Brain pictured on a bibleAdam Graham takes me to task for inventing my own definition of prolife, suggesting that I and others who refuse to vote for Romney don’t really want to save lives. First, we are too strict on our definition.

“Given that about half of Americans identify as pro-life but only 14% oppose abortion in the cases of rape and incest”

The reason I appear to be at odds with the general populace on this is not because I have made up my own rules. Perhaps foolishly I thought, as it seems now, that professing Christians would equate the words “right to life” and “pro-life” with the sixth commandment: Thou Shalt Not Kill”, not a made-up version of their own: “Thou Shalt Not Kill Some”

Adam wrote:

To apply it as a litmus test to political candidates or for being part of the pro-life movement is impractical and reckless. To educate and encourage the public recognize the fallacy of supporting rape and incest abortions is sensible and reasonable.

To refute this is simple. I quote an acquaintance of mine, Adam Graham: “This like most other dichotomies is false.”  It is quite possible to oppose candidates who will defend the rights of many child-killers AND educating the public about the foolishness of exceptions is sensible.  (Adam conveniently forgets that Romney RECENTLY said he supports child killing in cases of the health of the mother).

What could have been a fine, reasonable approach ended up falling into the same mockery the Romney supporters have used from the beginning of his campaign:

“A protest vote or no vote offers only the chance to be proud of yourself for having done the right thing, by opposing the imperfect Mitt Romney and ensuring Barack Obama’s re-election, the continuing funding of Planned Parenthood, ever-increasing abortions overseas, and radical judges who will support greater barbarism and curtailment of religious liberties.”

In other words, there is no possibility of actually doing the right thing, without being puffed up about it and being the CAUSE of re-electing Obama – which Graham and other Romney supporters would have you believe is the most treasonous pro-abortion thing you could possibly do in this life.  See what they have done, folks?  They have tried to bind your consciences by suggesting that doing the right thing and trusting God will bring about great evil. This is madness.

I stand by my position that I will not vote for Romney.  You may certainly do so – I am not harping on those of you who think it is the right thing to do. It is arguments like Graham’s however, at the end, that must continually be refuted.  I will not be bullied, brow-beaten or shamed into submission.

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