Well I was right, not shocked.  I would have been shocked if it didn’t happen.  I would say unfortunately I was right, but with most Caucus goers The Des Moines Register’s endorsement of Mitt Romney will likely do him more harm than good.  The very first quality they cite is sobriety.

While other candidates have pandered to extremes with attacks on the courts and sermons on Christian values, Romney has pointedly refrained from reckless rhetoric and moralizing. He may be accused of being too cautious, but choosing words carefully is a skill essential for anyone who could be sitting in the White House and reacting to world events.

Let me translate this for you… “Mitt Romney is not a wacko right-wing nut-job extremist.  He understands that the courts are really in charge and that they make law.  He won’t do anything about activist judges so he scares us the least.”  Later on…

Mitt Romney deserves the support of his party in the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses. If he is the GOP nominee, the nation would have a clear choice in November 2012.

No we wouldn’t.  We have Democrat and Democrat-lite.  We have a 2008 rematch except this time the GOP candidate would have been hair and be less grumpy.

Anyway, I could go on and on, instead I’ll point you to Craig Robinson’s post on this.   I would like to thank the Register for endorsing the candidate who has done the least (with the exception of Huntsman) of earning Iowans vote.  Not by pandering, but by actually campaigning out here and letting people ask questions.  You have demonstrated once again how irrelevant and out-of-touch you truly are with everyday Iowans, at least with the ones who will be caucusing on January 3rd.

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  1. As a Bachman supporter I agree with your article, however if we get Romney as the Republican nominee
    I will vote for him. You refer to him as a Democrat-lite, but at least he has released his college transcripts,
    we know for sure where he was born, he is not a closet Muslim, he is not a progressive Marxist, and he doesn’t have a wife that hates America!

    1. Tony, I’m sure that Obama was born in Hawaii, is neither a closet Muslim nor progressive Marxist, and that his wife doesn’t hate America. There’s plenty of room for reasonable people to disagree with President Obama or even dislike him without resorting to rabid fiction.

      1. I don’t consider it rabid fiction! Why doesn’t he just release personal information like all other canidates????

      2. Tony, just to be clear: Are you saying that despite the documentation and ancillary evidence available, you’re still uncertain whether Obama was born in Hawaii?

        I mean, compare this to Donald Trump: He claims to have been born in New York City but there’s video of him eating pizza with a knife and fork. Heh…

  2. From the endorsement: “Voters will have to decide for themselves whether such subtly nuanced statements express Romney’s true beliefs or if he’s trying to have it both ways. Romney at least appreciates both sides of hard questions.”

    I’m certain that Romney has true beliefs. But I’m also certain that we don’t know which of his professed beliefs, many of which completely conflict with his previous claims, are his true ones.

  3. The latest scuttlebutt has it that Rick Santorum was spotted standing alone next to the offices of The Des Moines Register this morning wearing an extra-large “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt!!  😉

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