The great question in churches today should be, “When are we going to wake up?” Christianity is persecuted around the world and illegal in many countries. In America we are also losing our right to practice our religion unimpeded, but we continue to sit in our comfortable pews on the day of worship and adapt to the world the rest of the week.

Why is this becoming a greater problem every year? Because we are exhibiting the rampant sin of apathy.

When Christian students are told that they cannot use Jesus as the topic of a “The Person I Admire the Most” writing assignment, or when a worker is called to his or her boss’s office for asking someone to attend worship, we just look the other way. Or worse, we may comment that “They should have known not to do that.”

When an Islamic nation arrests Christians and imprisons them, we fail to protest our government’s failure to censure that action. Why? Apparently because we just don’t care.  It’s time to reread Ezekiel 33 (the whole chapter).

We are called to speak the truth in love; to stand for Christ. When we remain silent as our religious rights are removed and as even our children’s history classes are changed to remove the Christian motives for the establishment of this nation, we fail to stand for Christ.

If our children lose their faith, and by the end of their college years reject their Savior as irrelevant or even non-existent, we will have nothing to blame except our own apathy.

We must stand now, or we may lose the right to stand at all.

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