We screamed and shouted from the roof tops that “we have our rights!” You can’t make us—mandate us to!—buy something.  That is unconstitutional! All the while we empowered that same government to MANDATE that insurance companies carry people with pre-existing conditions. This is like pulling the pin, throwing a hand grenade straight up in the air, then complaining a few seconds later when you blow yourself to smithereens.  (Well, it is a bit too late to complain at that point!)

If you were one of those silent on the mandate that insurance cover the already sick, did you not realize that expecting insurance companies to carry sick folks who hadn’t paid a dime for coverage in advance would destroy the whole original premise of insurance? The mandate that U.S. citizens buy insurance was the carrot that got the insurance companies on board with Obamacare. And now the (United States) U.S.Supreme Court has ruled, upholding both mandates, and was led by a conservative, John Roberts.

Don’t get me wrong. The insurance companies will love this (for a while) while they get huge revenue increases (and why their execs largely supported Obamacare). This new law lines their pockets even more for now, because the government wants the insurance companies to survive the first new wave of socialized medicine. Watch some prices for insurance go down, but watch what they cover drop even faster. Government will mandate that insurance continue a move towards so-called preventative care and away from covering acute and chronic illnesses, eventually resulting in highly rationed care.

Within a couple of years watch whoever is president move in to abolish private insurance. The law will forbid people from buying medical care outside the “health care” system, which will be seen as bribing a public official. That is because every doctor, nurse and hospital will be considered government workers. People will flock to those industries (again, for a while) because they will get the kind of salaries and benefits usually only reserved for government union jobs. When that happens, watch the cost of medical care soar.

We can’t ignore the moral component here, either. As a nation we had chosen to abide by the killing of unborn babies, in part motivated by personal ambition and lifestyle demands. We should not be surprised when a generation we killed half of and put the other half in daycare centers will now put us in government nursing homes (that is, the half who survive the coming gericaust).

Only widespread repentance will keep the country from being dumped on the ash heap of tyranny, perhaps preceded by a little anarchy first. Only the church is guaranteed to survive, but that not without great troubles:

Psalm 66:8-14 (Scottish Metrical Psalter)

Ye people, bless our God; aloud

the voice speak of his praise:

9        Our soul in life who safe preserves,

our foot from sliding stays.

10      For thou didst prove and try us, Lord,

as men do silver try;

11      Brought’st us into the net, and mad’st

bands on our loins to lie.

12      Thou hast caus’d men ride o’er our heads;

and though that we did pass

Through fire and water, yet thou brought’st

us to a wealthy place.

13      I’ll bring burnt off’rings to thy house;

to thee my vows I’ll pay,

14      Which my lips utter’d, my mouth spake,

when trouble on me lay.


For more on Obamacare and Romneycare, see  the appendix in my book, With Christ in the Voting Booth: called Making Insurance Companies Cover Pre-Existing Medical Conditions and a more detailed description of the economics on this issue.

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