Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (Washington, DC)
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Catholics are a major voting block, and one that can’t be pigeonholed by Republicans or Democrats.  A recent NPR segment compared Vice President Joe Biden with the presumptive Vice Presidential nominee, Congressman Paul Ryan.  Both are Catholics, but their worldview is not the same.

Stephen Schneck, a political scientist at Catholic University, said that Biden comes from a more traditional generation of Catholics.

“This is the Catholicism of our old ethnic neighborhoods, and our union halls, and St. Christopher medals on the dashboard sort of thing,” Stephen says.

It is a working-class Catholicism, he says, where the Mass and the rosary are part of the warp and woof of daily life in places such as Scranton, Pa., Biden’s boyhood town. As Biden said when he visited Scranton in 2008, “This is where my family values and my faith melded.”

Those values — of the cop, the fireman, the union leader — placed Catholics solidly in the Democratic camp for decades. Schneck, who co-chairs Catholics for Obama, says these Catholics tend to have a positive attitude toward government.

“Think about John Kennedy’s famous ‘ask not’ lines here,” Schneck says. “For that generation of Catholics, it’s a recognition that government and civil society have a profoundly positive role to play.”

Robert George, a conservative Catholic and professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, says that generation is being supplanted by a younger generation that tends to be more conservative.

“We have a younger generation of Catholics who are more conservative, especially on moral and cultural issues,” he says.

George says these younger Catholics — who are sometimes called “intentional Catholics” — tend to be more committed to conservative parts of Catholic doctrine. Many, like Ryan, 42, came of age during the papacy of John Paul II. They see themselves in Ryan, who opposes same-sex marriage and abortion except when the mother’s life is in danger. In fact, Ryan sponsored a “personhood bill” that would define a fertilized egg as a human being.

Couple that NPR segment with a new poll commissioned by the American Life League which shows President Obama is losing support from Catholics.  From an email I received this afternoon:

Between August 15-19 of this year, American Life League commissioned a nationwide telephone survey of 900 self-identified Catholic registered voters. The focus of the survey was Catholic perspectives on the Church and nation. Below are some of the results of the survey.

Only 27 percent of the Catholics surveyed support President Obama. Of those surveyed, 74 percent of Catholic men over the age of 50 do not support Obama, while Obama support among Catholic men under 50 years is only 25 percent. With Catholic women over the age of 50, the president’s support is only 23 percent, with just 31 percent among Catholic women under 50 years.

American Life League speculates that such a dramatic shift may be caused by Obama’s HHS mandates and ensuing legal battle over religious freedom, as 73 percent of Catholics polled believe that the mandates violate their religious freedom.

“This nationwide survey revealed surprising results that should cause our leaders to pause and consider the consequences of their decisions and the impact it has on their constituents. Can Obama’s support among Catholics be dwindling this fast?” said Paul E. Rondeau, ALL executive director. “One thing is certain: Catholics, like most Americans, feel strongly about their religious rights and are committed to defending their faith. Both Church and national leaders should heed this notice.”

The American Life League poll was conducted by ccAdvertising, Centreville, Virginia, which gives the margin of error as +/- 3 percent.

Winning or losing the Catholic vote can make or break a Presidential candidate.

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  1. Unless and until the bishops  of our dioceses clean  out dissenting faculty members from Catholic universities, staff members like Stephen Schneck, a political scientist at Catholic University, they will continue to pervert Catholic doctrine & twist the minds of Catholic students.   There are many really bright, well-educated faithful Catholic educators who could be hired to teach that it appears to me that an effort has been put into hiring those who are not faithful to the church.  Let’s clean house and give our kids a chance to be ‘real’ Catholics.

  2. I wrote this in 1998 to my local paper”

    “I’m for labor unions,
    but have a real problem with public employee unions.  There’s a “Catch-22” here, because public employees
    need some form of collective bargaining at times, but the power they exercise
    in the body politic has become a possibly terminal cancer in our society.


    When they run their
    own candidates or push the election of others, they are cementing the status
    quo and bureaucratic inefficiency into the workings of the community and
    nation.  See what a horrible price our
    children and wallets have paid for the power of the now well entrenched
    educational establishment!”

    I love and respect our public servants as much as anyone – but when they must not become satraps, living high on taxpayer largess while we starve. This is common in Muslim-ruled countries – a real danger if the Democrats retain the White House and Senate.

    Pay attention folks! Our Constitution is worth saving -but it won’t be under sharia. See Emily’s List members on the way to an Obama rally.

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