Congressman Steve King (R-IA) released the video above to conclude the week of ObamaCare hearings in the Supreme Court.

Here is one quote below:

I have said for two years- we need to repeal it, we need to pull it out by the roots. It’s unconstitutional in a number of different ways.  That was the central question that was before the Supreme Court here this week. The central piece of the constitutionality pivoted on the individual mandate. Can the federal government compel an American- just virtue of breathing this free American air-to buy an insurance policy because they believe that somehow they’ve engaged in interstate commerce? The commerce clause, if the Supreme Court finds ObamaCare to be constitutional, will have been stretched to the point where there is no limitation to the federal government whatsoever after that. I think many of the enumerated powers would collapse, I think the Tenth Amendment would collapse, it would be a resounding decision of activism on this court.

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