Attorney General Eric Holder

eric-holderI read an article written by Michael Farris, the founder and chair of HSLDA – the Home School Legal Defense Association.  In it he discussed the case made by government lawyers representing Attorney General Eric Holder during the court hearing for the Romeike family.  You may remember the Romeike’s sought political asylum in the United States due to Germany’s persecution of homeschooling families.  A federal district court judge granted the Romikes asylum here against the wishes of the Federal government.  The government appealed that decision to the Board of Immigration appeals and won.  HSLDA appealed to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals where the case (Romeike v. Holder) will be heard.

Farris outlined three arguments made by the U.S. Department of Justice lawyers which should be of concern to American homeschooling families:

He said the first argument in essence is that a government isn’t violating anyone’s rights if homeschooling is banned altogether.

First, they argued that there was no violation of anyone’s protected rights in a law that entirely bans homeschooling. There would only be a problem if Germany banned homeschooling for some but permitted it for others.

Now in reality, Germany does permit some people to homeschool, but it is rare and in general Germany does ban homeschooling broadly—although not completely. (Germany allows exemptions from compulsory attendance for Gypsies and those whose jobs require constant travel. Those who want to stay at home and teach their own children are always denied.)…

…There are two major portions of constitutional rights of citizens—fundamental liberties and equal protection. The U.S. Attorney General has said this about homeschooling. There is no fundamental liberty to homeschool. So long as a government bans homeschooling broadly and equally, there is no violation of your rights. This is a view which gives some acknowledgement to the principle of equal protection but which entirely jettisons the concept of fundamental liberties.

Farris noted the DOJ’s 2nd argument was that the Romeikes failed to show there was discrimination based on religion since not all homeschooling families are Christian, and not every Christian believes they have to homeschool.

This argument demonstrates another form of dangerous “group think” by our own government. The central problem here is that the U.S. government does not understand that religious freedom is an individual right. One need not be a part of any church or other religious group to be able to make a religious freedom claim. Specifically, one doesn’t have to follow the dictates of a church to claim religious freedom—one should be able to follow the dictates of God Himself.

The United States Supreme Court has made it very clear in the past that religious freedom is an individual right. Yet our current government does not seem to understand this. They only think of us as members of groups and factions. It is an extreme form of identity politics that directly threatens any understanding of individual liberty.

A third argument that DOJ made was that the Romeikes did not meet the standard of being part of a social group with “immutable” characteristics that can’t change and should not be required to change.  They said the Romeikes could choose not to homeschool and send their children to public school and then teach from home since their children would have only been in school for 22-26 hours during the week.

There are two main problems with this argument. First, our government does not understand that families like the Romeikes have two goals when they chose homeschooling. There are things they want to teach and there are things they want to avoid their children being taught in the government schools.

Does anyone think that our government would say to Orthodox Jewish parents, we can force your children to eat pork products for 22-26 hours per week because the rest of the time you can feed them kosher food?

Freedom for the mind and spirit is as important as freedom for the body and spirit.

This argument necessarily means that the United States government believes that it would not violate your rights if our own government banned homeschooling entirely. After all, you could teach your children your own values after they have had 22-26 hours of public school indoctrination aimed at counteracting religious and philosophical views the government doesn’t like.

The second problem with this argument goes back to the definition of immutability. Immutable means a characteristic that cannot be changed or “should not be required” to be changed.

No one contends that homeschooling is a characteristic that cannot be changed. We simply contend that in a free nation it is a characteristic that should not be required to be changed.

Those of us who homeschool should be concerned because the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, in the government’s arguments essentially said that he believes that a law that bans homeschooling would violate no fundamental liberties.

Photo by Ryan J. Reilly (CC by 3.0)

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  1. The net result of an abandonment of an education that was built upon the assumption of God and God as creator and law giver is an atheistic, evolutionist education is to ban anything that would seek to question it.

    1. Really? Is there anything people won’t blame Obama for? This stuff has been going on for years before Obama. Why do you think there is a HSLD? When will people realize evil has been running this country long before Obama. One the left and right. They have all been gradually leading/conditioning us for where we are today. Sooner people realize that the better..There is no real difference between the left and right.

      1. Is there anything people won’t defend Obama for? We can’t presume to know who the anti-christ is, but it’s pretty obvious who’s side this administration is controlled by.

      2. Plenty of democratic christians felt the same way about GWB. Are they all in Satan’s service?

      3. Yes! But Obama is doing it with much greater effort and guile. Do not you see Obama is in a league that goes much further and lies much harder: It is unprecedented.

