amy-sinclairThere are three candidates running in the Iowa Senate District 14 GOP primary on Tuesday, June 5th.  The first is Steven Everly, a master electrician from Knoxville.  The second is Stephanie Jones a stay-at-home mom and former state employee who also lives in Knoxville.  The third is Amy Sinclair from Corydon who has served two terms on the Wayne County Board of Supervisors.

Looking at Steven Everly, I believe he lacks the experience comparatively to Amy Sinclair even though they are likely similar in their positions. Stephanie Jones I believe lacks the temperament to serve in the Iowa Senate.

I would like to urge the voters of Iowa Senate District 14 (Clarke, Decatur, Lucas, Marion and Wayne Counties) to vote for Amy Sinclair.  Amy Sinclair understands the impact that the state government has on local government from her time as a county supervisor.  That is vital experience that I wish more of our state legislators had.  She is a believer in strong local control of education and we will need people like her serving to keep Governor Branstad’s education policy in check.

She is a believer in limited government and we desperately need people like her in the Iowa Legislature.  She is pro-life and pro-traditional marriage.  Also working on a family farm with her husband she understands one of the most important issues in our state – agriculture.

On Tuesday please vote for Amy Sinclair.

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  1. It seems that you have a personal issue with former candidate Jones…If you are part of the Republican party, why are you giving negative opinions and slandering ANY of them.  As a former pastor, I would think you would exercise more tact and not exercise so much judgement.  It is interesting that you know minimal facts about the situation that you would be able to even draw a conclusion of a person’s temperament without even meeting them.

    1. Excuse me… how is it slander to point out that she was arrested when that is a matter of public record? She got into a bar fight, also a fact. I didn’t speak to her motivations or her innocence/guilt.

      The fact she put herself in a position where she was involved in a bar fight… well I’m sorry I don’t believe that speaks well of a candidate’s temperament/judgment regardless of the reason. You may not agree with my assessment, but don’t call it slander. I didn’t lie. I was expressing my opinion.

      Based on how abysmally she performed I don’t think I was alone in that assessment.

  2. In what you published, without knowing the “temperment” of an individual in regards to an arrest and a statement of being involved in a bar-fight.  Thats all the facts you know or at least all the facts you chose to publish anyways.  She’s not like that and you chose your media ways to downgrade her and disrespect her. The stupid comment about using her campaign money for bail money is a ridiculous comment and was soooo uncalled for and would be very unethical!  Are you presuming she has done this?  Do you have facts that show she has violated those ethics or do you just like to beguile your neighbor?  I can call it whatever I want because I have the same FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS that you do, so well, I can say whatever I want.  You really should have gotten more facts first, but I guess since you are a FORMER PASTOR and all, you have “special” rights to knock people in the dirt.  I really don’t think so who do you think you’re fooling anyways?  Since Christ died to make you GOD and pass judgement about people you don’t know or have never met, then you shouldn’t be judged for your obvious wrong-doing is that right?  You are unlike ANY Pastor or Former Pastor I’ve ever met or known.  Boy, you sure are serving your lord well here,  NOT!  You may excuse yourself!

    1. My comment about using campaign money for bail was a joke in light of Sinclair having a fundraiser.  I’m aware of campaign finance law in Iowa.  You know for having such a difficult time with my “judging” Stephanie Jones you’re pretty judgmental yourself.  Your comment about my being in the place of God is ridiculous.  I’m not determining her salvation, I’m looking at her qualifications for office – something we’re supposed to do before we vote.
      You know there is something very simple that Stephanie Jones can do to avoid bad press – don’t get into bar fights.

  3. Has it even occured to you that she may not have been involved in a fight?  Have you even listened to her 2nd interview on KNIA? My point of being judgemental towards you was to show you what you are doing or have done by degrading this lady, and what I thought based upon my own faith how you are treating your neighbor.  Those kind of jokes aren’t funny when you’re trashing someone’s reputation.  Sure there was plenty off press on her arrest, but your comments sure do stand out over the rest as being ‘bad press”  Who are you to say who is or is not ready or fit for a senate seat?  You should really read that Police Report, better yet her Trial is on July 30th.  You can still support a candidate without trashing another.  I wouldnt be so sure Mrs. Sinclair would be too appreciative that you mentioned her opponent’s name to advertise her fundraiser.  I am going to make contact with Ms. Jones and reccomend she start a suit for slander and defamation against you for your “bad press” toward her.

  4. PS
    You made no mention of her “qualifications.”  Your opinion is not a qualification.

    1. You are right, my opinion is just that – an opinion. Voters can make up their own minds.

      And they did. I’m not an attorney, but there is a strict definition of what is considered slander (it’d be libel since this is print) and defamation. I’ll offer a disclaimer for those who lack the common sense to realize I was joking. I certainly don’t want anyone to really think that she would spend campaign money on bail.

    2. You are right, my opinion is just that – an opinion. Voters can make up their own minds.

      And they did. I’m not an attorney, but there is a strict definition of what is considered slander (it’d be libel since this is print) and defamation. I’ll offer a disclaimer for those who lack the common sense to realize I was joking. I certainly don’t want anyone to really think that she would spend campaign money on bail.

  5. P.S. Im aqlso going to advise all of the media stations she has a suit against you when she does.

    1. It is sad that you believe she needs to try to ruin me financially to make a point.  Based on my present circumstances that would probably backfire on her.  Anyway, regarding my comment about the fundraiser… I didn’t mean to imply any wrongdoing on her part, and I would be horrified if anybody believed she did anything wrong with her campaign funds because of my comment

      I wrote a retraction and an apology because that comment.  You can read it here – and perhaps pass it along to Ms. Jones when you’re trying to talk her into suing me.

  6. The real sadness comes from the  injustice that already occurred the night she was arrested and her subsequent arrest, and then the greedy journalists that grab a juicy story that could care less about her or her young children and how this has affected her and them.  The fact that a good woman and mother who wants to help our society and serve her state has been swallowed by greed of the yellow-streamed media and not even given a drop of dignity for her or her kids.  Frankly, I dont know how people sleep at night…..They dont care if that person or family loses….anything…..everything that is dear and real to them  That their mere publication of a “public record” should be reported because the people need to know.  That is what’s sad, because their are far worse people committing truly worse crimes and there are people and children hurting and dying innocently because of the people who are truly seeking “power”.  I am sure it would mean more to Ms. Jones if she thought that you truly meant it, as if it would not being done to protect yourself.  She is a good person.  You may actually like her.  She is very personable and compassionate.

    1. I didn’t say I wouldn’t like her. I didn’t say she wasn’t likable or compassionate or that she wasn’t a good mother. This was about her campaign and my opinion of her suitability for office – at this time.

      Regarding my apology, I don’t do insincere apologies. Whether you believe me or not is irrelevant.

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