Here is the video from Wednesday night’s forum as promised in order of appearance.  Former Governor Mike Huckabee premiered his new documentary filmed with Citizens United Productions, The Gift of Life, all of the Republican Presidential candidates were invited to speak before hand on the topic of life.  Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman opted not to attend.  I want to thank Al Bregar, I put him to work Wednesday night.  He shot the video since I was sitting too far away for my flip cam.  The videos are in order of appearance.

Jenifer Bowen of Iowa Right to Life gave the opening remarks.


Bob Vander Plaats of The FAMiLY Leader spoke next. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to check out a post David Shedlock wrote about his interaction with Bob Vander Plaats before the event.


Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann spoke next:


Former Speaker Newt Gingrich was up next:


Texas Governor Rick Perry was loose, a couple of people thought he was too loose in the beginning especially reminiscient of a certain speech in New Hampshire. I didn’t get that vibe.  I think its just his personality when he is at ease. Here’s the video, you decide:


And last, but not least former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum got the best response from the crowd of 1300 after his speech.

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  1. These videos are great!  Thanks so much for doing that; I know it’s no small effort, and I’m going to tweet them out.

    Let me say that Romney, who chose not to appear, gave what I felt was a very good answer on the question of his changing opinion on the right to life at the debate.  He explained that he state of MA is such that he could do no better than accept the existing laws, but then when a bill came to his desk that expanded abortion rights, he came to the realization that he must be pro-life, and he compared his conversion to Ronald Reagan.  I found it to be sincere and solid.  

    That being said, I would like to see him at an event like this, because he needs more opportunities to make his case.  In general, he is not marketing himself well to conservatives, who thrash him every second of the day on Twitter and the blogosphere.  I think it’s a tactical error by his campaign not to reach out to conservatives more.  What’s worse is that when he occasionally does, he has moments like the one with Brett Baier.  There’s no excuse for that; it should be a friendly environment; he must be able to thrive in that setting if he wants the support of conservatives. 

  2. Thank you for posting the videos!  I could not find them anywhere else online.

    West Falls, NY

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