Grassley-SweeneyIowa House District 50, which encompasses parts of Butler and Hardin Counties and all of Butler County, has a tight primary matchup between two incumbent Republican State Representatives on June 5th.  State Representative Annette Sweeney (R-Alden) who currently represents House District 44 (which consists of Hardin County and western Marshall County) and State Representative Pat Grassley (R-New Hartford) who currently represents House District 17 (which consists of Butler County and the western half of Bremer County) were placed in the new House District 50 when the map was redrawn.  State Representative Sweeney, who chairs the House Agriculture Committee, received two endorsements from the Iowa Senate.

State Senator Brad Zaun (R-Urbandale) is the Senate Republican Whip and a former Congressional Candidate.  He endorsed Sweeney last week.  He wrote:

Iowans across the state will be heading to the voting booths in less than 3 weeks. We as a state face some very challenging times, and leadership is needed in Des Moines now more than ever. This is why I am writing you today, I have personally seen that leadership by Annette Sweeney.

I began working with Annette in 2009, when she was a freshman Representative and I was in State Senate. At the time Republicans were in the minority, and the Democrats controlled both chambers with sizeable majorities and the Governor’s office. Yet during that time I witnessed Annette Sweeney’s ability to work both parties in each chamber and the governor’s office to pass some very important legislation that helped Iowa veterans apply and receive home loans. That legislation passed the Iowa House 100-0 and the Senate 50-0.

Annette’s leadership and passion for this state is on display everyday when she is in Des Moines, at work in the district or leading a trade mission to South Korea and China. Annette saw an opportunity for Iowans and she took it. That trade mission led to the opening of those markets to Iowa’s farmers and manufactures.

When House Republicans took the majority after the 2010 elections, we saw Annette become Chair of the House Agriculture Committee were she worked to promote rural Iowa and its family farms. She led the way to defend our farmers from some unscrupulous groups and actors. Annette’s bill the Ag Protection Act not only passed both chambers with large bi-partisan support and signed into law; it has been duplicated and passed by 8 other states.

However the most important achievements of Annette Sweeney happened this year. During the budget debates, Annette submitted an amendment that would end state funding for abortions and defend the unborn. This amendment became known as the Sweeney Amendment. Many in the past have tried to take on this challenge and they failed. Yet Annette was the only one in recent memory to have her Pro-Life amendment pass the Iowa House with bi-partisan support and force the Democrats who control the Senate be on record on this extremely important issue.

This is why I am endorsing Representative Annette Sweeney in this primary race. She has demonstrated over her career the leadership, passion and effectiveness that Iowans so desperately need. Annette just isn’t going to Des Moines to pass the time, Annette Sweeney is going to Des Moines to make a difference. Annette wants to make Iowa great again, and with your support we will. I urge you to vote for Annette Sweeney on June 5th for House District 50.

State Senator Sandy Greiner (R-Keota) endorsed Sweeney in an email today.  She wrote:

On Tuesday, June 5th, the people of House District 50 have a clear choice when they vote to re-elect Conservative Republican Annette Sweeney to the Iowa Statehouse.

I am a former member of the Iowa House and current member of the Iowa Senate.  I am also a 5th generation family farmer, wife, mother, grandmother and conservative.  I had the honor of meeting Annette Sweeney in 2008. As you can imagine with similar backgrounds we became great friends, and over the past 4 years Annette has proven herself to be a tireless advocate for Iowa agriculture.

I have worked in public policy and politics for the last 30 years, the last 20 years from the inside.  I have seen legislators with an assortment of styles come and go.  And I can tell you that Annette Sweeney is an uncommon legislator – she stands out because she instinctively knows how to represent her district without making a dozen phone calls around her district to see how she should vote.   Annette is a natural leader.  Her leadership was recognized when she was appointed to Chair the House Agriculture Committee.  

As Chair, Annette has used her position to strengthen family farms in Iowa. Just this year, Annette led the fight to protect family farms to make sure people applying for jobs are real people and not PETA activists. Annette’s bill was called the Ag Protection Act, which passed the House and Senate with bipartisan support and Governor Branstad signed into law.

When Annette isn’t busy representing her constituents, you can find her singing in the church choir, announcing at a cattle show, delivering cookies to farmers at the elevator or out doing chores.  Annette is an outstanding person who never stops working. And that work ethic is the reason she is quite simply an outstanding legislator. 

Annette exemplifies the qualities Iowans expect in their elected officials. Frankly, we could use more people like Annette in the legislature.

I am proud to call her my friend, and I ask you to Vote to re-elect Annette Sweeney to the Iowa Statehouse on June 5th.

It should be noted that State Representative Grassley has a key supporter in his grandfather, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

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