      4. What is unprecedented? If you read your history, all politicians are pretty much dirtbags. I don’t think Obama’s any more awful than unleashing two unnecessary wars in the ME that cost 200k lives or Jimmy Carter giving away the Panama Canal.

      5. I suggest you do some research into what Obama and his minions have been up to. Do not rely on the main stream media, they are deceiving you. Obama’s state of the union message was his same old lies! He is manipulating and brainwashing all who are willing to drink the Kool-Aide of deception to your demise.

      6. Care to provide some specifics? What league is he in that’s greater than GWB and Halliburton?

      7. He has passed the N.D. A. A. Can now legally kill americans on american soil. Can legally confiscate anything we own. He is the end game. They are going to crash the dollar this year and martial law will be declared and then the new world order. Its all set up and ready to go. Welcome to the new third world America. He has openly mocked Christ! No other president has ever! He is also the most popular american president around the world which is weird and bizzar.He has passed over 800 executive oreders by passing congress

      8. I agree about killing Americans without trial or charge. A good example of unprecedented. Very troubling.

      9. Obama is a COMMIE and a traitor. All the black churches that supported ONLY BECAUSE HE IS BLACK also supported abortion thus no longer find favor in God’s eyes…they now serve satan.

      10. I think it is more of a debate about the corrupt government and the cultural shift which would elect these socialists in the first place….verses parts of this country that are authentically conservative. One good thing is coming out of this corruption that is inherit in all big governnment, it is clarifying for people. We are learning what is really important to us and will either be part of the problem or the solution.

      11. You are 100% right. But Obama is the end game to their final fruition of their plan for America. Hevhas signed over 800 executive orders bypassing congress against the constitution.

    2. Such inflammatory rhetoric doesn’t get anyone anywhere. One need only take a cursory look at the BIble to see that Obama does not fit ANY of the criteria of the Anti-Christ

      1. In his “ObamaCare” there are parts that require everyone to have a microchip entered into your skin, and many others are involved with it

      2. You realize that the mark of the beast is not going to be forced on anyone and it will be an explicit choice? At one time people were saying credit cards were the mark of the beast. Learn. Your. Bible.

      3. The “mark” is your SS#. If you can say it, you’re marked on your head. If you can write it, you’re marked on your hand. Deny it all that you want to. But denying it isn’t going to un-mark you. Starving the “beast” is the only way. The Bible does mention that the devil is a sneaky SOB.

      4. Just look at his executive orders or have you been believing in him without checking on what he is really doing to this country.

      5. LOL! I say Allende. Marxist sneaker. Tanks the economy. Drops border controls and allows foreign radicals in. Creates his own domestic paramilitaries. Weakens and boxes in the real military, in preparation for putting his own non-military minions in charge of it. Read “Chile: The Crime of Resistance” by Suzanne Labin. The only truly factual account of Chile, by a socialist anti-totalitarian. The left HATES it. It’s all the stuff that was contained in the last 3 paragraphs on page 2 in the NYT back in the day. You know – where they put the stuff that they know is true, but doesn’t fit into their alternate lefty reality. The stuff that technically counts as “balance” when people dig.

      6. You realize that other than being an ally of Israel, America has no major role in the end times, right?

      7. Also it is said he would come from the middle east or Africa and until ANYONE sees his BC we will never know where he is from.

  2. Statistics show that homeschooling produces kids that colleges are happy to welcome. They have shown to be well rounded in their studies and very respectful and dedicated. I cannot imagine what the government’s argument is as to why they are trying to ban it, other than wishing to have more control.

      1. For reference…
        No. 12-3641


        Agency Nos. 087-368-600, et seq.

    1. its simple, they want to make sure the message they want is conveyed. they know its only a matter of time before society accepts what they’ve heard over and over. Look at seperation of church and state – often quoted and almost always out of context of what it was originally used. But people have heard it so ofetn now it has taken on a new meaning; that meaning is ingrained.

      1. they were trying to teach my 7 year old, that the constitution of the U.S. are laws that we must follow, and that, we must listen to government.. now she is being home schooled.

      2. We pulled ours out when we found out they were teaching that William Penn wanted to ensure that all Muslims Jews and Christians could worship freely, A total re-write of history.

    2. Even better than statistics, I can site my own experience…our daughter who was homeschooled attended a highly ranked private liberal arts college ON SCHOLARSHIP. The college even used her application as a learning tool for other applicants seeking scholarships. She was accepted at several universities, by the way. None of the problems they say homeschoolers have getting into college!

