreign policy and government in general is farcical.

  3. The man quoted the theme song to “Pokemon 2000 The Movie” multiple times in his speeches. The 9-9-9 plan is the default tax setting for Sim City. Herman Cain is a punchline.

    The media is amplifying the incompetence that’s already there.

    1. Doesn’t surprise me.  It takes arrogance to run with all his baggage, and that’s the very thing that would keep him from bowing out.  Fine with me–let him sink his own ship.  🙂  Behold the incredible shrinking credibility of Herman Cain!!!  In just a few weeks, he’ll probably end up signing with Ringling Bros.–that is, if they’re even willing to take a risk on him.  After all, it might get kinda expensive providing room and board for all his female entourage.  LOL.

      If Cain had been smart, he never would’ve run for President.  He’s just becoming another illustration of the proverb that pride goes before a fall.   

  4. Although I’m not a Cain supporter, I think it is sad that our press attacked him and ruined him! The press always forgives and forgets their canidates. Do the names Clinton, Edwards, Kennedy, Frank ring a bell?
    I hate the main media press, they are the main offenders!!!

  5. Cain can always run again in a few years. Newt is a great example of how previous affairs are forgiven and character is sacrificed on the altar of ideology. It will be a great embarrassment if Iowa goes for Newt. 

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