The Salvation Army’s position on abortion is horribly weak.  They begin by stating that life begins at “fertilization,” it is a “gift from God,” and that “All people – without exception – are of value to him…”

They finish their statement with a great statement about treating women who’ve had abortions with dignity and love.  The problem is the moral relativism and spiritual schizophrenia sprinkled throughout the whole thing!  They make room for abortion in the case of rape and fetal abnormality!

Read it for yourself and ask yourself if a group with such a weak position the issue of life deserves a penny this holiday season when plenty of other organizations are doing the same work.  It’s one thing to panhandle by ringing bells that drive you mad as you shop.  It’s a totally different thing to contradict the Word, your mission, and common sense on an issue as important as life and expect support from pro-life individuals, especially Christians.

Change your position, “General.”  It’s the Biblical thing to do.

Originally posted at my blog.

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  1. The Salvation Army may not have a perfect position on abortion, but at least they aren’t going totally pro-choice like the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Yes, they should change their position on abortion in cases of rape, and fetal abnormality, but they may be on the way to a better position in the future. Pray that they get understanding of those who were conceived in rape or who were born handicapped, and that God will show them these people have a right to live too.
    If we attack those who aren’t perfect in their pro-life postion, we weaken the movement. We may have to settle for making small gains in the fight to end abortion, rather than taking it all at once. This isn’t the ideal, but it’s better than nothing, and will save some lives that otherwise wouldn’t be.

    1. They claim to be a church. Perhaps a bit different than coalitions of psuedo-religious organizations or charitable nonprofits not claiming to be pastoral or centers of worship? Perhaps different than organizations that don’t tout Scripture and then contradict themselves? Just askin’…

  2. Does their position really matter? As long as they’re not advocating for abortion or providing it, I think I can support the work they do.

    1. If they just did job training and charity? I might not be so wound up. But to claim to be a Christ-centered, Biblically based denomination and have a position like that? Sad.

  3. The Salvation Army is hardly the only game in town. Any contributions they receive are a privilege, not a right. If you can’t contribute to them with a clear conscience, why bother? (Personally, I wouldn’t give them a dime. I found out about their “pro-life” stance about a year ago.) There are plenty of other fine organizations out there, many of them local, who assist those in need. Simply give to another organization that meets your standards. If you used to contribute to the SA but no longer feel comfortable doing so, tell them why, Hit them where it hurts. Don’t reward bad behavior–there is zero reason to. They need us a lot more than we need them.

  4. I wouldn’t give them a dime. Obama wants to do away with private donations and have the government to determine who gets what. Prove me wrong.

  5. Salvation Army has absolutely nothing to do with the Biblical Church. There structure alone is insane according to the Biblical perspective of The true Body of Christ.
    Captains, Generals, Sergeants, etc..
    There stance on marriage within there organization alone relates to 2 Tim. 4 forbidding marriage to certain individuals/leaders outside of there organization which as well applies to the catholic church doctrines of devils stating that they have fallen away from the faith and are speaking lies of hypocrisy.
    I live in Finland and am from America and am dealing and have been for several years with this organization on many levels. I have a friend who is a Captain and his wife as well. I treat her as a women as he treats her as a man. She can barely speak to me for I will not come close to respecting her position.
    I have learned living in Finland to not even acknowledge a women in the role of leadership within The Church and when this is done they seem to rather fall apart and there husbands as well.
    I could go one and on with all of the wrongs of the Salvation Army though find very little reason why and can only advise to read the Bible and simply honor it and do as it states.
    One great warning I can give is if you study deep enough you will see they are imbedded deeply within The Beast. “Come out of her MY people”

  6. Wow, I had no idea. Every year at this time, I give money to them outside my grocery store ~ everywhere I see them, I give money to them. No more. And next time I see one of the bell-ringers, I’m going to let him/her know WHY I’m not giving them money anymore. Ugh.

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