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You can learn a lot about a candidate looking at who funds their campaign.  Looking at some of Christie Vilsack’s direct and indirect supporters paints a picture that she’s not the centrist that she portrays herself to be.

So as a reminder when you go to the polls on Tuesday here are ten reasons why Christie Vilsack does not represent your values.

  1. Do you want to support a candidate who is beholden to Big Labor?  The AFL-CIO has spent over $118,112 in TV ads to support Christie Vilsack and oppose Congressman Steve King.  This is labor union through their Working for America Institute received $1 million dollars in stimulus money what did they do for this money?  According to their website they “provide technical assistance and support to labor leaders, community activists, public officials and workforce and economic development practicioners (sic).” How many jobs did that create save?  AFSCME has spent $118,124  in support of Vilsack and in opposition to Steve King.  The National Education Association has spent almost $100,000 in 2012 on this race opposing Steve King.  SEIU (Service Employees International Union) has spent $355,549 in 2012 in support of Christie Vilsack and in opposition to Steve King.   These last three groups are public employee unions.  How well do you think Christie Vilsack will steward taxpayer money beholden to groups such as these?
  2. The CREDO Super PAC has spent $77,079 in opposition to Congressman King as he is part of their “Tea Party 10” along with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Congressman Allan West (R-FL).  Do residents in Northwest Iowa think that cutting spending, not increasing taxes and addressing the national debt is a bad thing?  I wouldn’t think so, yet this group supports Christie Vilsack who favors President Obama’s plan to increase taxes on job creators and tax the middle class through Obamacare.
  3. The Humane Society has spent almost $750,000 in TV ads opposing Steve King in the last three months alone!  This organization started Meatless Mondays and is in direct opposition to Iowa’s agricultural community.  How does that reflect Iowa’s values?  This organization wants to see even more regulations placed upon Iowa farmers.  Congressman King has worked to help get government out of the way so Iowa’s agriculture industry can produce.  Sixty agricultural groups support Congressman Steve King.  How many support Christie Vilsack?  Zero.
  4. The House Majority PAC has spent $1,151,406 opposing Steve King through misleading ads like the one I wrote about last week.
  5. Emily’s List has endorsed Christie Vilsack, this organization promotes candidates who support abortion on demand.  Planned Parenthood through three different funds has spent $119,887 in 2012 in support of Christie Vilsack and opposing Congressman King.
  6. Congressman King received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association.  This is a bipartisan group who have endorsed many Democrats.  They obviously don’t see her as a defender of the 2nd Amendment.  They couldn’t even grade her because she ducks questions on the issue.
  7. Christie Vilsack has the support of People for the American Way who spent $3,601 in 2012 in this race.  Their mission includes promoting progressive policies and helping progressive candidates to get elected.  Still thinking Christie Vilsack is a centrist?
  8. Also consider the funding that each candidate has received.  In this election cycle 62% of Christie Vilsack’s donations come from out of state amounting to $803,142.  She has only raised $491,576 in-state.  Compare that to Steve King – 70% of his funds come from in-state donors amounting to $739,569.  Only 30% come from out-of-state donors – $320,264.  Does this reflect widespread support in Iowa for Christie Vilsack?
  9. Then there is the baseless and misleading attacks that Christie Vilsack has engaged in while ducking questions directed at her and covering up her record.
  10. She had to take an Iowa Values tour at the beginning of her campaign to determine what Iowa 4th Congressional District voters’ values are.  Shouldn’t she already know?

So does Christie Vilsack represent Iowa values?  That is a resounding no.  Iowa 4th – Congressman Steve King is the candidate who actually reflects your values, please send him back to Washington, DC.

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  1. Dude, you don’t even live in Iowa’s 4th District! Stay out of our race and let the local people make up our own minds about who best represents us. If you love Steve King so much, why don’t you move here?

      1. Shane – it is guys like you that help me make my decision to vote for one candidate or another regardless of how one candidate or another have done on the campaign trail. Get the hint. Stay out of our race. You are misinformed and is another reason why you are a blogger and not a journalist.

      2. Barry, I’m not misinformed. What did I list above that was inaccurate? The donors are public record. The NRA said she didn’t turn in their survey. These groups are backing her candidacy. The majority of her fundraising has come from out-of-state. All of these are facts. Now you may not like my perception of these groups, that is your opinion. This is mine. I think you need to understand the difference between an op/ed piece and news. This wasn’t meant to be a news piece. It is backed by facts, but it is my opinion, and it is informed. I’ve listened to her speeches and watched her during the debates. She’s clueless.

    1. Also, I write about Iowa politics – I don’t just focus on races where I live. I suppose you contacted all of the out-of-state groups who are helping Christie Vilsack and told them to stay out of the race as well?

  2. This is completely wrong. I have spoken with Christie herself on several occasions, and when I asked her about her position regarding gun rights and the 2nd amendment, she said that she is completely for defending the 2nd amendment. She said she used to have a gun in every room of her house. The author of this article is incredibly misinformed.

    1. Then why refuse to return the non-partisan survey from NRA? That is where I received my info. They have zero problems endorsing Democrats who are good on their issue. This is another example of her words not jiving with her actions.

      As far as the rest of the info it is a matter of public record, go check Open Secrets.

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