unemployment ratesThe unemployment rate held at 8.2% in June as employers added only 80,000 jobs.  The consensus from Republicans is that Americans still haven’t seen the recovery we were promised.

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) who is the chair of the House Republican Policy Committee issued the following statement:

Job creation and economic growth are not keeping pace with the type of recovery the Obama Administration and Democrats controlling Washington promised the American people.  President Obama’s tax and spending policies are simply not working,” said Chairman Price.  “The Obama Administration’s focus on excessive regulation and ever increasing taxes to chase ever-higher deficit spending has made doing business in America even more difficult for those who create jobs and drive our economy.  The primary example is the president’s health care law which is a threat not only to quality, affordable health care, but also to economic growth.  That is why House Republicans will continue our work to dismantle, defund and fully repeal this disastrous law to protect patient-centered health care and help preserve American jobs.

The American people are rightfully fed-up with partisan gridlock and they know more must be done to help grow our economy.  House Republicans have responded to this need for leadership by sending more than 30 bills over to the Senate to encourage job creation, and we will continue to offer other opportunities to work together on productive solutions.  President Obama could demonstrate real leadership if he were to simply call on his Democratic colleagues, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, to take action on these numerous pieces of legislation so there is a more positive economic environment where Americans can find jobs and provide for their families.

Congressman Tom Latham (R-IA) responded:

Today’s jobs report shows that hardworking taxpayers are still waiting for the long-promised recovery.  Anxiety continues to grow among millions of unemployed Americans and those who have jobs but are fearful that their situation could change quickly.

I’m working for a better path to a real long-term recovery that restores economic security and opportunity for all Iowans.  I’ve supported policies that will increase the demand for employment by opening new markets for Iowa commodities and products, and I’ve introduced regulatory reform legislation to free job creators from federal overreach, creating a healthier environment for job growth.  In addition, we must enact an all-of-the-above energy strategy that will lower energy costs for American families and help businesses to expand and create jobs.

I stand ready to work with any of my colleagues in Congress, regardless of political affiliation, who want to enact common-sense, bipartisan solutions that will allow real job creation and economic recovery to take root.

Former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum said the following:

Today’s jobs report is yet another reminder of the disaster that is Obamanomics. These numbers are abysmal and sadly reaffirm that our economy continues to suffer and American families are struggling.

Under President Obama’s economic and regulatory policies, the unemployment remains over 8 percent, poverty rates are at historic and tragic highs with 1 in 6 Americans living in poverty, and 1 in 4 children receiving food stamps.

Our manufacturing sector also continues to decline under this president. For the second quarter in a row, manufacturers continue to be less optimistic about growth due to increased uncertainty.

If we are serious about addressing poverty in this country then we must support policies that create an environment for work, marriage and family, quality education, access to capital, and civil society to prosper. This is how we help the unemployed in America; not through Big Government but through expanded opportunity and bold leadership.

Republican Party of Iowa Chair A.J. Spiker had this to say:

The latest unemployment figures demonstrate President Obama’s complete failure on the economy. The second quarter was the worst quarter of job creation in two years. The unemployment rate has now been over 8% for 41 straight months. The unemployment rate among 18-29 year-olds, who showed overwhelming support for the President in 2008, is a dismal 12.8%. This, at a time when our nation’s young people are graduating with record amounts of college debt and are being forced by the Obama economy to move back home with mom and dad.

President Obama’s policies of higher taxes, more debt and greater regulation are simply not working which is why Iowa, a state that had 110,000 more Democrats than Republicans when President Obama was inaugurated, is now a state with 21,000 more Republicans than Democrats. The Republican Party of Iowa will be working tirelessly in the coming months to reach out to as many disaffected Democrats as possible in order to grow our party and turn Iowa completely red this fall.

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