Romney Wants to Keep Key Parts of Obamacare:

“Of course there are a number of things that I like in health care reform that I’m going to put in place,” he said. ”One is to make sure that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage.” Romney also wants to make sure young adults can keep receiving coverage through their parents’ plans. “I say we’re going to replace Obamacare. And I’m replacing it with my own plan,” he said. “And even in Massachusetts when I was governor, our plan there deals with pre-existing conditions and with young people.”

All of those professing Christian Mitt Romney voters who keep trying to Wisconsin Mascot me into voting for Romney–even though he continues to proclaim his pro-abortion position, refuses to side against the destroyers of marriage as an institution, and promotes a religion that is sending millions to hell–are losing the rest of the ammo they use to badger me with. He is no economic wizard.

We are continually told that not voting for Romney is voting for Barack Obama. I have argued to the deaf and blind that this is a silly kind of thinking.  You vote for who you vote for.  But, if they insist, I will come down to their level, and I will use little words so they will understand.  A Vote for Romney IS a vote for Obama – only, we will likely get at least 8 more years of socialism, instead of four.

The parts that Romney would keep would actually accelerate the bankruptcy of insurance companies and the take-over of medicine by the government. I explained why in the appendix of my book, With Christ in the Voting Booth (see below). (As a side note, this proves what an awful business mind Romney actually has – just sayin’.)

Making Insurance Companies Cover Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.

Failure to embrace some new social programs can be considered unrealistic, foolish or downright heartless. Take the generally accepted idea that insurance companies should have to cover those with pre-existing conditions. Who could be against that? The prevailing view is that only heartless Barbarians and Neanderthals wanting to take us back to the stone ages could oppose it. Even Mitt Romney included this requirement in MassCare, as Obama did in Obamacare….This will cause a kind of domino effect, with each new tip-over bringing about more loss of freedom. Adding this mandate inevitably leads to complete socialized medicine. Here is how it would work:

Loss of Freedom #1: Requiring coverage of pre-existing conditions means some customers will certainly cost the company much more than the customer could ever pay in ([Mike] Huckabee compares it to getting a vehicle insured after it is already wrecked or insuring a house that has already burned down).

Loss of Freedom #2: The only way to make up for the loss from #1 is to raise rates higher on everybody else (few want that option since premiums in many places such as Massachusetts are well over $10,000 per year already) or require everybody to pay for insurance whether they want it or not, especially the young and healthy.

Loss of Freedom #3: The only way that mandating purchase will work is to fine people more than the cost of insurance premiums. Nobody has done that yet, but simple laws of economics will eventually require it. Otherwise, many people will just pay the fine and wait until they are sick to get insurance….

Loss of Freedom #4: Higher costs will mean some companies quit offering insurance to its employees, which means more insurance companies like Principal Financial Group of Des Moines, Iowa will get out of the insurance industry altogether. In turn, less competition means higher prices and even less options for customers.

Loss of Freedom #5: The Domino Effect will continue to destroy the health system. For example, when some companies try to exclude certain conditions this often results in more government regulation (as in Massachusetts) but because even governments recognize limits on what companies can do, the bureaucrats eventually pinch on the other end, resulting in rationed care. This will happen more and more as the whole system moves towards a single payer of medical bills, the U.S. Federal Government, which is already staggering under the weight of trillions of dollars of debt.

Loss of Freedom #6: Another way governments try to “help” customers is limit the amount doctors and hospitals can charge for services (reducing reimbursement rates). But reducing costs in this way often leads doctors to go out of business as well. Although insurance companies also cap costs or limit coverage, demand for this coverage drives the free insurance market to make them available (as long as the government doesn’t interfere).

Loss of Freedom #7: …a single-payer system (socialized medicine) cannot allow individuals to pay for their own medical care. It goes against the envy-driven mentality behind the whole notion of universal health care. It just wouldn’t be fair if “people with money” could use their own filthy lucre to buy medical treatment while everybody else was dependent on the government. Getting treatment outside the system will be seen as bribing a public official. Socialism not only eventually kills the free market, the free market destroys socialism. It is a fight to the death. One system or the other must prevail, they cannot both survive.

Some Solutions: Too many states now forbid companies from offering catastrophic insurance. One reason insurance is so expensive is because it is paying for minor procedures and services which become more expensive every time another group has to approve it. Also having a third-party pay (even insurance itself) means that consumers don’t care what things cost as long as somebody else has to pay for it. And of course, insurance companies and doctors take advantage of this. Allowing competition from state-to-state would help end this counterproductive practice. Regulations must be reduced, not increased.

None of this means people with pre-existing conditions should just be allowed to die. Charitable Hospitals should be able to completely write off care given to those who can’t afford it. Families, churches, individual Christians and caring neighbors should be helping people as well as community fund-raising groups. Reducing the bureaucracy and dependency on third party payers will drastically reduce the cost of medicine overall.

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