      1. One personal example is not better than statistics…
        In fact, a personal example is only marginally better than saying “it works because duh.”

      2. You cannot comment on this issue without experiencing boths sides of an arguement, especially the side you are bashing. That is just an uninformed comment….stats say homeschooled kids are better kids all the way across the board….and yes, I’m very qualified to comment. 🙂

      3. I pulled my daughter out of Kindergarten because she was getting worse emotionally even though the grades were good and she had tons of friends. The School wanted to blame it on the home. They didn’t want to help. They will also send you to Academic Probation if you go over the sick days. How do you not when kids are sick and rebounding? Anyway a year later I found out she is mildly Dyslexic. They were not into finding out a solution just putting a label on it. Even a young child as this can be pushed to self harm, which she was doing. Now she is fine,progressing well and knows facts and figures her counterparts don’t. Many kids her age can barely write or speak correctly. My children know the Pledge of Allegiance. They ask questions and find ways to get the answer. They get to eat nutritious food and they get to play and run around outside. I accomplish in 2-3 hours what one teacher can’t get done in 6. Zero behavior problems. Youngest is smart as a whip. And we don’t get sick all the time. For me this is proof enough.

      4. The problem is the teachers are taught a certain way and expect children to fall in line with their perceptions. It doesn’t happen that way. Parents love their kids like no other, teachers tolerate them. I would recommend any parent to take back the natural role of teaching your own child from the government.

        People don’t realize that it is not just K-12, but that the Early Learning Program, HeadStart etc are programs designed to have government run families. They visit homes and they set up a “plan.” Early Learning requires a social worker to coordinate your child’s care under a false perception that it is all “parent run.” Once you sign your rights away they can go above your head.

      5. Sam i had a friend who homeschooled all 6 of her children, all of them are in college now just like your daughter in high rank. Congratulations.

      6. You shouldn’t be speaking…seeing that you don’t know how to capitalize your own sentences. Ha!

    3. The government wants “low information voters.” Dr. Ben Carson made the point in his National Prayer Breakfast speech that the reason education is denied to certain groups (historically black slaves) was in order to control and keep them subservient. Your comment about control is spot on, but it is a way to control those who may oppose your agenda, or have divergent views that would threaten your monopoly of power. Dr. Carson, who is not a politician with a political agenda, spoke wisdom to both parties, left wing & right wing, challenging them to respect each other and do what is best for the country, not what is best for their own parties’ political agenda. But for saying that, he has been persecuted by both parties. Dr. Carson was not homeschooled, but his mother required him to read 2 books a week, well beyond what he was required to read in school. Because he is widely read, he is not easily manipulated and is able to think critically about issues so that he can speak wisdom to both sides of the aisle. This threatens the back room deals that both parties are engaged in. Eric Holder is just a hired gun, who will protect the left agenda at all costs. Even if it means taking away the freedom to homeschool your child and put their brain under lock and key at the local, politically correct, public school.

      1. GREAT POINT!!!! I am reading Dr. Carson’s book now “America the Beautiful.” He is going to be on Hannity tonight. I can’t wait. Such an eloquent man with fresh ideas to solve problems.

      2. I will be getting his book-really looking forward to it! (Knee deep in “Killing Lincoln” and will follow that up with “Killing Kennedy”-but after these two…

    4. American public schools have become indoctrination centers for sexual perversion(homosexuality),and anti-american ideaology

    5. Megan i can’t not be more than agree with you.
      is so disappointed how the United States Of America wants to take all our Rights away is like going back to be slaved.

      1. You’re already a slave. How much debt do you have to other nations courtesy of the federal govt. Collectively, 16+ trillion spread out over among 300+ million people. You do the math.

      2. If the government owes it, then the taxpayers are stuck with it. So, yes, that 16 trillion is our debt. It belongs to every US citizen.

      3. thats utter bullshit. there is no debt all money was issued not lent. and if it was a ‘debt’, that just a social circumstance not a force of nature. you are the reason everything will now die. everything is an image, something ‘happening’ outside of you, ‘over there’. i assure you i never think about nor will ever feel some random story about ‘debts’. because i dont internalize mass media and hype.

      4. And by considering all money as issued and the 16 trillion as not being debt, by your way of thinking, we can eliminate the 16 trillion by just printing more money. This is a sure way to devalue the dollar and lead to hyperinflation. Or did the economics professors I had in college perpetuate a lie? If all we have to do is print more money, then why doesn’t the government just allow us to print money in our own homes? Or better yet, why does the government even collect taxes, if all they need to do is “issue” more money?

