Will Starbucks Stores Continue to Permit Guns?Thursday, CNS News reported on a boycott against Starbucks by an anti-gun group. Friday, they reported that Starbucks has endorsed a gay marriage bill in Washington State. In two days, CNS News has divided the American people into four incompatible groups.

Which group are you in? And which coffee will you buy or not buy?

The National Gun Victim’s Action Council (NGAC) will lead a national boycott of Starbucks” Feb 14th. Starbucks currently permits openly carried firearms in the 43 states that permit open carry. The NGAC wants to coerce Starbucks into banning guns in its stores because every coffee shoppe should advocate for “gun safety”. Well, that idea made me want to brew a big pot of Café Verona, right now, using the full 2 tablespoons for every 4 ounces of water, so I can fully support this bastion of American rights; but I had better wait until February 14th to make my politically motivated purchases of Starbucks java. On that magic day every vote for Starbucks is a vote for the 2nd Amendment.

In 2010, a similar boycott by Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in 2010 failed. Why, you ask? Well, because Starbucks was too busy formulating a different “socially responsible” position to have time to calculate the most correct political position on handguns.

They just unveiled that position: Starbucks is pro-homosexual marriage. Last week they added their “name to the list of major corporations that have endorsed a gay marriage bill in Washington State, saying the legislation shares the company’s values at its core.” Conservatives and pro-family organizations are not pleased—nor am I.

Now America is divided into four groups.

1.      Anti-marriage and pro-gun.

If you are in favor of gay marriage—and refuse to correct your thinking in the next two weeks—and you like the 2nd Amendment, on February 14th, you get to make a statement by drinking Maxwell House. I think your statement might sound like this: “Yelch!”

2.      Pro-marriage and anti-gun.

If you defend marriage between a man and a woman and you think taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will protect you from criminals that don’t get permits and don’t “open carry”, then February 14 is your day to buy coffee from Starbucks! Don’t like coffee or don’t like the flavor of Starbucks? Buy a gift certificate for someone else. Either way, spend your money with the Big Barista from the Great Northwest and make a statement. Spend a lot and get an exclamation point!

3.      Anti-marriage and anti-gun.

If you hate both traditional marriage and gun rights, what are you doing at Caffeinated Thoughts?

4.      Pro-marriage and pro-gun. If you understand that marriage between a man and a woman was instituted by our Creator for His glory and our good; if you understand that when guns are outlawed, criminals and tyrants have more freedom to take away our freedom; if you cling to your Bibles and your guns; if you’re like me on both these questions, what do you do?

Here’s a thought. Spend your day doing what you would normally do. Drink what you would normally drink, pray, read your Bible, work hard, spend time with your spouse, kids, grandkids, eat chocolates.

Oh, yeah, February 14 is Valentine’s Day. You’d better eat chocolates.

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