Who’s lying about unborn babies, Romney or Todd Akin.

After hours of discussing the merits and demerits of the ongoing candidacy of Todd Akin on various Facebook threads, the truth finally came to the surface. This election is about voter and politician discomfort. Few want to talk about rape, of course. It is not an easy subject. It is both a violent act and a sexual perversion. No one wants to consider harsher penalties for rapists, like the death penalty. And yet, if you express the least possibility that some women may lie about being raped, you are told to shut up and be sensitive. It is similar to the wrong notion that children would never lie about being abused. Of course, women are raped and it is awful and deserves full punishment.  Do men lie about committing rape? In full color. Those who really want to see justice done when women are raped should stop giving the rapist the means of destroying the evidence of rape, namely, the victim’s own children.

Do women get pregnant after being raped? Yes, they do. Is it off limits to talk about how often? How are else are we going to tell how many rape cases (statutory and otherwise) those honest folks at Planned Parenthood are covering up?

There is no question that Akin’s remarks were disjointed and a bit uninformed, but this does not explain the vitriol aimed at him by Republicans – many of these who claim to be pro-life and yet will vote for a man who wants to approve every murder defended in the name of rape and incest (Mitt Romney is his name). That is what this is all about.  It isn’t rape they don’t want to talk about – it is the murder of unborn children. Most politicians are scared to death to make unborn children a centerpiece in their campaigns.

Mitt Romney and his fellow pro-abort Republicans didn’t cause Akin to stumble in his fight for the Missouri Senate seat. He did that himself.  But don’t look for them to help him get back up. Instead, they have kicked him and kicked him and want hims to stay down.   They cannot afford him getting back in the ring.  He is a liability to them, not because of his remarks, not because he will surely lose–but because he might win!  His very existence in the Senate would continually draw attention to the unborn children being killed, especially those that Romney has no intention of protecting.

UPDATE: Here is  a quote from GOP and former Romney Media Consultant, Alex Castellanos that confirms my claim that it is not that Akin will lose that bothers Republican leaders, it is that he will win:

I think the message was very clear. The only thing worse for the Republican Party than Akin staying in this race is Akin staying in and winning because he’d be a ball and chain around this Republican Party, the Republican brand. He’d limit the number of people we’d attract to the party. It’s not who we are. If he cares at all about the causes he’s fought for over the years turning this economy around, he would step down.

Here is a website you can use to donate to Akin’s campaign to unseat Claire McCaskill. This is one chance to donate in a race that really features pro-life and pro-death candidates.  This is an easy one.

Of course, if you are on the other side of the life issue, here is a website you can use to donate to McCaskill and other opponents of life.

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