Missouri Senate Candidate, Todd Akin.
Missouri Senate Candidate, Todd Akin.

Our fearless leader and blogmeister, Shane Vander Hart, has been addressing what “went wrong” in 2012 for the GOP over the last few days. I agree with many of his opinions, so there is no need to reiterate them all here. I must take exception, however, with his take on abortion and other social issues as it pertains to 2012. Shane posted on Facebook this response to a Caffeinated Thoughts comment:

“Just had a “conservative” tell me that my belief that the life of a baby conceived by rape is just as sacred as yours and mine was repulsive. Fascinating.”

We should not be in the least bit surprised by this man’s response to a true pro-life position.  Even “Conservative” Christians accepted a GOP candidate who promised he would not protect children conceived during a rape.  Some Christian ministers even chastised those that refused to vote for Romney. But does Romney believe the lives of unborn children are sacred?  No!  A thousand times “NO!”  And when Christians publicly declared their support for him, endorsed him and voted for him anyway, we told the whole world – no, some babies are not sacred.

Shane also seemed surprised that Romney didn’t go on the attack against Obama’s “radical” position on abortion. He wrote: “He ignored or played defense on abortion when he should have been playing offense.“  He is assuming that Romney and Obama are on different teams. They are not. Christ and His followers are on one team, those who know not Christ are on the other. Luke 11:23: “He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.”

It is simple. Romney doesn’t see Obama’s position as much different than his own on abortion. They both hold the position Shane’s “conservative” poster does. Apparently so do most Americans, for according to Gallup polls, only 20% believe abortion should be illegal in all cases. However, just as a mother can’t be somewhat pregnant, a person cannot be somewhat pro-life, believing that the 6th Commandment (Do not murder) doesn’t apply in every case.

Shane re-raised the issue of Todd Akin and others who believe that all abortions should be banned. He suggested that maybe these candidates should consider deflecting questions about exceptions with this response:

“Why are you bringing up something that rarely occurs in the midst of this campaign? We have other topics that need to be discussed”

I believe this is the wrong answer and perhaps the only reason Akin found himself in the midst of a mess in the first place: He had also attempted to minimize the number of those exceptions by suggesting that perhaps pregnancy does not occur as often in rape as one might think. Thankfully, Akin stood up for every unborn children – God Bless him. However, it doesn’t matter if it only occurs 3 times a year in the US or 30,000 times, a pro-life candidate won’t deflect, he will defend. We need more candidates like Akin and Mourdock, not less. And we need other Christians to get behind them.  Not because we will necessarily win; but because it is the right thing to do.

Rush Limbaugh is correct on this one. Christians, like the Republicans, lost in 2012 because we were vastly outnumbered. Right now, the United States is not pro-life, not by a longshot. I am not worried about the Republican brand. I am more concerned about a church that would compromise on child killing, supporting a candidate who spat on them at nearly every opportunity, promised not to fulfill a pro-life agenda, and backpedaled towards death at every stage of the campaign. And what did the so-called pro-life community do in response? Why, they showed up in droves to vote for Romney. That’s what went wrong in 2012.

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  1. Also, last comment and then I have to get to bed. You didn’t share the entire context.

    “That is a mischaracterization that unfortunately uninformed younger voters heard loud and clear. Nobody said rape itself was a gift from God. Children are. Some Republican candidates may not make pro-life issues the forefront of their campaign, but the other side will and the media will be looking out for it. Be prepared for gotcha questions. Saying also you’re ok with exceptions except for the life of the mother – will alienate your base, again you can’t lose your base and win. Be smart whether you refuse to answer the question “why are you bringing up something that rarely occurs in the midst of this campaign? We have other topics that need to be discussed” or give some other answer, be ready. Jesus said we are to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves, (Matthew 10:16). We’re not so good at that.”

  2. I wonder who is more morally compromised, a pro-life politican who supports a law that will save some (but not all) today, or the one who is willing to let them die because he’s too pure to compromise. Imagine if we could have passed a law to outlaw 90% of abortions 20 years ago. At the very worst – we would have saved 20 million lives. At best those lives would have helped us change the culture so we could have moved on and saved the remaining 10%. The laws are a reflection of our ethical view. They are not our ethical view. A law that outlaws 90% of abortions is not an endorsement of 10% of abortions.

    1. Craig, this might sound trite, but would Jesus have compromised on this one? I don’t recall our Lord and Savior ever compromising on a single issue. Are we not to be conformed to His image bringing every thought captive to Him?

  3. According to poll results Christians did NOT show up in droves, they stayed home. So even though I support no abortions, for any reason, I must be one of those compromisers because I want to at least stop some abortions, but now with for more years of this Marxist president the abortion mills will not slow down. I hope those fellow Christians who stayed home feel real good about their decision!

  4. While I agree that Christians were outnumbered, at least the margin was a lot closer than last time. And 20 years ago, with the election of Clinton (which shocked me at the time), one could say that Christians were outnumbered even then. So this phenomenon really isn’t anything new.

    But it’s obvious that a large percentage of Americans have been given over to reprobate minds. And it’s sad when certain groups, such as black voters, are almost wholly given over to delusion. I mean, if even 20% of them had selected someone other than Obama, he probably wouldn’t have won. As for all the self-professed Christians who voted for Obama, I think John 8:44 makes it pretty clear who they’re really serving.

    The fact that Obama had a 52-percent approval rating (which is scary) and was an incumbent indicated that he would be very hard to beat. Before their defeats, Carter had a low-30s approval rating, and Bush had 37 percent. Nonetheless, if conservatives had truly flocked to the polls, Obama might have been defeated. Of course, conservatives voting for Romney seems like a contradiction in terms, but we won’t go there right now. 😉

    America is not a lost cause yet, but we need to pray that God will do some serious waking up of our nation. Because if we continue down this path, there may be no turning back. In fact, someone from the UK posted the following on YouTube:

    Act NOW or you will wind up like us in the UK: no freedom of speech, no
    right to self defence, gay marriages nationwide. Act now because the
    tipping point will come and there will be no way back. I’m serious. God

    At least Obama’s reelection may galvanize conservatives like nothing else would have. Nonetheless, we need to pray, pray, pray.

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