BenKelly_120307I’m not doing a lot of endorsements prior to Tuesday’s primary, but I wanted to commend Ben Lange to my readers in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District.  Ben in 2010 ran an excellent race against Congressman Bruce Braley (D-IA) almost pulling off an upset.

I expect even while facing a challenging margin in voter registrations after redistricting he will not only give Congressman Braley a run for his money, but beat him as well.  Congressman Braley simply has not represented his constituents well.

Ben Lange is solidly pro-life believing that life begins at conception.  I believe he will be a strong champion for life in Congress.  I also like that Ben is a supporter of local control in education who believe that there needs to be minimal involvement by the federal government.  He also believes that parents need to be empowered with greater school choice.  He is a strong pro-2nd Amendment advocate as well understanding that it is necessary for the security of a free state.

He believes in a limited federal government.  He has said on this issue that “we cannot have a free society without limited government. It is time to discard the arrogant governance that divides us, in exchange for a humble government that unites us.”  He believes that we need to simply the tax code, reduce bureaucratic influence on small businesses and hold Wall Street accountable for their poor decisions.

Unlike Congressman Braley he wants to open markets and expand free trade in order to help our state’s agricultural interests.  He also favors a comprehensive energy policy that includes renewable energy and responsible drilling for oil and natural gas.

He wants to repeal Obamacare and replace that with a patient-centered, consumer-driven system.  He rejects amnesty for illegal immigration, but he also wants to make our current immigration more efficient for lawful immigration.   He supports auditing the Fed.  His top priority if elected to Congress is to restore the generational compact and solve the nation’s debt crisis.  He understands that we can’t keep kicking the can down the street.  He also understands our debt problem to be our greatest national security risk.

I hope that you vote for Ben Lange on Tuesday, June 5th and send him on to challenge Congressman Braley in November.

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