kids-being-bullied4Iowa Governor Terry Branstad seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of having tougher anti-bullying measures based on the recent tragedy in Northwest Iowa.  We should care about all bullying and anti-bullying policies should place the emphasis on the the wrong actions of the bully, not on perceived thoughts or motivations.  The bully’s reasons or excuses should matter.  Schools should pursue this problem by prohibiting any bullying regardless of the reason or the child.  Schools, communities, and families can do the best job addressing this problem, not the state government.  When government gets involved polices become politicized which ends up focusing on an agenda instead of the problem at hand.

Some facts that we must consider before jumping on the current anti-bullying bandwagon:

(Above bullet points from Fast Facts on Bullying in Schools)

Update: Some stats from the 2010-2011 school year to consider from the top 10 largest school districts in Iowa (based on 2010-2011 enrollment).

Now I admit that not every instance of bullying gets reported.  I would say that is definitely true in Ankeny, Council Bluffs and Iowa City which have extremely low numbers of reports compared to their enrollment.  I still don’t believe, and the facts simply don’t show, that is the prominent cause of bullying.  Since that is the case I think we can reasonably ask why is all of the anti-bullying emphasis at the state and federal level on homosexual kids?

Update 2: You have to love how the “anti-bullying” activists bully people who disagree with them.

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  1. The “genius” of the homosexual activists is that they have hi-jacked legitimate issues (civil rights, bullying) and used them to promote their own agenda.  Equating homosexuality and race was a brilliant tactic. Who’s wants to be considered a bigot (especially in our society)?  Who’s going to disagree when you say “Bullying must stop!”?  

    Thanks for a balanced look at this. Bullying of any sort is wrong.  Using that fact to promote a personal agenda is devious.

  2. I’m sure each kid feels bad when they are bullied, but I believe by an large we are raising kids that are unable to cope with slight injustice.  I was in that 65% that was overweight that was constantly bullied and I took care of it myself or ignored it.  And, it didn’t cause me lifelong problems, instead it made me stronger, much more able to deal with life’s struggles and workplace disagreements and hostility.

    1. So we just ignore it when kids are being bullied and teach our kids it’s ok? I mean what is the takeaway from what you are saying.

      I was bullied as well and am well adjusted, but that was also because I had support at home and it was a different time. Bullying has gotten worse. I don’t want us to become a nanny state, but this mentality that it’s just a part of life is wrong.

      Maybe that is how the world thinks, but it that isn’t how the Church should view this. I’m trying to envision Jesus saying oh “kids will be kids.” You know I think we’re supposed to be all about compassion and mercy and silly things like that aren’t we?

      I’m not talking about slight injustice, but chronic non-stop bullying. I went to see Bully last night, and they highlighted this young man from Sioux City. How he was treated was horrendous (stabbed with pencils and constantly getting punched, his life was being threatened and kids telling him how they were going to f**k him up… all of this was on the bus). So it’s ok for a 12-year-old to have to go through that? Some of the kids involved were high school students as well, it’s not so easy for somebody to stand up to that.

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