muhlbauer-debateIowa State Representative Dan Muhlbauer (D-Manilla) in an interview with Douglas Burns of the Carroll Daily Times Herald said that it is time for a semi-automatic weapons ban in Iowa.  He said that the state of Iowa should take semi-automatic weapons away from Iowans who have legally purchased them prior to any ban that is enacted if they don’t give their weapons up in a buy back program.

He said he doesn’t care about re-election which is a good thing considering the asinine remarks he made on this issue.  Even U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein didn’t suggest a retroactive ban, so I’m not sure what State Representative Muhlbauer is thinking.

We cannot have big guns out here as far as the big guns that are out here, the semi-automatics and all of them. We can’t have those running around out here. Those are not hunting weapons. We should ban those in Iowa.

Even if you have them, I think we need to start taking them. We can’t have those out there. Because if they’re out there they’re just going to get circulated around to the wrong people. Those guns should not be in the public’s hands. There are just too many guns.

Somebody who lives in Carroll County should pull State Representative Dan Muhlbauer aside and remind him that the 2nd Amendment wasn’t written for just hunting.

Update 1/9/13: I wrote a 2nd piece for the Republican Party of Iowa with an audio of the interview, along with a transcript of the more controversial section of the interview.

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