Pagan nations of old might offer one person a year as a sacrifice on a pile of burning wood to try and prevent the deaths of–or insure the prosperity of–others. They had many ideas on who this should be. Sometimes it would the most beautiful maiden, other places it might be the most virile male. It could be someone who lost a race, or someone chosen by lottery.

Thankfully, we are not pagans in the U.S.A. We don’t believe such stuff.

Yet, in America, pro-lifers are much more willing to offer up some to save others. Whenever we defend the killing of, or ignore the 2%* Mitt Romney would kill in hopes of getting legislation that will save millions, we have made a decision to offer up sacrifices of some to save the others. We are no different than the pagans. In fact, we are worse. We claim to be Christians. We claim the Love of God. But we are deceived. We are blind. We have the blood of murdered children on our hands. We need the Jesus of the Bible to save us. Not Mitt Romney or Barack Obama (or Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul).

*About 25,000 a year in America. The actual number is totally irrelevant to the argument. It would not matter if it were only one.

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