    6. They don’t just want to ban homeschooling. If homeschooling when along the same lines as regular public school they would have no problem with it, would be one less person to fund. What the gov. wants to do is band Free Thinking. Yes, they do not like people who THINK for themselves, solve problems on their own, ask questions, think outside the box, and generally aren’t robots. The dumber you are the easier you are to herd. Baaa!! Home Schooled kids are taught to follow the beat of a different drum. The parents of such children are the ones who teach freedom. Controlling governments do not like this at all.

    7. i can tell you. they wont to control there mind and how they think and what they do for a living.

  3. I think the Ninth Amendment would apply here. It says that any right not covered in the Constitution is covered there. So the right for me to educate my child the way I see fit would be covered under the 9th.

  4. LOL at telling jews to eat pork. They tell us to eat kosher! Almost all canned goods and many other things in US grocery stores have koshers taxes on them, passed on to consumers, jewish and not.

  5. Eric Holder should get schooled. He doesn’t deserve to be in USA at all, much less in office. Home schooling should be the norm, and public schools should just exist to fill the gaps for when families are too small or too busy to home school, and for orphans and wards of the state.

    1. I’m sorry, Eric Holder should be rotting in prison for his part in Fast and Furious, contempt of congress, and obstruction of justice. Not telling parents how to raise children or interpreting the Constitution.

      1. So, who’s frightened by the truth and keeps deleting this info? 3rd reposting…


        Look it up on the 6th District Court website or HSLDAs website…basic research people!

      2. The truth will set your ignorance free…

        Apparently the truth scares the moderator of this page into removing this info…again…and again…


        Look it up on the 6th District Court website or HSLDAs website…basic research people!

  6. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the Federal Government a monopoly on Education. In a matter of fact, they have no jurisdiction over education but that hasn’t stopped them…

  7. I believe the courts have ruled in the past that parents have a right to chose how their children are educated. However, this is the same administration that wants to give drug dealers in mexico assault weapons and ban the same for americans… not too mention they argue that it is ok to kill americans w/ little or no evidence. In other words – the Obama Admin arguing to take away Americans rights – no surprise.

  8. Parents have the right to control the education of their children. Children do NOT belong to the government, and the government does not have the right to determine how the children are raised! I am thankful I live in Montana, where homeschooling is accomplished with the most minimal government interference.

  9. Holder’s people are saying “that the Romeikes did not meet the standard of being part of a social group with “immutable” characteristics that can’t change and should not be required to change.”
    Isn’t sending a child away to a public school requiring the child to change when the ‘homeschooling” parent would prefer that the child be a well informed patriotic American that they have worked so hard to instill in them? How does the Gov. keep inflicting their agenda on us and we let them? We don’t need to be in a social group to have rights to be left alone an unmolested by these communist’s and their “Collective” group think. We are not communists by choice, it must be mandated, in other words forced on us. WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It’s not equal protection at all. It’s equal denial of home schoolers rights. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  11. I can picture this; it will be against the law for parents to teach their children anything. Even if the children attend a public school. Total control. No wiggle room for anything. Don’t even think about it.

  12. If anything homeschooling should be encouraged by the governement. I have been both homeschooled and publicschooled, and there is a big difference between homeschoolers and publicschoolers. Homeschoolers are smart, respectfull, dedicicated, and learn a lot more. Honestly our public school system sucks. Its the reason why the US is having bad test scores. i learned in 2 years of homeschooling all that i have learned in all 6 years of public schooling.

    1. It is all about control of what you learn. If you actually learn to think you will mot blindly follow the government.

    2. The government doesn’t care about educating the children to read and write. It’s all about brainwashing the children. It is all about control.

  13. An opinion by the DOJ is not legally binding nor does it bring us any closer to
    it being an issue in the US. There are numerous hurdles in place to prevent something
    like that happening- specifically the legislature that will not pass that law
    and if they do, SCOTUS will strike it down as unconstitutional.

    1. Yeah, just like they did with ObamaCare. The SCOTUS can’t be trusted to do the right thing constitutionaly anymore than the scum in Washington DC. Dan Balfour is right. There is NOTHING in the Constitution about the government, at any level, educating/schooling our children! Remember, the Founders were all highly educated men. They weren’t “schooled” but they were educated.

  14. Parents were forced to send their kids to schools in Nazi Germany. Even after parents realized that they were teaching nothing but hate propaganda and teaching their kids to defy their parents.

  15. One of the means to control nation is to control youth in the area of education. Uncles Joe, Adolph, and Mao would be very proud of Holder.

