The past week Indiana Congressman Andre’ Carson, a Muslim Democrat, made the statement to the effect that American Schools needed to be like the Madrasah schools of the Islamic world with the idea that schools patterned after these Koran centered schools would further advance the West. Oh really? Having taken a number of history classes in college myself the verdict of history has been that Islam stunted the growth of the Middle East and it was Christianity that caused the rise of the West. I would argue that if the Islamic mindset had been so highly enlightened that they should have continued to advance against the West and the Ottoman Empire should have become the dominant world power, but they didn’t. It was the Christian nations that rose up and have dominated world history since 1492. I would also argue that had it not been the divisions in the West and a failure to accurately apply Biblical principles that allowed Islam to eclipse Christianity for a time. Once the Christian nations got their acts together in the late 15th and 16th Centuries it was not Islam that advanced, but Christianity. It was not the Madrasah that prevailed, but instead was the private school and later country schools that taught a world view based on Christianity that prevailed. It was not the unpredictable god, Allah, who was detached from man that prevailed of the Mosque, but the Christian God of the Church who was a God of order whose very mind could be understood who gave rise to modern science that prevailed.

The Muslim world has not contributed significantly to world history in the past five hundred years. There was a period of Muslim advance that threatened the West, but it was stopped with the West regaining Spain and Portugal, and stopping them in the Balkans. Once the Renaissance and Reformation occurred, the tables switched. The West refocused on learning , the focus of the Reformation on individual relationship to God and personal liberty led to innovation that allowed the European Powers like Spain, France, Portugal, Russia, England, and America to expand and gain world domination. It was not the Muslim nations that developed the steam engine, sewing machine, or nuclear reactor. The Muslim powers passed on firearms technology, but they did not develop the flintlock, breach loader, revolver, or machine gun. The Muslim nations did not develop the internal combustion engine, light bulb, the cotton gin, the telephone, or airplane. The Muslim world did not abolish slavery, or give the right to vote and equal rights to blacks and women. The West did.

Instead, the record of the Muslim world has been that of backwardness.

The Muslim world has remained essentially Medieval in its approach to the world. They may have access to assault rifles and Russian T-62 tanks and MiG fighters, but little else. They are intolerant brutes that believe it is ok to lob rockets at civilians, to blow up themselves with bomb vests in rooms with women and children, and behead journalists slowly. If the advancement that Mr. Carson seeks is from the Muslim Madrasah’s then I would argue that Mr. Carson would be best off to leave the United States and live there rather than foisting the kind of rubbish that he seems so eloquent in speaking. Either the man has not read a single history book, or he has denied all senses of reality and put himself in the same kind of loony bin that other Muslims have who deny that the Holocaust ever occurred. In either case he needs to resign from the American Congress, because he is not fit to be a leader of this nation.

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  1. Hi Keith,

    Some friendly pushback here:

    “They are intolerant brutes that believe it is ok to lob rockets at civilians, to blow up themselves with bomb vests in rooms with women and children, and behead journalists slowly.”

    While absolutely there are extremists within Islam, and yes there has been a blind eye turned toward much of this in the Muslim world, that comment is an over-generalization.  You just can’t use a collective “they” as not ALL Muslims act that way.

    Again that isn’t to provide an apologetic for their religion, but just to say we as Christ-followers who are to be truth-tellers should not overstate our case.   

    I also don’t see Congressman Carson resigning anytime soon.

  2. There you go again Keith, showing your intellerance for anyone who does not share your narrow view of the world. Congressman Carson is a successful elected black govenment official while your have a masters degree and work part time at Sam’s club and support your family with government handouts that have been enacted by Democrats who you profess to hate so much. Baptist teaching are one cannot be pure of soul if ones actions, homes and behavior is unclean, so clean up your life and personal surroundings before your insist that others are unclean.

    1. So are you attacking my personal life or my opinion?  If you want to attack me personally and infer that I am some kind of loser, then the present evidence supports your position, but even fools can be right sometimes.  I don’t hate individuals, I strongly disagree with some of their beliefs and feel the need to voice my opinions.  I would actually think I could enjoy talking sports with Barak Obama and sipping on a Coke with him. I have friends who are 180 degrees different from me politically and religiously and we have a mutual respect for each other.  If you want to attack the language I used, then perhaps terms like “brute” were excessive and are incorrect.  Now try to attack my argument by showing how Islamic education has produced any great scientific achievement in the past five hundred years versus the great expansion of education in the Christian West over the same time.  Show how Representative Carson’s opinion that I have attacked or argued against is correct. 

      1. Islamic discoveries include: devised and developed algebra; treating small pox in 10th century; used alcohol as antiseptic; diagnosed and treated meningitis in 11 century; built first observatory as a scientific institution in 13 century; described minor circulation of blood in 14 century; invented computing machine in 15 century; recognized fever as a part of body defenses; and on and on and on. All more than 500 years ago, If you would have googled for this information before prior to declaring Muslims as non contributors to scientific knowledge you ignorance would not be in this website. Children learn by examples from their parents’ lives. What lessons are you teaching your children?

      2. What a condesending attitude towards President Obama to even think he would want to talk ‘sports’ with you, or is it because Obama is black and that’s ‘all that black men know.’  Andre’ Carson is also black .Your true opinions of anyone who is not ‘like’ you shows in this ‘could’ of yours. No wonder you do not have a job in the ministry with the visceral hate you express.

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