Dan Frye, host of a Rebel’s Cause, hesitated to read my new book, With Christ in the Voting Booth, because he thought it might be a typical partisan book outlining all the reasons the U.S. Constitution supported my political views. After reading the following preface, he was convinced to view the book differently.

Author’s Preface

Theologian Frances Turretin wrote, “We give to the Scriptures such a sufficiency and perfection as is immediate and explicit. There is no need to have recourse to any tradition independent of them.”

I have tried to abide by this principle in this book. I believe every word in the Bible is infallible, and that none of the words that have come from my own imagination are infallible. Readers should examine each of my claims against the Scriptures, chewing on the meat and throwing away the bones.

I have quoted or cited many sources. This does not mean I endorse the viewpoints of those sources. Some of them are professing unbelievers (even some of our nation’s founders), so I won’t try to make them into something they consciously rejected. On the other hand, just because I have major differences with Christians on some issues, does not mean I think they are not Christians. The exemplary lives of many have put mine to shame.

I never try to prove to others the Bible is true. I simply assert that it is. The Christian agrees and already believes it to be so. The unbeliever never will be convinced by logic alone that the Bible is true; that is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is also very clear that every man knows God exists, and was born with a conscience sufficient to prove to him that he is a sinner. For those that insist upon labels, that makes me a presuppositionalist. Of course, this does not mean that I do not marshal other arguments to support my ideas, but that they are primarily used to illustrate my points, not prove them.

If you do not know Christ, I hope you will get a glimpse of Him here. I’ve tried not to hide the truth nor play games with serious matters, but I have also tried to make the book non-partisan. The issues here are more spiritual than political. Without any apologies, this book is written for the Christian. My hope is that this book will be fodder for further discussion among them, and result in better understanding of what it means to be With Christ in the Voting Booth.

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