  16. It doesn’t violate fundamental rights b/c you have no fundamental rights. Are you starting to realize that yet?

  17. Eric Holder’s opinion means nothing. I’m not sure why we should be
    worried about this. There’s plenty of these officials who want kids
    brainwashed (especially Holder who admits brainwashing against guns) in
    public education but as long the public education system is such a
    failure not only at education but now with safety it would be hard for
    them to justify forcing all children to attend public schools. On top of
    all that there are a lot of brick and mortar umbrella homeschools that
    would easily be turned into “private” schools before the parents would
    allow that kind of law to effect their children.

  18. Some how this does not surprise me. They cannot indoctrinate the children if they are not in the schools. Would not be surprised to see them ban home schooling all together. Folks it is time to wake up this is not America anymore.

  19. So what can we do? Is there a petition to sign, or should we contact our local representatives? There is hope that Eric Holder will be removed from office because of Fast and Furious, but it’s thin. It seems he’s Obama’s personal henchman…

  20. The government does such a good job with their mass public babysitting that we absolutely should be forced to use it. After-all, who wants free-thinking individuals to contend with for another generation? Everything they need to know can be ingrained and recited by memory…Just like all the other good little robots.

  21. Well I can say this…my son was homeschooled until this year, and he is 9, and when they tested him, he was ready for the 4th grade. He has autism and could not go to school before, but he is going now and enjoys it. There is nothing wrong with homeschooling. If the kids are learning, what is the problem? I do have to agree that the government wants the kids “programmed” though. If anyone can’t see how different the young people of today are even than my generation, and I am only 40, and their children will be even less patriotic and have less knowledge of God, and it goes on. Yes, everything is getting worse all the time.

  22. Welfare checks are squandered instead of used to buy basic necessities for children but it is rarely questioned because it is a fundamental right for those “parents” to use tax money given to them as they see fit. A woman can have an unborn baby killed without question because her fundamental right to choose what to do with her body is more important than the human life that choice represents. But parents do not have a fundamental right to choose what type of education their children will have? This is what has become fundamentally wrong with our society and country.

  23. Looking for asylum for that reason is ludicrous , you don’t leave you native country for a stupid reason like that, us was right to fight this

  24. because public schools are doing such a wonderful job,,,,if ya dont believe it, just ask fast and felonious eric holder, or his co conspirator bo,,,,,

  25. Don’t get crazy. Calling the US President the anti- Christ makes those of us who home-school sound, stupid and paranoid. Be smart, WRITE to all involved in this matter and to all those who matter. Organize, be bold and courageous or cower in your homes; what do you choose to do?

  26. Mr. Fast and Furious doesn’t want to violate our rights. Isn’t that sweet. Ok to arm drug dealers with American weapons to kill boarder patrol officers.

  27. Yikes! I thought the whole point of public education is to provide a means for people who can’t educate their kids on their own. In other words, it’s your personal responsibility to educate the children you bring into this world. If, for some reason, you are unable to do so, you are giving up that power to the state. Too many people are giving up their power these days – in everything – from the food supply, to medical care, to birthing and educating and raising children. This is supposed to be the nation of independence.

  28. How can any idjit claim that homeschooling is not a “right”? It’s a part of life. Who taught the children before institutionalized schools? Who taught the children of cavemen/women? Its like saying you dont have a right to cook your own food.

  29. Neither the parents nor the government should get away with “controlling the education” of “their children”. It’s a matter of young people themselves to “control” their own life.

  30. As a parent I believe you should be able to educate your child in a manner that you feel is best. Do we now begin to look at people who send their children to private schools and tell them that they can’t? After all it does not violate fundamental liberties because they could still be sent to public schools run by the government and you could teach them your own values during the hours they were at home. Control can be spelled in many ways.

    1. Exactly – it seems by this Eric Holder opinion that the amount of control directly correlates to the economic valuation of the family – if you have money, you have control.

  31. I wish the government would just leave us alone. American public education is crap. If I want my kids to have a better education and that would be accomplished by homeschooling just let it be!!! Why do they feel the need to control everything? Homeschooled kids are responsible, respectable human beings. what is wrong with that?

  32. Let them legislate who will school your children then they will soon legislate if and when you can conceive children. The goal is to indoctrinate and socialize their future worker bees eventually taking parental oversight out of the loop. If young parents and people don’t nip this in the bud, then they will have stepped into “A Brave New World”. The largest wealth of human knowledge is sitting in the brains of old people. Old people are wise. There is no wisdom without truth. There is no wisdom in government because it cannot embrace the truth. Your government will lie to you. Old people won’t. They will guide you but cannot man the front lines. They have fought yesterday’s battles. It’s a new generation’s war. Prepare and defend yourselves.

