missouri3-620x362I stand corrected.  When I make a mistake or have the facts wrong even when I’m just writing my opinion and not a hard news story I want to correct the record.  I jumped the gun on the St. Charles, MO caucus shut-down story.  I am sorry.  I know there were a number of people linking video, but honestly, when you get spammed by Paulbots you tune them out.

Sorry guys, but your methods are ineffective.  Coming over here and calling me names won’t convince me to listen to you.  However a regular reader of Caffeinated Thoughts who supports Ron Paul,  whom I also have known for years (I was his youth pastor), shared the video below.  So thanks Josh for setting me straight.

In it we clearly see a couple of things.

  1. The temporary chair tried to appoint a permanent chair.  Definitely against the rules, as with the caucus experience I’ve had people are nominated and the group votes.  That wasn’t the case here.
  2. Missouri GOP rules states their needs to be a vote to adjourn, the chair can’t decide to do that.

Anyway, I stand behind my disagreement with Paul’s strategy, but in this instance it was the establishment, not Ron Paul supporters, who were wrong.  Even if you don’t agree with Paul’s strategy it doesn’t give you the right to go in and change the rules to suit you.

Did some Ron Paul supporters act inappropriately?  I’m sure there were some who didn’t handle it the best, but the simple fact is this they were responding to inappropriate action by the caucus chair.

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