Mitt-Romney-WisconsinMitt Romney had a good night as he won the District of Columbia primary winning 16 delegates there as expected.  He is projected to win the Maryland Primary which has 37 delegates up for grabs.  In the state where Rick Santorum had hoped for an upset Romney is also projected to win in Wisconsin which has 42 delegates with 15 being uncommitted.

Romney won the D.C. primary with over 70% of the vote.

In Maryland with 88.4% of the precincts reporting in Romney leads Santorum 48.6% to 29.3%.  Newt Gingrich is third with 11% of the vote.  Ron Paul came in 4th with 9.6%.   It is much closer in Wisconsin with 80.8% of the precincts reporting in at the time of this writing.  Romney has 42.2%, Santorum is 2nd with 37.8%, Paul, has 11.8% in 3rd, and Gingrich has 4th with 6.1%.

In the ABC exit polls in Wisconsin 8 in 10 voters believe that Romney will be the GOP nominee.  Evangelicals were less of a factor in Wisconsin and in Maryland.  Romney actually narrowly won the evangelical vote in Maryland.  There was another interesting tidbit from the ABC Wisconsin exit poll:

Santorum, the darling of very conservative voters in the South, only about split them with Romney in Wisconsin. And in an unusual result Santorum also ran competitively in Wisconsin among moderate and liberal voters; the reason was a large turnout among independents and some Democrats in the state’s open primary. They accounted for about four in 10 voters, disproportionately were moderates or liberals, and backed Romney in far lesser numbers than did mainstream Republicans.

There were other challenges for the GOP frontrunner in the exit poll results, analyzed for ABC by Langer Research Associates. Just 37 percent in Wisconsin characterized Romney as “about right” ideologically,” fewer than the 44 percent who called him “not conservative enough.” And Santorum, as in the past, won broadly among the more than four in 10 voters who were focused chiefly on the “true conservative” or on “strong moral character” in a candidate.

Santorum again out performed all of the recent polling.  He again won the rural vote.  Romney again is still having a hard time with the base, but many are feeling like his nomination is inevitable and some are starting to warm to him.

The road ahead for Santorum is difficult.  The rest of the primaries this month – Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island have fewer evangelicals with more moderate Republican voters.  Santorum in his concession speech tonight focuses his road on Pennsylvania where he hopes to see a shift.  If he can win Pennsylvania he could possibly hold on for some friendlier contests coming up in May with Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky and Texas.

But the delegate math becomes more difficult for Santorum from here on out.

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  1. Doubt that he will but I think Rick may want to drop out now to avoid potential embarrassment in PA. If he loses PA it will be hard to take him serious in any future political runs.

    1. I doubt he will, and I don’t think a win in PA for Romney is inevitable. Romney spent gobs of money over Santorum in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin and still just eeks out victories. Now he’s going to Santorum’s backyard where he has a network in place.

      I’m not worried about Santorum being embarrassed.

      1. Good not to worry but a loss in PA would be really bad for Rick in the long run if he chooses to stay in DC. Yet I do understand that it is hard for some candidates to quit. I imagine some of his most ardent followers want him to stay in the race and, incredibly, may even believe that he can win. 

        Glad to hear you say that Rick will not run again. I do hope that Rick gets out of politics and pursues a career in the private sector. He has never really worked outside of DC. I think that he might enjoy returning to PA instead of camping out in DC.

        Sorry to hear that you think Obama will beat Romney so soon before the actual campaign. Many conservatives (even Tea Partiers) like Mitt, voted for him in the primaries and will support him in November. I do hope that Rick will eventually endorse him. I imagine the other two (Newt and Ron) will.

      2. I don’t know for sure if Santorum will run or not. My point is that he’s not running with 2016 or 2020 in mind.  Unlike Romney he’s not a political animal.  Romney ran his 2008 campaign with 2012 in mind and his staffers did a ton to sabotage McCain-Palin.  Santorum may have more experience in public service than Romney, but it is Romney who acts like the Beltway politician.

        Romney’s problem is that he doesn’t offer enough of a contrast.  He can’t really go after Obamacare, only Romney supporters are satisfied with his position there.  He’s not just flip flopped on this issue, but has lied about his support of a national individual mandate.

        Two things that Romney has over Obama, private sector work (because his record as Governor is abysmal) and at least he likes the United States unlike Obama.. so a Romney foreign policy doesn’t scare me anyway.  If the economy improves though that really diminishes the focus of Romney’s campaign.  Then what does he have?

        Not much.

      3. Unlike you and Rick I see a huge difference between candidate Romney and candidate Obama. Unlike Rick and the president, who only have legislative experience, Mitt has a huge amount of executive leadership experience. In my thinking we need someone who, unlike Obama, can actually lead from day one.

        I get that you don’t see any good qualities in Romney. Here’s hoping that others do in November and do not, like Rick, believe there is no difference between Romney and Obama.

      4. How much “experience” did Harry Truman have? Experience is good, but when you have a candidate who is rotten to the core like Romney, it doesn’t help  much.  😉

        I’ll take someone with decent character and less experience any day over a corrupt “veteran.” Bill Clinton had “experience,” and what a wonderful President he made. LOL.

      5. I’m glad you’re not worried about Santorum being embarrassed–I’m not either.  I think he would have far more to lose by dropping out prematurely than by sticking it out.  Going on and continuing to fight is definitely worth the risk IMO.  Besides, is God the one telling Santorum to drop out?  I haven’t seen any real signs of that.  (It’s just conventional wisdom, which has proved nearly worthless this whole campaign.)  And the race isn’t over until God says it is, no matter what anyone else says.  🙂  There have been plenty of miracles to get Santorum this far, and I have a hunch that God isn’t quite done with those yet. 😉

    2. Also, unlike Romney, I don’t think he’s going to be a perpetual candidate. He’s not thinking 2016 or 2020 (it will likely be 2016 because I highly doubt Romney can beat Obama, especially if the economy improves).

  2. And now with the latest news that TX is planning to be a winner-take-all primary, Rick would have to be about as sharp as Jessica Simpson to bow out now.  😉

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