  33. Fundamental RIGHTS to LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. If you are COMPELLED to not homeschool and COMPELLED to “educate” your child in public school…then this COMPULSION IS A DENIAL OF LIBERTY. If you’re not free to choose your path, then you are either held captive, controlled or manipulated, or have been convinced to be a willing subject that actually wants his captivity. Thus, you choose the path of willful slavery…and are told that you have not been compelled to do so. You have just given up your liberty on your own.

    Such is the responsibility for the freedom to choose your path. These people “at the top” would much rather convince us to give up the freedom to choose our path…so they can say, “We didn’t make you do it,” rather than compel or force us out right. And they will use peer pressure, social mockery, policies and procedures (not “laws”, mind you), and even money to convince you that their way is better. And many have fallen for it. That’s how successful their deception is.

    Don’t give up your ability and privilege to TEACH YOUR CHILDREN values of truth, of life, of God. We as parents do not “educate” as they (who consider themselves “experts”) do. We “teach” our children. “Educate” is a semantic play on words…for it doesn’t require instructors to live the things which they “present” to the students. On the other hand, “teaching” requires the teacher to live what he teaches…and the child will know.

    Homeschooling is the vehicle for the parent to teach values to his child to show him how to live as a fulfilling individual…instead of using public schooling as an avenue to present information to a student in order to get them to behave just like the rest of everyone else. We are not in the business of “cranking out kids” that turn out like the rest of society…easily manipulated, easily influenced. We are in the business of raising children to become creative thinkers, doers, makers, and confident individuals whose self-worth (not “self-esteem”, mind you…another semantic twist) comes because they were able to do something with the gifts they were born with, not because someone pressed their “Like” button. And the “high and mighty ones” would have none of this.

    Know your worth; you can teach your children. Choose your path. Avoid the path of wilful slavery, and choose the path of Liberty.

    1. Can you please show me the legislature working its way through congress that would remove our right to homeschool?

  34. Special needs kids benefit from home schooling. Sending special needs kids to public school only frustrates them and holds them back — and when somebody young is frustrated every day, it can lead to other problems. I speak from some experience.

  35. It said the kids are in school for 22-26 hours per week, well, I took seven hours and times it five and I get 35 hours. That is nine more hours than what they said. I know some children that are home schooled and they are very bright and intelligent. They score high on S.A.T. and college do like home schooled children because the government didn’t ruin their minds.

    1. The government has no desire to graduate intelligent children. Only ones that can push a button and pull a knob. Smart, free thinkers are a threat to their very fragile podium.

  36. There is no upcoming case Romeike V. Holder.. the whole premise of this artcle is misleading. Its obvious that it is written to scare people. The Federal judge granted them amnesty. Period.

    1. It has been appealed to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. You are correct the Federal District judge granted them political asylum (not amnesty). DOJ has appealed, so you are incorrect.

  37. why would anyone want to band home schooling? Most home schoolers come from a Christian back ground, The Government want to dumb down every child to be a severant to the Government. Eric Holder just as his master is Pure evil,

  38. As a US homeschooling parent, I have to disagree with the extreme leap this is taking. It seems like Farris is claiming that what the AG office is saying applies to the US, when the argument is on how it applies to rights in Germany and whether it’s grounds for political asylum in the US. It would be a HUGE leap to go from this opinion on German law to saying that the AG thinks we should ban homeschooling in the US. Not to mention there is no way they could get a law passed in the US banning it. Homeschoolers in the US are from all stripes, so it goes far beyond a religious freedom issue. Homeschoolers are safe here 🙂

  39. The Bottom line is, These People are invaders of the Republic .

    Our very Government is a True domestic threat to our way of life. Children must be indoctrinated into their system in such a way that they know nothing else, nothing of the “old ways” is to survive in the New World Order.

    When Independent thought is “Conspiracy Theory” and is not tolerated, When Critical thinking is a sign of Domestic Terrorism, And you must submit your Children to the State for “Re-Education” It is not “Our Country” anymore.

    You do realize that Christianity is a Cult to these People right ? and WE are Terrorists !

    Let that sink in People, What does that say about who “their god” is ?
    What kind of Christians will you be ? Warriors in Christ or Lambs to the Slaughter ?

