DES MOINES, IA – The Latham for Congress campaign announced that it has launched its third ad of the 2012 election cycle.  The ad is a direct response to the nearly $400,000 in negative attack ads against Tom Latham being run on behalf of long-time Congressman Leonard Boswell, by a Washington based super PAC, and the false claims about Latham’s work on behalf of Iowans.

“The first question a reporter asked of Tom Latham when he threw his hat in the ring for this race was if he was ready to deal with the type of nasty negative campaigns that Leonard Boswell is known to run,” noted campaign manager Annie Kelly.  “Leonard Boswell’s reputation for these types of attacks by, and on behalf of, his campaign is not unwarranted and this latest ad confirms that.”

The script of the campaign’s thirty second ad, titled “Hiding Boswell’s Record”, follows:

Announcer: The election is nine months away.

But already Leonard Boswell’s Leonard Boswell’s Washington allies are attacking Tom Latham.

Independent fact checkers call the attack against Latham, quote “the lie of the year.”

Boswell’s allies attack Latham to hide Boswell’s record of voting to cut Medicare by $500 billion and Boswell’s votes for trillions in new spending.

Tell Congressman Boswell that Iowans deserve a real campaign about issues — not more attacks.

Tom Latham: I’m Tom Latham and I approved this message.

The ad begins its run today and can be seen throughout media markets in Iowa’s new third district, which encompasses the 16 counties in the southwest corner of the state and created as a result of the redistricting process.

“These are serious times in America and Iowa families don’t want a continuation of Boswell’s negative campaigns that divide the state purely for political gain,” said Kelly. “Iowans already know that Tom Latham fights for them and for what is right.  And, while Leonard Boswell hides behind his Washington friends and their negative attacks, Tom Latham will proudly contrast that with his own proven record of listening to Iowans and working hard to improve their lives.”

Latham’s campaign has shown impressive organizational successes including the establishment of a grassroots network of over 400 precinct leaders that cover all 384 precincts in the new district.  The network is an impressive sign of organization that was in place and very active almost a year before the November 2012 election.

Additional information about the race – and an extensive profile of Tom Latham can be accessed at the campaign’s website:

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