obama-executive-orderWashington, DC – Congressman Steve King released the following statement today in response to President Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to an estimated 1 million illegal aliens through an Executive Order implementing the policies of the DREAM Act legislation that Congress has rejected.

"Americans should be outraged that President Obama is planning to usurp the Constitutional authority of the United States Congress and grant amnesty by edict to 1 million illegal aliens," said King. "There is no ambiguity in Congress about whether the DREAM Act’s amnesty program should be the law of the land. It has been rejected by Congress, and yet President Obama has decided that he will move forward with it anyway. President Obama, an ex constitutional law professor, whose favorite word is audacity, is prepared to violate the principles of Constitutional Law that he taught.

"The American people have rejected amnesty because it will erode the Rule of Law. In much the same way, I believe the American people will reject President Obama for his repeated efforts to violate the Constitutional separation of powers."

  1. We the USA citizens are indeed outraged that the person sitting in the WH who is supposed to represent the CITIZENS would side with non-citizens so much that he violates many parts of the US Constitution and EVERY Federal Immigration Law in the nation. He is guilty of aiding and abetting and deserves to be arrested post haste!

  2. This is not the first time he has violated the constitution. WHEN will someone in Congress stand up and GROW some balls and get him impeached? I am SOOO sick of all the talking. It’s time to get him out NOW !!!

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