Chicago-Murder-Rate400x267Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will I’m sure will try to defend the strict gun control measures that have been in place that were recently found unconstitutional by a federal judge.  It’s a wasted defense.  The verdict has been reached in the arena of simple facts, their gun control measures have been a failure.

WGN in Chicago reports that Chicago has reached 500 homicides for 2012.  500!

Chicago has hit a dismal milestone. A late night shooting has marked the city’s 500th homicide for the year.

40-year-old Nathaniel Jackson was shot on the city’s West Side around 9 p.m Thursday. He was pronounced dead shortly after midnight. The victim’s family has confirmed his identity.

Chicago Police say Jackson was shot in the head while standing outside a convenience store at Augusta Boulevard and Lavergne Avenue in the Austin Neighborhood.

One relative told WGN that Jackson had recently been released from jail and was living with a friend on the West Side.

Circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear. No arrests have been made.

What’s sad is that it isn’t the first time Chicago has reached the 500 mark.  They also hit 500 in 2008.

Gun control does not prevent gun crime – period.  It would be far more productive to address the root causes of violence than the instruments that some use.  The news out of Chicago should discourage tougher (and unconstitutional) gun control laws, but I’m sure that will fall on deaf ears with Feinstien and company.

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