    It seems we’re running out of time and decisions have to soon be made because,
    our “Elected Officials” are now funding and arming our enemies. They are Arming
    Al-CIA-da, The Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Mexican Drug Lords.

    And preparing to dis-arm Law abiding American Citizens for “Peace and Safety”
    if you know your Bible you know what comes Next. Scared yet ? you should be.
    Now is the time Brothers and sisters, Contact your Congressmen and State
    Reps. tell them this is not acceptable, Demand a return to the Constitution
    and resignations across the board, Before it’s too Late

    God Bless, Faiths Burden.

  40. My rights wouldn’t be violated if Holder, Hillary, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Kerry and a bunch of their ilk were permanently removed from office and denied access to publicly expressing their political and social opinions.

  41. Holder is a murderer sowhat ever he states as law is lawlessness, i wouldn’t listen or heed anything this murderer states, as a matter of recoird i hope he dies of bad ribs.

  42. DOES anyone have a problem with known killers and sex perverts telling anyone how there children should be educated??I’am really at a lost as to why anyone would even listen to these freaks about anything…..much less how to educate your children,it ain’t none of their business and if you look at any program they have had their hand in ,it was a total failure……and now the worse of the worse is deciding how to educate your children?????????/

  43. The fastest educational venue is homeschooling and has the liberals terrified, and now with the additional fear of school violence and this admnistration’s objections to providing sufficient armed guards, compounded by the union’s stranglehold on the low standard teachers (which won’t be fixed for years), and the plethora of different online teaching tools now available, and finally the ever-growing number of homeschooling groups which make facilitating this possibility even for the busiest parents, Holder doesn’t have a chance with this one.

  44. All of our four home-schooled children did really well in college. The youngest applied for a scholarship to study abroad for a semester with her college’s program. Her professor’s recommendation letter stated that she was an exceptional student, always came to class prepared, worked very well, helped others, had an ‘old fashioned work ethic’ (something he doesn’t see anymore) and was a student – not “one in a thousand”, but “one in TEN thousand”. He HIGHLY recommended her. (She got the scholarship.)

  45. Look we are dealing with tone of the ring leaders of Fast and Furious, does anyone really believe that this nutjob tyrant has any idea what Natural Rights are? This man should be in prison for conspiring against America.

  46. People, this is NOT about qualification for college. It is about the government wanting to indoctrinate (aka brainwash) the next generation in order to cement their policies into place. I reference CSCOPE and the current issue in Texas where the once secret CSCOPE curriculum was re-writing history and teaching kids that the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act, the American Revolution was socialist, and that everything we hold dear is wrong. The current administration is in the final stages of transforming our nation into a dictatorship. Get ready– it’s coming.

  47. Homeschooling is not exactly easy – in fact, it’s the most difficult route for parents to take – the parents I have met who have homeschooled were very intelligent and caring people. They were the best babysitting clients I’ve ever had.

  48. The most dangerous thing [I’m being sarcastic] about homeschooling is that divorcees cannot show up at school and snatch the kid. o.O – look at the number of Missing Children reports where there is a parent collecting the child and then disappearing, and come to your own conclusion 🙂

    When parents put their children in a public school or in another institution’s care (such as a day care or after school program), the custody of the child is then therefore easily eroded because the child is considered in the custody (control) of the state at the time he or she is in school.

    Homeschooling allows parents the protection of the Fourth and First Amendments, and allows them to impress upon a child his or her own values and social norms.

  49. Face it, home schooled kids will always be a minority.Therefore, when the “Govt’s Jack Booted Thugs” come around to get you all and Wayne LaPierre’s guns then the home schooled kids will not be as surprised as the rest of you people… honestly there are some really stupid people out there… how long could you and your “militia” hold off an AC-130 Gun Ship? Y’all would be hamburger meat in seconds… not to mention drones… stock piling guns to protect against a tyrannical government is indicative of nothing save a low IQ.


  50. It would seem to me that the greatest lessons, the most fundamental lessons learned initiate with “home schooling.” It all begins there!

  51. American schools used to teach that socialism (government ownership of
    the means of production) is inefficient, now drive the lesson home with the
    educator’s own socialist waste. But the worst lesson compulsory government
    schools teach at an early age is that it’s okay to rob at gun point from others
    to solve your problems.

    Taxing those without children, to pay for schools — from each according to their ability, to each according to their need — is American Communism. Then this brainwashed, bureaucratic, Big Brother premise permeates our society.

