Over 1000 people turnout for Paul's Iowa State University Rally on 12/9/11.

If you happened to talk to the mainstream media, and some Republican establishment types they would lead you to believe so.  It is such a common meme you’d think they had all received the same talking points, but that would be ridiculous right?  They say it would harm our first-in-the-nation status as well.

Look I think those who have read this blog enough would know that I’m not a Ron Paul fan, but if he wins the Iowa Caucus it will have to do with these three things:

  1. Superior organization and GOTV strategy.
  2. Lots of money to run effective ads.
  3. A general discontent with the status quo that the establishment tends to push and there’s no denying that he doesn’t represent the status quo.

Not because Iowans are some hicks who are so far outside the mainstream we don’t deserve our first in the nation status.  Ron Paul has built upon the foundation he laid in 2008, and it is reaping benefits for the Congressman.  As far as those who think this is just an Iowa phenomenon needs to see that Paul has made gains in New Hampshire and is tied with Newt Gingrich for 2nd in the latest Boston Globe poll.  He is third in the RCP average in New Hampshire, do those who are spinning this meme not think he’ll not pick up momentum if he doesn’t do well here?    While further back, Paul’s also polling third in South Carolina and third in Florida (last polls done before Gingrich decline).

That doesn’t sound like a fringe candidate, but a real contender.  A win in Iowa could be a game changer.

Photo by Dave Davidson,

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  1. Those who have read the comments section of your blog know that I am not a fan of Shane Vander Hart; but he is a fairer man than I have given him credit from.

    Nice article.

    No voter in any state deserves to be discounted by the media, or by his or her state governor.  To suggest otherwise is not only arrogant, it is undemocratic.

    The Iowa caucuses mattered in 2004 and 2008, and Iowa will matter in 2012 when Obama returns there.  The Iowa Caucuses will matter once again when in 2016.

    1. “A Ron Paul victory in Iowa will validate it, not invalidate it. All our lives, we’ve heard that the whole point of having early nominating contests in small states like Iowa and New Hampshire is that it allows the voters to actually meet the candidates, in coffee shops and town halls, to size them up face-to-face, and to consider their ideas and abilities and virtues and weaknesses free of the filter of big-money media, paid or unpaid.

      “That is exactly what has been happening in Iowa, and many mainstream Republican voters have decided that Ron Paul and his limited government ideals and his lifelong consistency and evidently strong character are exactly what they want in their nominee.” (Author: CE, Reason Online)

  2. Ron Paul is the most anti-Obama than any of the other candidates; plus, people are delighted to shove their free-wills up the cultured Northeastern noses of the GOP PTB.

    1.  I’m not a fan of Pat Robertson (though he sometimes makes some excellent sense), but did he espouse any extreme positions in 1988 when he was running for President? 

      1. Probably not extreme positions but he was certainly an extreme candidate that only appealed to far right voters. Similar to some candidates that are now running.

      2. Well, Robertson had definitely made some extreme statements about certain things, but if you compare them with many of the statements from Paul’s newsletters, he looks almost like a pussycat.  🙂

  3. Heard Mike Huckabee tell this yesterday to Chris Wallace on Fox:

    Although Ron Paul could win the Iowa caucus, he cannot win the nomination because his “fanatical believers” are not “mainstream America.” 

  4. Ron Paul has less electability as President than does Al Sharpton.  Ron Paul’s political stances are decidedly un-serious for leading a nation, particularly the United States of America.  Why should we take someone seriously who thinks we don’t have a role in the world to stick up for our friends?  Since when is America “every man for themselves!” 

    We value personal liberty and freedom, but we also love our neighbors.

    If Iowa goes for Ron Paul, as an Iowan I would totally understand if it is the last time “Iowa is first”.  We’d deserve it.


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