Your duty as a Christian in the Voting Booth is the same as it is everywhere: Do all to the Glory of God, Keep His Commandments. Pray without ceasing. Love Christ more than anything else in this world, and Trust God, rather than men.

I have not been devoting much effort trying to persuade people not to vote for Romney or Barack Obama, but rather I have been defending the position that Christians may, in good conscience, refuse to vote for Romney – and this on many and varied grounds. This is necessary in part, because a whole lot of cyber-ink has been wasted on arguments that are irrational or irrelevant. I will try to deal with a couple of those separately here. There have been a few folks, who have graciously defended their potential votes for Romney without the use of the following arguments or other ad hominem attacks, but very few.

“You are not appointing a pastor but voting for a president.”

This is stated in various ways, but it is used as a shortcut for saying – “Use your spiritual standards elsewhere, Christians need not apply.” Recognizing that Romney is “not really all that strong on pro-life issues”, nor is he one with a credible Christian profession of faith, they want us to ignore all of that and focus on the “practical” or “pragmatic”. However, the Bible requires that civil rulers—not just pastors—be men who Fear God (Exodus 18:21 – Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness), Kiss the Son (Psalm 2), and uphold the commandments. To ignore these and scores of other Scriptures that support the truth that God requires obedience by civil leaders and that they are his ministers, is to figuratively kick Christ out of the Voting Booth.

A hurried dismissal of all this as only applying to ancient Israel is to really suggest for example that 1) It is quite alright that men not be men of truth or that 2) Godless men can obtain that standard without Christ. I reject either notion.

“Not Voting for Romney is Voting for Obama.”

This lie was created from hell itself. It is a demonic trick; an attempt to attribute black magic or voodoo (votedoo) to votes, changing them without the owner’s consent, contrary to the wishes of those who do or do not choose to cast a vote for president. It is a perversion of the truth. What is true is that Jesus is the Truth. You cannot be neutral about Him. You are either for Jesus, or against Him. The default position of mankind is that we are lost and bound for eternal torment. To not put your faith in Jesus, is to be an enemy of the Truth. There is no third way. In amazing irony, however, those demanding that I vote for Romney (lest it be counted as a vote for Obama, they say) apply it to the voting booth, but deny it at the very place that God says it should apply: one’s own faith in Christ, and your position as it relates to His One Church.

We are told that Romney is on our side, and Barack Obama is on The Other. How can someone who rejects the unique Son of God be on our side? Romney rejects the One God of the Bible and believes a false religion that teaches there are thousands of gods. Romney, if he is a “good Mormon,” also aspires to be “a god” himself someday—taking on not just the character of God, which is commendable, but—being the creator and ruler of his own world someday.

Rarely do Romney voters apply any Biblical standard on any important moral issue of the day.  The only standard is “he is not as bad as Obama”.  Romney (like Obama) is quite willing to allow on his watch the murder of millions of unborn babies, refusing to lift a finger to help them. I do not need to document this yet again.  But it does not matter to his defenders, I must choose the lesser of the two evil men (or the greater of two goods, as some creative folks would have it mean).

Here is where the logic fails.  You have yet to show me that it is not a sin for me to vote for an unbeliever or vote for someone who thinks it is legitimate to kill SOME babies. I won’t vote for someone who hates God nor approves of baby killing.  How simple is that? Asking me to vote for Romney is like asking me to choose between the sixth and seventh Commandments, or choosing to save my wife over my children, though God has commanded me to protect both.

During the last week before the election, I am offering my book, With Christ in the Voting Booth, for free—complete, but only in pdf format—just for the asking. Please go to my Facebook page and send me a message.  I will send the book right away, or you can order it in other formats on the internet.

P.S. For those of you in Iowa, don’t get so distracted that you forget to vote “No” on Wiggins.





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  1. David don’t you become so distracted trying to convince people not to vote for Romney that you forget to turn your ballot over and vote NO for Wiggins!

  2. Rarely do Romney voters apply any Biblical standard on any important moral issue of the day.

    Exactly. I think the reason so many in our “Dancing with the Stars” society have a hard time seeing through Romney’s facade is explained well by Heb. 5:14:

    “But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.”

    What’s more, it seems to me that, in many respects, Romney is like a false prophet. He has become the “messiah” of those wanting to be rid of Obama (even though in the long run he could in fact be worse for our nation). Of course, because of “itching ears,” many folks prefer false prophets anyway. 😉

  3. Thanks for posting this article. I’ve been so vilified by my fellow Christian friends for not voting for Romney. It’s nice not to feel alone.

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