file8571245784479 (1)Verona, PA – As Democrats gather this week in Charlotte just as Republicans did in Tampa to discuss which is the better party for women, Patriot Voices is releasing results of a new poll that discusses which issues moms care most about and who stands on the right side of these issues.

The poll, conducted by the Tarrance Group, interviewed 2,500 moms online who have at least one child under 18 at home. The survey incorporated 15 open-ended questions, producing thousands of individual responses.  Of the mothers interviewed, 729 were self-identified Independents, 911 were Democrats and 860 were Republicans.  All were registered to vote.

The survey found that while mothers’ top tier of concerns are pocketbook issues like jobs and gas prices, there is a notable level of concern among them about national security issues.  They have mixed to negative views about President Obama and his impact on the country and are remarkably negative about the President’s ability to keep their families safe from foreign threats.

“Instead of telling women what to believe, Patriot Voices has actually listened to mothers through an online survey of mothers in five battleground states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, and Virginia,” said Karen Santorum. “The results of this poll were remarkable and showed us that moms indeed know best. Moms across this country want our president to protect our families by supporting policies that give families an edge when it comes to economic challenges but also to keep us safe from the unpredictable and grave national security challenges we face. Women are not single issue voters, and we care about a broad spectrum of issues particularly when it has to do with the safety of our families.”

Among the key findings in this survey:

  • 73% of mothers are concerned about the type of nuclear strategy that President Obama might pursue.
  • 62% of mothers are concerned by President Obama’s conciliatory remarks to Russian President Medvedev.
  • 53% of moms thought it was inappropriate for President Obama to tell Israel that it should alter its borders.
  • 78% of moms think the United States should increase off-shore drilling.
  • 79% of moms think government regulations need to be trimmed to incentivize people to start small businesses or expand existing ones.
  • When informed that Obamacare cuts Medicare funding, only 12% of moms thought this was fair.

“This survey reaffirms that women are not single issue voters, and we want the leadership of this country to keep our families safe and support policies that encourage economic growth while also having a consistent and strong foreign policy,” Karen Santorum concluded.

Please visit to find a memo detailing the poll and other supporting information. On Friday, a second memo will be released detailing national security findings of the poll, and on Saturday a third memo will be issued detailing the poll’s finding on energy.


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  1. Good time for Santorum to get behind Romney. If people who are disappointed with Romney stay home then other Republicans on the ticket will suffer as well. Yet something tells me that the real base understands what Santorum is saying and will actually vote out Obama.

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