Terry Jones

The left’s blaming of Terry Jones, a Koran-burning Florida pastor who indicated approval of a badly produced anti-Mohammad film on YouTube, for the murderous rampage of radical Islam is not only off base, it is hypocritical.

What is the difference between what Jones did in burning the Koran and what the South Park kids do with their use of Jesus as a cartoon character who is constantly profaned, abused, and blasphemed? What about Bill Maher who made an entire documentary blaspheming the name of God? What do they say about Dan Brown’s novel’s attack on the Catholic Church and historic claims of Christianity? Or what about Jon Stewart, who has mocked the Virgin Birth and other aspects of the Christian faith on his program?

The left has no condemnation of these acts. Indeed, secularists are very proud that we’ve moved past the era of Hollywood self-censorship where religion was revered and ministers were excluded from being vilified or portrayed as comical characters. However, this celebration of impiety and disrespect makes the left’s own whining about anti-Islamic speech hypocritical.

Apparently, the belief of the left is that religion should be fair game for humor and ridicule unless its most extreme practitioners are likely to react with murderous rage. It’s not the position of tolerance and understanding, it’s the position of moral cowards. It is brave art to put a crucifix in a jar of urine. It is irresponsible provocation to do the same with the Koran. It is daring journalism to use Easter magazine issues to challenge the claims of Christianity. It is unacceptable and irresponsible to do the same with the claims of Islam around Ramadan. The left teaches us that the way a religion gains respect is by extremists murdering people in response to scoffers and thus incentivizes and honors murder and violence.

If we truly want a society where all religions are respected, then perhaps its time for Hollywood and the larger culture to truly return to revering Christ and Christianity. Its too much to think that even a less Christian society can disrespect the faith of its ancestry and honor foreign religions. A society that respects all faith and engages in discussions of faith respectfully will not engage in childish displays.

This will make us a better society, but it won’t stop the attack of Islamist extremists. As human beings we like to think we can control our lives, that we can avoid all obstacles through our own behavior. If spouses or children are abused, we like to think, “If only we’d be better, we won’t get smacked.” However, there are some people who are only looking for an excuse to attack and abuse others and they will find an excuse. This is the case with radical the radical Islamists behind the attacks on our embassies. There is no way to be safe from this menace other than by capturing or killing them.

We can and should have respectful debate with other religious viewpoints which will come when all religions (not just those whose practitioners blow things up) are treated with respect and this includes peace loving Muslims. We should avoid churlish and hateful acts, however if we think that will keep us “safe” from the murderous terrorist thugs of the Middle East, we have another think coming.

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  1. Only peaceful people should be respected.  Violent people should never get respect. How are we ever going to have a safe and peaceful society is violence and cruelty earn our cultural respect?  Only by disrespecting violence can we ever hope to curb it.  Respect for violence can only be shown for the moment when the knife is at your own throat, and you’ll die if you show disrespect at that moment.  But whenever it’s safe to do so, disrespect should be shown for violent value systems, and violent actions.  Let people know that gentleness, nonviolence, and nurturing are the basis for earning people’s respect.  Those Moslems who are peaceful should be respected.  But the fundamentalist, jihadists should be scorned for their violent lifestyles and their eagerness to hurt and fight others. 
    Most Christians are nonviolent and this should be respected.  To respect the Moslems just because they riot and kill, and treat Christians disrespectfully when they don’t, shows a very low value system for the people who are deciding who they respect. 

    1. All people deserve respect as all are made in the image of God. Now everyone is lucky enough to have been born into your situation. I’m a follower of Christ, but I still respect all of my Muslim brothers and sisters. They are missing the mark and need to be guided towards Christ as the Savior and not just a prophet, but many of them are more reverent than most here in the U.S. 

      They stand up for what they believe and will not take insults tossed at their God. It’s a shame more Christians don’t stand up as well. Not that we take up violent protests. For us to stand up has to look different, but it needs to look like something other than sitting on the couch and turning to another station that we like better. Instead we MUST get engaged! Our Christian heritage is slipping through our nation’s hands like loose sand in a fist. Sooner or later, it’s going to go away at this rate. 

      Hate the sin of the jihadist, yes! But love the sinner. They too are on a path to try and get closer to God. They are simply lost and misguided. Respect them for their adherence    to their struggle of getting to the land of peace. Christians, Muslims and Jews ultimately want the same thing correct? That’s to get to the place their Creator has/is creating in paradise. We have extremely different understanding of Whom that Creator is and how to get there though. THAT’S where the conflict b/w religions come in.

      I totally agree with this article. South Park, Bill Maher, SNL, etc. need to take a step back from their shock tactics and simply produce comedy without trying to insult everyone in their path. When did insults become comedy? We called that bullying when I was a kid. What happened to true comedy?

  2. so you are ok with the film maker getting out of prison after a couple years for making PCP & meth while also found guilty of fraudulent activity in a banking scam. This guy, is where you preacher buddy got the film Shane-o….- 
    ‘Muslims’ Movie Producer Was Arrested for PCP, Snitched for Feds
    Before he was involved in the making of a noxious video that provided an excuse for anti-American riots in the Middle East, and before he was convicted of federal bank fraud, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was arrested on charges relating to the making of angel dust. Abraham was convicted on the PCP charge. Nakoula, on the other hand, was not. Nearly five years later, the case against him was dismissed, for reasons unknown.In August of 1991, he was convicted on two counts of selling watered-down gasoline. And then came the arrest for PCP manufacturing in 1997. A local judge found there was probable cause for the case to continue against Nakoula and co-defendant, Khaled Yameen Abraham, on 8/6 that year. Nakoula and Abraham were also briefly charged with conspiracy. 

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