    If an individual or group is concerned about the poor obtaining an education,
    they can just pay for it. The fact that governments want to control everyone’s learning suggests a larger, ulterior program

  52. If someone in the home gets certified as a teacher then why shouldn’t they be able to home that child? i think its because alot of homeschool when they take part in competitions they blow the public school kids out of the water and it make the public school teachers look really bad even though public school teachers have millions of dollars at their disposal.

  53. It is “government” thugs, filth and criminals such as the insane psychopath known as “Eric Holder” that should be banned from the face of the earth. Slime like this cesspool dwelling ball of bacteria is a cancer on the face of our country and sorely requires an immediate remedy of a strong rope and a sturdy tree. This cock roach is not only no longer in hiding but outwardly flaunts his hatred of all things traditionally American every second of every day. Like his Kenyan born usurping side-kick they will be our ball and chain until such time as the sleeping sheeple wake up, figure it out, grow a spin and hold such trash as they are fully accountable. Will that ever happen…I seriously doubt it as long as American Idol remains on TV and we keep lining our halls of government with “incumbent” bacteria that serves only to create more disease and solidify our stupidity.

  54. To whom does my child belong? When I give birth does my child automatically belong to the federal government? If they can tell me that I have no right to homeschool, do I then have the right to select the school my child attends? I am guessing they would say “no”. So then WHO chooses the education for my child? Frightening… Isn’t this how Hitler began to indoctrinate the youth leading up to the Holocaust?

  55. Theresa Null via Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives
    Homeschooling is a great option when students are cursed at by teachers and staff; when students are physically abused by fellow students, teachers, or staff; when students are emotionally abused by the same; when the teachers themselves don’t know the subjects; when there are no “civilizing behaviors” taught by example and lecture; when drugs are bought & sold in the school bathrooms & in the schoolyard; when gangs are free to beat up whomsoever they will on campus AND ETC… Just one of these reasons are enough in my book. Worse yet, as public schools seek to defend their institution and public school employees their paychecks, they choose to attack charter, private, and homeschools INSTEAD of improving their customer service. Clean your own house Eric Holder!

  56. I think it is a flaw in the education department that all children are not homeschooled. I believe the education department should just release approved curriculum that private industry converts into coursework. If a parent can’t stay home to homeschool their children, then pay for them to attend a co-op. Reduce property taxes, and streets won’t be so beat up all the time. Notice how much lower traffic is when school is out?

  57. I am surprised no one has called you on this, but the DoJ opinion only applies to them GERMAN laws and right, not those of United States citizens. German citizens do not have constitutional rights under US law.

    The statements on the US constitutional rights are correct, but applying to this situation is a red herring.

    So be careful what you read into this.

    BTW, I am not a troll…we have home-schooled for the last 3 years.

  58. The issue here is not homeschooling, the issue is that these people want asylum because their country of origin has a ban on it. We should not be in the middle of that. They need to change their country issues, not just run away and expect us to foot the bill. just sayin

  59. I am no fan of this administration or our government. This is all about control. Education in this country is more about indoctrination than information and it is an enormous failure! Companies routinely have to set up some type of classes to help new employees read and do basic computation! The Navy has reported that many new recruits cannot read their basic safety instruction manuals! How these people can stand in front of the American people and say they care about our children and want to see “progress” is beyond me. They throw more money at the problem to no avail. Approximately $9,000.00 per student and we have kids getting through the system who cannot read!
    The NEA is not about to make this about the children. They are about money and backing the left. From their former General Counsel, . “It is not because we care about children; and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child,” Chanin boasted. “The NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.”
    We trail the world in math and science. We have removed God from pretty much every part of our society. This is the bitter fruit of a nation who has rejected the Lord and I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse. Homeschoolers are not the problem. How does it benefit society to have people “processed” through a system that is a dismal failure? We are preparing our children for life. They are respectful, knowledgeable, willing to serve, well read, and usually pretty independent. People who think for themselves and honor God above all else are a threat to those who want to control the masses. This really isn’t about homeschooling per say; it’s about control.

  60. I think the long term goal of the government is to separate children from their parents and indoctrinate them into a PC, collectivist, anti-religion way of thinking.

  61. I can tell you why the government would ban this. Because the Socialist have infiltrated our schools and they are molding our childrens minds to think like they do. We don’t want to present facts to people any longer and let them come to their own conclusions we have to cram opinion into their little mind so they grow up as liberals. If we lose the ability to teach out kids this is a huge loss for us. I want everyone to be presented with all the facts about every subject and let people decide for themselves how they feel about everything. If I had young children of school age I damn sure would be home schooling them or making sure they know history as accurately as we are able to teach it.

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