For over a dozen election cycles the Board of Directors of Iowa Right to Life has evaluated the responses to our survey of candidates for state and federal offices on right to life related issues. It is a very serious undertaking and we strive for objectivity. We publish the results of our evaluations as a service to our membership.

Criterion for inclusion in our “Preferred Candidates” list includes a returned survey, satisfactory positions on issues important to Iowa Right to Life, voting records and public statements, as well as positions held by a candidate’s opposition (if running opposed.) We recognize other Pro-Life candidates are running this year, but their exclusion from the list is most likely due to a failure to return a survey.

Inclusion on this list does not necessarily equal an unqualified endorsement, but is meant to be a guide for Iowans looking to support candidates in their area that will help advance the cause for life as we continue the struggle to end all abortion in Iowa.

Iowa Right to Life Preferred Candidate List

Congressional Candidates

District 1 – Ben Lange

District 2 – John Archer

District 3 – Tom Latham

District 4 – Steve King

Senate Candidates

SD 2   Randy Feenstra

SD 4   Dennis Guth

SD 6   Mark Segebart

SD 8   Col. Al Ringgenberg

SD 10 Jake Chapman

SD 12 Joni Ernst

SD 14 Amy Sinclair

SD 16 David Scott Edwards

SD 18 Vicki Stogdill

SD 22 Pat Ward

SD 24 Jerry Behn

SD 26 Merlin Bartz

SD 28 Michael Breitbach

SD 34 Ryan Flood

SD 36 Jane Jech

SD 38 Tim Kapucian

SD 40 Ken Rozenboom

SD 42 Larry Kruse

SD 44 Brad Bourn

SD 46 Shawn Hamerlinck

SD 49 Andrew Naeve

House Candidates

HD 1   Jeff Smith

HD 2   Megan Hess

HD 3   Dan Huseman

HD 4   Dwayne Alons

HD 5   Chuck Soderberg

HD 6   Ron Jorgensen

HD 7   Ted Gassman

HD 8   Henry Rayhons

HD 11 Gary Worthan

HD 12 Barney Bornhoft

HD 13 Jeremy Taylor

HD 15 Mark Brandenburg

HD 16 Mary Ann Hanusa

HD 17 Matt Windschitl

HD 18 Jason Schultz

HD 19 Ralph Watts

HD 20 Clel Baudler

HD 21 Jack Drake

HD 22 Greg Forristall

HD 23 Mark Costello

HD 24 Cecil Dolecheck

HD 25 Julian Garrett

HD 26 Steve McCoy

HD 27 Joel Fry

HD 28 Greg Heartsill

HD 29 Gabe Swersie

HD 30 Jim Carley

HD 33 Daniel LeRette

HD 34 Patti Branco

HD 35 Terrance Williams

HD 36 Jeff Ibbotson

HD 37 John Landon

HD 38 Kevin Koester

HD 40 Mike Brown

HD 43 Chris Hagenow

HD 47 Chip Baltimore

HD 48 Robert Bacon

HD 49 Dave Deyoe

HD 50 Patrick Grassley

HD 54 Linda Upmeyer

HD 56 Bob Hager

HD 58 Brian Moore

HD 61 Lyn Tackett

HD 63 Sandy Salmon

HD 64 Jim Givant

HD 67 Kraig Paulsen

HD 71 Allen Burt

HD 72 Dean Fisher

HD 75 Dawn Pettengill

HD 76 David Maxwell

HD 77 Steve Sherman

HD 79 Guy Vander Linden

HD 80 Larry Sheets

HD 81 Blake Smith

HD 82 James Johnson

HD 83 James Steffen

HD 84 Dave Heaton

HD 89 Bill Edmond

HD 90 Mark Riley

HD 92 Ross Paustian

HD 93 Mark Nelson

HD 94 Linda Miller

HD 96 Lee Hein

HD 99 Paul Kern

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