The anonymous group Iowans for Christian Leaders in Government released a video today blasting former Speaker Newt Gingrich over this marital history.  The video is entitled, “Newt Gingrich, Proverbs 10:9.”  That verse, if you are not familiar, reads, “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his way crooked will be found out,” (ESV).  Here is the video below:

I agree with the criticism leveled in this video. This along with some points that Pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstone World Outreach Church in Sioux City, IA made about Gingrich is one of the primary reasons I decided not to endorse Gingrich.  Personal integrity does matter, and as Gordon pointed out “forgiveness and trustworthiness are not the same thing.”  This group released an “Open Letter to Bob Vander Plaats” earlier, and again I can’t disagree with the content.

Here is where I have a problem.  I have a huge problem with a group that labels itself as “Christian” hiding behind anonymity.  Stand by your statements.  Based on the quality of this video I also agree with Craig Robinson that it seems doubtful that a “grassroots” group of social conservative leaders would be able to put something like this together.

Who is behind this group?  So far they have yet to reply to my email inquiry.  Shouldn’t transparency be a hallmark for a group that claims to want Christian leadership in government?

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